Nutrition Coaching with the Tactical Dietitian

Who is the Tactical Dietitian?
My name is Susan Lopez. Professionally, I am a registered sports dietitian with over 12 years of experience working with athletes from the tactical community.  I have spent my career working with individuals and organizations from fire, law enforcement, conventional military, and special operations.  My passion is educating and supporting these athletes in achieving their physical performance and mental performance goals.
Why is it that you chose to work with tactical athletes?
I spent 7 years of my life in the Army.  My parents both served,  and my spouse currently serves within the special operations community.  After my time in the service, I was fortunate to work in roles that allowed me to work as an embedded asset within many of the organizations that I listed above.  Being able to serve those who serve our community knowing the impact nutrition can have on their physical health and on their mental health is what drives me.
How is your program different from the other nutrition programs out there?
We don’t do generic recommendations – we believe that specific goals need specific plans.  We teach our athletes how to become experts in performance nutrition by teaching them periodization, how to set energy and macronutrient targets, and how to self-assess their current and future needs.  Everything we do is science and experience-based.  Every athlete who enters our program will learn what it takes to build and sustain plans that fit their needs and lifestyle.
Interested in joining the nutrition coaching program?

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