New Strength Programming … TLU Strength, Eccentric Strength and the MTI Strength Packet

Trish, a rock climber, warms up for a TLU strength session at MTI …. back in the day when we were just “Mountain Athlete.”

By Rob Shaul

This week we built out two more strength training plans and now have a plan each for the 7 types of MTI strength progression methodologies, as well as created a “packet” of all 7 plans.

Specifically this week we built a TLU Strength Plan and an Eccentric Strength Plan, both based on the respective progression methodologies, and created a MTI Strength Packet which includes plans for all 7 progressions.

Here are the 7 different strength progression methodologies we’ve developed over the past decade of programming for mountain and tactical athletes:

  • 357 Strength
  • TLU Strength
  • Big 24 Strength
  • Rat 6 Strength
  • Density Strength
  • Eccentric Strength
  • Super Squat Strength

Click HERE for more on these strength progression methodologies.

Below are the 7 Training Plans included in the MTI Strength Packet:

These plans can be purchased individually, or as a packet. As well, all are included with an Athlete’s Subscription to the website.


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