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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Taiwan elections: TikTok teams up with fact checkers to stop disinformation on site, South China Morning Post
A Glimpse Into the Future of Warfare Soldier Systems
Xinjiang: China adds US risk intelligence firm Kharon and researchers to sanctions list over human rights ‘excuse’, SCMP
The China-Russia Military Alliance That Could Overwhelm the U.S., Real Clear Defense
Huawei’s Growing Presence in Central Asia’s Telecom Industry, The Diplomat
Lapid: If October 7 had happened on my watch, I would have resigned that same day, The Times of Israel
France Passes Controversial Immigration Bill | The West’s 3 Options to Combat the Houthi Attacks | Coups, Catastrophes, and Great-Power Competition, and more, Homeland Security Newswire
Airstrikes “Destroy” Iran-Linked Militia Bases In Iraq After Drone Strike Injures Three U.S. Soldiers, Forbes
Egyptian journalist found dead after exposing Zelensky’s luxury villa, Pravda Report
Military Fuel Supplies Could Be Targets in a Pacific Conflict,
New defense bill approves psychedelic trials for PTSD in active-duty troops, Task & Purpose
Deadly Osprey Crashes Prompt Congressional Probe into Aircraft’s Safety,
Navigating Sweden’s NATO membership: Insights for political and operational adaptation, Atlantic Council
What 2023 Taught Us in the Russia-Ukraine War, Foreign Policy
The Books FP Loved This Year, Foreign Policy
Another drill sergeant found dead in just over a week at Fort Jackson,
Defense Department says Army NCO scored so high on the ASVAB that it’s in the theoretical range,
Russia Sees a Western Hand Behind Serbian Street Protests, NY Times
Serbia thanks Russia for helping prevent a colour revolution, Pravda Report
American Achilles in the War on Terror, Real Clear Defense
Beyond the Neutral Card: From Civil-Military Relations to Military Politics, Real Clear Defense
Wasting Money and Playing It Safe at the USAF Test Pilot School, RCD
Ukraine’s Game of Thrones, RCD
Putin Quietly Signaling Openness to Ukraine Ceasefire Talks – NYT, Moscow Times
CO of Growler Squadron Deployed on USS Carl Vinson Removed from Command, USNI
New York Times claims US soldiers are at risk of suffering brain injuries from their own weapons, War is Boring
US approves $1 billion in new military training for Saudi Arabia, War is Boring
Osprey crashes could endanger funding for new tiltrotor aircraft Bell is building for Army, War is Boring
Hong Kong’s problems trace back to China. And also America, Forbes

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Chinese Migration Up at Border as U.S. Marks Anniversary of Repeal of Exclusion Act, Homeland Security Newswire
The evolving legal status of marijuana in the U.S., American Police Beat Magazine
Guest House Fire in Romania Leaves Five Dead, Others Missing, Fire Engineering
British Sports Car Roadster Factory a Total Loss After Christmas-Morning Fire, Firefighter Nation
We Know the Signs of Mass Shooters. Why Can’t We Stop Them?, Psychology Today
Improve your patrol rifle-handling skills, APBM
Police Didn’t Breathalyze Or Drug Test The Cop Who Crashed Into An LGBTQ+ Bar, Jalopnik
Widow files $20 million claim alleging L.A. Sheriff’s overtime policies led to deputy suicides, APBM
“The hair on the back of my neck stood up”: Florida deputies save 5-year-old girl after accidental shooting, APBM
North Dakota deputy killed in police chase, senator’s son charged with manslaughter, APBM
CA Firefighters Rescue Man Reportedly Trapped for Days on Side of Cliff, Fire Engineering
Maine reevaluates response to mental health calls after deadliest mass shooting in state history, APBM
Ohio Chief Sued for $4.5 Million for Giving Narcan, Fire Law Blog
Court Upholds Award of $5 Million to Terminated California Firefighter, Fire Law Blog
Man ‘Screaming for Days’ Found Trapped in Hole on Side of CA Cliff, FireFighter Nation
‘Hauled Off in Cuffs’: Two CO Medics Guilty of Negligent Homicide in Ketamine Case FFN
Idaho men charged with rigging bids for wildland firefighting equipment, FireRescue1
Documentary about Minn. officer who was shot in the head to premiere in 2024, Police1
K-9 officers sniff out $10M worth of cocaine, meth in vats of jalapeño paste in San Diego, Police1
August ‘pyrotornado’ in Canada validated by researchers, WildfireToday
FBI Selects Aimpoint Duty RDS and Aimpoint CompM4s for Rifle Red Dot Sights and Mounts Program, Soldier Systems

