Common Questions About the Metabolic Slowdown Protein Shake Diet

By Rob Shaul

I received multiple email questions about my Overcoming Age-Induced Metabolic Slowdown With A Protein-Shake Diet article.

Below are the most common questions, and my answers.

What about calorie counting?
I don’t count calories, never have, and don’t think it is sustainable anyway. One of the biggest lessons from Taube’s Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, is that not all calories are equal. Oversimplified, “bad” calories from “bad” carbs (sugar, bread, rice, etc.) go to your fat cells, and “good” calories from vegetables and protein don’t. This is why if you eat “clean” as per the MTI nutritional guidelines, you should never be hungry. Eat to satiety, and if you are hungry between meals, eat some protien or drink another shake. There’s no

What about caloric deficit?
The goal is to lose weight. I’m no expert, and it’s complicated, but as I understand it, “bad” calories go to fat cells, and don’t fill you up … in fact the opposite – they cause to you crave and want more bad carbs. Protein calories don’t go straight to fat cells. As well, protein calories do make you feel “full”. I’ve read where you can’t lose weight unless you have some level of caloric deficit … not sure if this is true, but it does make sense that if you eat more protein, and it fills you up, you’ll overall eat fewer calories.

Do you add anything to your protein shakes?
Sometimes I add in some instant coffee (Starbucks Via) and it turns the shake into a mocha. I don’t heat it … I just drink it cold and the coffee mixes up well with the shaker. I don’t add anything else, though sometimes I’ll eat a handful of almonds while drinking the shake.

Do you use water or milk in your shakes?

Do you take any multi vitamins, or any other supplements?
No. Minerals/vitamins are covered for me with a whole food, balanced meal at dinner (meat, veggies).

Is the Ascent-brand protein the only you recommend?
No … use any protein shake you want. Just look for one with around 120-130 calories per serving and low in carbs. I use whey protein, but there are others (pea, soy, etc.) and you can use those if you want. I have no experience with non-whey protein.

I’m naturally skinny, but am older and am carrying some fat in my mid section. Is this diet for me?
Not yet … first I’d recommend following the whole foot, protein-first menu in our MTI Nutritional Guidelines. See if eating “clean” doesn’t cut fat for you. If not, try this shake diet.

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