TLU Strength Session Design – Online Course


• TLU Strength Session Design is our most successful strength session design for athletes with a hybrid array of fitness demands including strength, work capacity, agility and endurance
• Perfect for professional strength and conditioning coaches, CrossFit Trainers, and Experienced Athletes
• Learn how to efficiently train a Total Body, Lower Body and Upper Body strength exercises in the same session with modulating volume and intensity

Product Description

TLU Strength Session Design is the original strength session design developed for our athletes at the Mountain Tactical Institute, and is perhaps our most effective design for athletes which have “hybrid” fitness demands for their work or sport – i.e. strength, work capacity, endurance, agility, etc. and is the first strength session design we teach our out in-person programming courses and seminars.

Each TLU Strength Session has 4 Defining Characteristics:

  1. Train one total body, lower body and upper body strength exercise. This is where “TLU” in the name for this design.
  2. Train one exercise at “heavy” intensity, one at “moderate” intensity and one at “light” intensity. Use total exercise volume to dictate intensity.
  3. Include one “complex” circuit
  4. Go to 1 Rep Max (1RM) on the “Heavy” exercise, and use 85% of the athlete’s 1RM for the heavy exercise “working rounds.”

What You’ll Learn

  • How to effectively and efficiently train a total body, lower body and upper body strength exercise in a single strength session
  • Heavy, Moderate and Light Intensity and volume specifics for the Total, Upper and Lower Body strength exercises in each TLU Strength Session
  • How to modulate volume and intensity for each strength session within a cycle
  • The specific components of each “part” of a TLU Training Session including exercise selection, complex training specifics, including mobility exercises and training session flow and pacing

Who is this course for?

  • Professional strength and conditioning courses, CrossFit trainers, and personal trainers interested in proven strength session design for athletes with “hybrid” fitness demands
  • Experienced athletes interested in advanced program design and others ready to begin programming for themselves

With your purchase, you get online access to the course and it’s updates as long as MTI exists!


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