Fire Rescue Professionals: Take our Culture of Fitness Survey

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By Dr. Kristen Ouellette

In the tactical community, it is understood that fitness is an important component of job performance.  However, when it comes to training habits and accountability for ones own fitness, the methods for testing and maintaining fitness within various units is inconsistent.

Recently, we have been developing a system to assess the Culture of Fitness within any structured unit; fire department, law enforcement department or military unit.

A unit that displays a strong Culture of Fitness upholds fitness standards, encourages team members to engage in physical training and supplies the motivation and means to become and remain fit.

Alternatively, a unit that displays a poor Culture of Fitness may outwardly express the importance of fitness, but do little to create an environment that supports physical training or pride in personal and team fitness.

We have developed several layers to evaluate the Culture of Fitness, starting with Fire Rescue athletes.  In the near future, we will be expanding our reach to Military and Law Enforcement.

Below is a link to the short version of our “Fitness Culture Survey for Fire Rescue Athletes”.  This 15 question analysis will give you an immediate score and explanation of your departments results.  Think of this as a quick assessment that gets at surface cultural issues, quantifies them and alerts you to potential issues.

Beyond the attached survey, we have created a system to analyze deeper cultural concerns.  Our system includes a longer survey to be deployed to your entire department, an on-site evaluation period and a thorough evaluation of job tasks and typical departmental call volumes.  Upon completion of the full Fitness Culture Assessment, you will be given detailed results and consultation on how to enhance or improve your current Fitness Culture.


If you are interested in a comprehensive evaluation of your fire department or tactical unit, please contact Rob Shaul at

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