Mountain Tactical Advanced Programming Seminar, Oct 31 – Nov 3

By Rob Shaul

Late October/Early November we’ll be offering an intense,  4-day Mountain Tactical Advanced Programming Seminar at our facility in Jackson, Wyoming.

This intense seminar is designed for experienced athletes wanting to lean more about strength and conditioning program design, as well as professional coaches/trainers ready to take the next step in their programming advancement.

This course is most appropriate for seasoned, fit, athletes and and experienced coaches. It’s the most appropriate course for SOF personnel and professional mountain athletes. It’s not appropriate of inexperienced athletes and brand new coaches. 

This course is an intensive introduction and application of our Programming Theory and Methodology for Mountain and Tactical Athletes.

These areas will be fully covered:

  • Macro, meso and micro programming for Mountain and Tactical Athletes.
  • In depth understanding and application of Fluid Periodization
  • Description and understanding of the different fitness attributes for Mountain and Tactical Athletes
  • Practical application of Fluid Periodization to training cycles, and individual training session design
  • How to identify what to assess, build the assessment, progress the results in a training cycle, and re-assess
  • Extensive individual training session design instruction for strength, work capacity, endurance, TAC SEPA and Chassis Integrity
  • PFT/School and Tactical Mission/Mountain Event-specific program design
  • Programming for limited equipment, austere environments and injured athletes
  • Chassis Integrity and mobility/durability theory and design, and how to weave these into training sessions

***Note: This is not an exercise instruction course. We assume students are well versed and familiar with functional fitness exercises, know their way around the weight room, etc.

Course is 80% classroom/theory based, 20% gym-based. Classroom work will interchange lecture, student focused training session design and critique, cycle design, and sport/mission – specific training design.

Course will include 4x Training sessions which students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in. Goal of the training sessions is to give students first hand experience of programming flow and application. One session will have a climbing fitness emphasis.


Day 1: Macro & Programming Theory

  • Training attribute selection
  • Fitness Mountain
  • Meso Cycle Design for Base Fitness (Mountain and Tactical Athletes) and the application of Fluid Periodization

Day 2: Strength, Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity Program Design

  • In depth programming theory and instruction of 6x different strength progressions we deploy: Big 24, Rat 6, 357, Super Squats, Triphasic (our version), Density
  • Work Capacity event meso and micro design
  • Progression within the cycle, Assessment/Reassessment application to Strength and Work Capacity Design
  • Our Core Strength Training evolution to Chassis Integrity
  • ART, LBC and Combined Chassis Integrity Circuit Design

Day 3: Durability, TAC SEPA Design, Begin Military Sport-Specific Design

  • Durability/Mobility Discussion, Our Lessons learned and current application
  • TAC SEPA Theory and Session Design
  • Military PFT, Selection, School Sport Specific Design

Day 4: Sport/Mission Specific Program Design

  • Continue Military Selection, School Sport Specific Design
  • Mountain Ski, Climb, Paddle Sport Specific Program Design

Course Details:

  • 4 days, Oct 31 – Nov 3 (Mon-Thurs)
  • $1000/person
  • Course is offered at our facility in Jackson, Wyoming.
  • Students will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Tuition includes a 1-Year Subscription to MTI’s daily fitness programming and most training plans
  • Enrollment: Limited to 15 Students

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