Education: MTI Announces Online Course Series


By Rob Shaul

MTI has mountain and tactical athletes around the world follow our fitness programming and widely regarded as thought leader in mission-direct, innovative, effective and efficent program design.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be producing a series of programming design education courses accessed online for coaches and advanced athletes interested in taking getting to the next level. Future courses include:

– Fluid Periodization & Programming Tool
– Rat 6, 357, Big 24, Density and Eccentric Strength Session Design
– Work Capacity Event Design
– Chassis Integrity Programming Theory and Design
– PFT Program Design
– Bodyweight Program Design
– Progression Within a Cycle
– Mountain-Tactical Endurance Programming
– Dryland Ski Program Design
– Rock & Ice Climbing Fitness Program Design
– Range Fitness Theory and Session Design

Prices will range from $9-$29 per course and the courses are included in an Athlete’s Subscription to the Website!

Our first online course is TLU Strength Session Design. Learn more HERE:

Have suggestions for a course?

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