MTI Writing Challenge: “The Professional Decision I Most Regret”

By Rob Shaul

We’ve all got time during this period of social isolation for some brutal self-reflection.

We’d like to take advantage of that by presenting the MTI community with a difficult writing challenge:

               “The Professional Decision I Most Regret”  

This is an opportunity to examine and reflect on your own professional career, and identify that one decision you which had back – and would have taken in another direction in hindsight.

  • What was the situation?  Be specific.
  • What were the pros and cons you were considering?
  • Did you seek advice? If so, were you led astray, or given good advice but didn’t take it?
  • In making the decision and living through its outcome, what was the thing you missed, didn’t understand, didn’t consider or that changed that leads you now to most regret the decision?

Your sincere effort here, honesty and reflection can be a gift to yourself and others.

The Writing Challenge
Selected entries will be published my MTI on its website, and in shared with other “Beta” newsletter readers.

  • Submissions should be between 200 and 600 words in length.
  • MS Word or Apple Pages, Helvetica size 10.
  • Citations as endnotes if applicable.
  • Include a short bio.
  • Include photos if applicable
  • Be direct, sincere, and honest. Avoid cliches.
  • Submissions may need editing. MTI may need to work with authors to craft a finished product.
  • Authors may remain anonymous when the submission is published

Submissions are due next Thursday, 4.30.20 @ 1700 Mountain Standard Time.
Email to, Subject: “The Professional Decision I Most Regret”. Attached the submission in Word or Apple Pages format to the email.



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