MTI’s 10 Most Read Articles from 2022


In 2022 we had over of 2.2 Million visitors on our website. Our most-viewed / most-read article in 2022 was Rob’s article on the P:E Diet, followed by an essay from an anonymous Army Major, followed by Ideal Bodyweights for Mountain and Tactical Athletes.

MTI’s 10 Most Read Articles from 2022


(1) 4 Weeks on a P:E-ish Diet

(2) Why I’m Getting Out…An Army Major

(3) Ideal Bodyweights for Mountain Athletes, Mountain Professionals and Tactical Athletes

(4) The 5 Types of Tactical Athletes & Their Fitness Demands

(5) What Does it Mean to be a Quiet Professional?

(6) MTI’s 3 Favorite Lower Body “Pull” Strength Exercises

(7) Are You Strong Enough? Take the MTI Relative Strength Assessment

(8) Everyone wants 7.62… Until They Have to Carry It

(9) United States and NATO Military Services Re-enlistment Rate Comparisons and Findings

(10) PEDs for the Tactical Athlete – Follow Up


Honorable Mention

(11) 10 Signs You Might Be A Gym Rat


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