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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

The Case for Maintaining an Advisory Presence in Afghanistan, Small Wars Journal
New Arctic Tab comes with a Ranger Tab spin to show importance of cold-weather fighting, Defense News
China rejects Australia’s questions on its handling of coronavirus, Reuters
Trump will travel to West Point to address Class of 2020 at graduation, Stars & Stripes
Inside the Wild Final Week of the Acting Navy Secretary, Defense One
Stop China’s predatory investments before the US becomes its next victim, Defense News
Coronavirus crisis could double number of people suffering acute hunger – UN, The Guardian
Mexico president tells gangs to stop handing out coronavirus aid, Al Jazerra
Affordable, Abundant, and Autonomous: The Future of Ground Warfare, War on the Rocks
Is China winning?, Homeland Security Newswire
Defense Department study calls for cutting 2 of the US Navy’s aircraft carriers, Defense News
Russia tests world’s most powerful Armata tank in Syria, Pravda Report
How COVID-19 Could Permanently Transform the U.S. Military, Real Clear Defense
DARPA awards nine new contracts to foster drone swarm technology, Defense News
The problem with militias in Somalia: Almost everyone wants them despite their dangers, Brookings


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Canadian Police Looking for Clues Behind Weekend’s Deadly Shooting, Homeland Security Newswire
5-year-old child of first responders dies of COVID-19, Police One
Colorado firefighters sound bagpipes nightly through pandemic, FireRescue1
Suspect starts fires with tracer rounds then shoots at firefighters, Wildfire Today
FBI Says Foreign States Hacked Into U.S. COVID-19 Research Centers: Report, In Homeland Security
25 Years After Oklahoma City Bombing, Anxiety Remains High, In Homeland Security
Georgia city fires police chief for refusing to discipline officer over social media comments, LE Today
PPE quality improvement: 4 points of focus, FireRescue1
Australia’s Fire Season Ends, and Researchers Look to the Next One, NY Times
Authorities: Canadian mass shooting suspect was dressed as a policeman, Police One


Testing Thermo-Molded Hiking Shoes: Tecnica Plasma S Review, Gearjunkie
Alaska Is Wilderness Poetry Made Manifest, Adventure Journal
Loveland Pass Parking Lots Blocked With Snow To Discourage Backcountry Skiing, Unofficial Networks
Ikon Pass adds “Adventure Assurance” to its 20-21 season pass program, Freeskier
Industry Buzz: Patagonia, “psychological first aid,” a new way to buy gear, Slay at Home speaker series, National Park Week, SNEWS
Science Based Targets, Arcteryx
South Lake Tahoe Police Are Issuing $1000 Fines To Any Nonessential Travelers Entering Tahoe Basin, Unofficial Networks
Uncut: Watch Nina Williams Send The Shining (V13), Climbing Mag
Tying the Knot, Mountain Hardware
Buried Alive in the Backcountry, Outside
6 of the Most Essential Photos in Skiing, Powder
A Day Worth Suffering For, Powder
Why People Return to the Sports That Nearly Killed Them, Outside
Experienced Skier Dies in Colorado Avalanche, With Danger Elevated Across Colorado and Utah, Backcountry Mag
First Looks: REI Flash Air 1 Tent, Backpacking Light


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

Army Ranger School Is a Laboratory of Human Endurance, Outside
The months of magical thinking: As the coronavirus swept over China, some experts were in denial, STAT
Everything we know about coronavirus immunity and antibodies — and plenty we still don’t, STAT
Yes, Your Tired Mind Is Slowing You Down, Outside
When Is The Best Time to Eat Carbs?, Mark’s Daily Apple
Why might Sweden’s Covid-19 policy work? Trust between citizens and state | Umut Özkırımlı and Lars Tragardh, The Guardian
Here’s Why Mental Stamina Is Crucial to Physical Success, Men’s Journal
He ran marathons and was fit. So why did Covid-19 almost kill him?, STAT
Strava Cuts Off Ironman Virtual Club: An Explainer To Sports Tech Drama, DC Rainmaker
There Are Not Enough COVID-19 Tests. There Are Also Too Many COVID-19 Tests., fivethirtyeight
A more plant-based diet without stomach troubles: Getting rid of FODMAPs with enzymes, Science Daily
‘Closing borders is ridiculous’: the epidemiologist behind Sweden’s controversial coronavirus strategy, Nature
A New Statistic Reveals Why America’s Coronavirus Numbers Are Flat, Defense One
How exercise supports your mental fitness: Current recommendations, Science Daily
The Coronavirus in America: The Year Ahead, NY Times
13 Awesome Fitness Deals to Shape up from a Safe Distance, Gear Patrol
California Skatepark Filled With 37 Tons of Sand After Skaters Ignore ‘No Trespassing’ Signs, Unofficial Networks
Patagonia Begins Cautious Reopening: Here’s How, Gearjunkie
Inside the Controversial 6-Foot Social-Distancing Study, Outside


The Next Ford Mustang Could Be Unlike Any Muscle Car in History, Gear Patrol
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deleted a tweet about the negative oil price which said: ‘You absolutely love to see it’, Business Insider
NASA and Space X Announce Date for First Manned Launch of Crew Dragon, The Adventure Blog
COVID-19: The Questions Ahead for Future Travel and Transport, RAND Corp

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