Mountain / Outside

Is your mountain bike seat uncomfortable? This is the secret to a more comfortable ride, The Manual
How to Use Decoys for Predator Hunting, NRA
Ski-Doo Grand Touring Electric Snowmobile Review: You Can Ride It, but Not Buy It, GearJunkie
Antarctic Skier Says “I Nearly Died Today”, Gripped
Like Dynos? Carlo Traversi Sends Old Man Winter V14, Gripped
Freya: a Moving Portrait of a Young Climber Gripped
Fish and Wildlife Commission nixes quota ranges for trophy-hunting districts, BHA
35 Minnesota Anglers Rescued From an Ice Float, Wide Open Spaces
The Best Archaeological Discoveries of 2023, Gizmodo
Goat Triggers Avalanche, Takes ‘Significant’ 1,000-Foot Ride in Big Sky, Montana, GearJunkie
10 Pieces of Gear That Made My Year, Outside
All I Want for Christmas is a Running Hat with Ear Flaps, Outside
How These Adventure Photographers Capture the Perfect Shot, Outside
John John Florence and Moana Jones Wong Won the Vans Pipe Masters, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 12/21/2023, AAI
The BD Beta on Aluminum vs. Steel Ice Screws with Will Gadd & Matt Berry, Black Diamond
The 15 Greatest Ascents of 2023, Climbing
“Race to the Summit” Is a Sobering Look at Alpine Speed Soloing’s Inherent Rot, Climbing
Our 10 Most Read Stories, Climbing
Climber Rips Gear, Hits Ledge, Breaks Helmet, Gripped
Jakob Schubert Climbs Alphane V17, Gripped
Photo Diary: REI x HOKA at UTMB, REI
Tips And Drills To Improve Your Powder & Crud Skiing Technique, Unofficial Networks
What is Rope Sheath Slippage?, Weigh My Rack
The Color-Blind Artist, A.B. Frost, Gray’s Sporting Journal

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Here’s When He Hit our Physical and Mental Peaks, NY Times
The Running Shoes We’re Most Excited to Try in 2024, Outside
No More Resolutions. These Are the Bad Habits We’re Keeping in 2024., Outside
Lunge Your Way To More Legday Gains With This Deficit Variation, Muscle & Fitness
Protein First: High-Protein Pumpkin Pie, T-Nation
Pediatricians See an Alarming Number of Noodle-Soup Burns, The Atlantic
23 News Stories That Shaped Triathlon in 2023, Triathlete
Gear of the Year: GearJunkie Editors Reveal Their Top Picks From 2023, GearJunkie
Why Endurance Athletes Are Scarfing Down More Carbs than Ever, Outside
What Will Health and Fitness Look Like in 2024? We Asked Some Experts., Outside
Why are eggs so expensive? What pasture raised eggs, cage-free eggs, and organic eggs mean, The Manual
Snowboarding 101: What’s the difference between freestyle and freeride?, The Manual
Tequila: 5 easy ways to tell what’s quality and what’s not when buying your next bottle, The Manual
Skiing and snowboarding season is starting slow out west – our full list of ski resort openings, The Manual
Biggest Fitness Trends of 2024 and Worst Fads to Leave Behind, Men’s Journal
Amazon’s No. 1 Bestselling Ice Bath That’s ‘an Absolute Game-Changer’ Is Nearly 50% Off Right Now, Men’s Journal
Your Top Health Questions of 2023, Answered, NY Times
5 Health Lessons We Learned in 2023: Ozempic, Covid, Alcohol and More, NY Times
The Vicious Cycle Linking Depression, Insomnia, and Apnea, Psychology Today
Artificial intelligence can predict events in people’s lives, Science Daily
A Protein-First Diet for Overweight Cops… and You , T-Nation
Tips for How to Improve Your Running Form, Triathlete
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Male Masturbation, WebMD
I’m a marijuana enthusiast, but weed is getting a pass on health issues, Washington Post

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