Arete – 8.26.16


General Robert Scales On The Steep Price Paid By America’s Infantry, Task & Purpose
North Korea: A Realistic Path to Regime Change , Interpreter
Iran, Russia’s New Staging Post – Stratfor
U.S. at Crossroads On Drone Ops – Luke Hartig, CNN
Unravelling China’s state sponsored cyber war with Project CameraShy,
NATO Spending in Two Charts, 2016 Version,
Future Warfare in the Western Pacific, Council on Foreign Relations
Predicting the Future with Meta News Analysis – Journals@UIC
Fallout from the Columbia/FARC Peace Deal – Foreign Policy
Pakistan’s Role in Syrian Conflict – The Diplomat

Battelle to Build SOCOM SUVs, Press Release
MARSOC Tactical Driving Training,
AFSOF Stressed after 25 years of War,
DEVGRU Founder: No Female SEALs, The Daily Caller
Army Physical (un)Fitness: A system that Promotes Injury and Poor Nutrition, The Army Times.

Emerging Products this Week,
Portable Power Turbine,
Pioneering innovations in ultra-light mountain equipment: socio-technical analysis of two objects’ trajectories, Sport in Society
Helmet use and risk of head injuries in alpine skiers and snowboarders: changes after an interval of one decade, British Journal of Sports Medicine
To replace or not to replace? — An investigation into the residual strength of damaged rock climbing safety equipment, Engineering Failure Analysis
Behind the $675 Arc’Teryx Jacket, Powder Magazine

The Woman Who Took on Nike with Running Shorts, Outside Magazine.
Needs Analysis for Mountain Search and Rescue, Strength and Conditioning Journal
The Surprising Impact of ‘Mountaineer’s Guide to Death and Disaster’, National Geographic

Strength and Conditioning for the British Soldier, Strength and Conditioning Journal, Strength and Conditioning Journal
The Relationship of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Fitness to Absenteeism and Medical Care Claims Among Law Enforcement Officers, American Journal of Health Promotion
Wildland firefighter load carriage: effects on transit time and physiological responses during simulated escape to safety zone, International Journal of Wildland Fire

Fire spread in chaparral – a comparison of laboratory data and model predictions in burning live fuels, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Operational wildfire suppression modelling: a review evaluating development, state of the art and future directions, International Journal of Wildland Fire

Line-of-duty deaths among U.S. firefighters: An analysis of fatality investigations, Accident Analysis & Prevention
Using Serious Games and Virtual Simulation for Training in the Fire Service: A Review, Fire Technology
Female firefighter’s suicide is a ‘fire bell in the night’, Washington Post

FBI Role in Cyber Security and Enforcement –
SWAT Response to the War on Police – Police Mag

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