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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Army general says moldy barracks are a ‘discipline problem’, Task & Purpose
Why Navy SEALs wear a trident and other facts about life as a frogman, Task & Purpose
Air Force two-star general charged with sexual misconduct, flying after drinking, Task & Purpose
Sailor who ripped rifle away from Club Q gunman earns Navy’s top non-combat honor, Task & Purpose
Navy fires captain of guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Erie, Task & Purpose
All charges dropped against Fort Cavazos colonel accused of sexual assault, Task & Purpose
Two-Star Air Force General Faces Article 32 Hearing on Sexual Assault, Adultery After Being Fired,
Air Force Moves to Deadlifts as Way to Determine Job Qualifications, Opening Up Positions to More Women,
Two Swedes killed in Brussels in ‘possible terrorist shooting’, Al Jazeera
Secretary Wormuth Wants the Army Combat Fitness Test to Stay as Congress Debates Its Fate,
How the Army Plans to Prevent ‘Another Fort Hood’ by Dispatching Survey Teams to Brigades,
Top Marine outlines priorities for next four years, Defense One
US Army scrambles to catch up to rising drone threat, Defense One
Israel’s Intelligence Failure Is a Wake-Up Call for NATO, Foreign Policy
The Peril in Declaring ‘I Stand With Israel’, Foreign Policy
Elections in Poland prove the country follows path of populism and chaos, Pravda Report
Fool’s Gold: Overhyped Tech Startups Distract From Military Innovation, Real Clear Defense
Countering Tactical Kamikaze Drones – Ideas Urgently Needed., War Room
What the CIA Looks for in Its Agents, According to a Former Operative, Popular Mechanics
Starlink, Skis, and …: Army Seeks ‘Bespoke’ Kit for Arctic Warfare, Breaking Defense
Israel’s Distraction is a Warning to the West, Unheard


A-10 Warthogs arrive, more U.S. forces coming amid Israel-Gaza fighting, Task & Purpose
JSOC, Pentagon offering hostage rescue support to Israel, Task & Purpose
Americans in Israeli army reserves are rushing overseas to mobilize, Task & Purpose
How Hamas executed a paraglider attack on Israel, Task & Purpose
22 Americans dead in Israel as second carrier sails to region, Task & Purpose
I have to show the world what Israel’s doing in Gaza | Close Up, Al Jazeera
Can Lebanon’s Hezbollah afford to go to war with Israel?, Al Jazeera
Israel’s evacuation order is nothing but cover for ethnic cleansing, Al Jazeera
Hamas’s actions are war crimes. Israel should not respond with further war crimes., Atlantic Council
What was Hamas thinking? And what is it thinking now?, Atlantic Council
Will Hezbollah Hold Back or Escalate? ,Foreign Policy
What a Ground Invasion Means for Israeli Hostages, Foreign Policy
Can Israel Handle a War on 2 Fronts?, Foreign Policy
Vengeance Is Not a Policy, Foreign Policy
How Did Israel Miss This Attack? Some Likely Explanations,
The Shadow Unit: Meet the Hamas division likely holding Israeli and American hostages, Long War Journal
Iran Warns That ‘Multiple Fronts’ Will Open if Israel’s Gaza Attacks Continue, NY Times
Social Media Users Accuse Facebook, Instagram of Suppressing Pro-Palestinian Posts, NY Times
All predictions about World War Three point at the Middle East, Pravda Report
Perilous Tactical Realities Israel Will Face In Gaza, The Drive
IDF Likely Preps for Hamas “Anti-Armor” & “Hybrid” War Tactics, Warrior Maven
What Military Support is the U.S. Providing to Israel?, PBS
Was Israel’s Iron Dome Overwhelmed, Overhyped, or Right on Target?, Sandboxx
Hamas fighter records his own death in Kibbutz Sufa, War is Boring
Israeli military confirms beheading of young children, War is Boring
Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Guide from War on the Rocks, War on the Rocks
Israel’s 9/11? How Hamas Terrorist Attacks Will Change the Middle East, WOTR
In Brief: The U.S.-Saudi-Israeli Deal, WOTR
Israel May Find Gaza Easy to Enter, but It Will Be Hard to Leave, HSN
Can Egypt be persuaded to accept Gazan refugees?, Economist
Understanding Hamas’s Genocidal Ideology, The Atlantic
Israel Is Walking Into a Trap, The Atlantic

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Why New York Is Experiencing a Migrant Crisis, HSN
North Carolina schools, businesses to beef up active shooter security measures with AI gun detection system, American Police Beat Magazine
Minnesota launches publicly accessible crime database to improve transparency and accountability, APBM
Pirate threat grows in San Francisco Bay, APBM
Man charged with terrorism after crashing SUV into New Jersey police station while blasting “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses, APBM
Explosion Fears Lead San Diego to Explore Regulating Lithium-Ion Batteries, Storage Facilities, Fire Engineering
Chicago deputy commissioner reprimanded instead of suspended for sexual harassment violations, FR1
Tactical Impact: Jonah Smith, Fire Engineering
TX Firefighters Respond to Fire in Ammo Warehouse, Fire Engineering
Volunteer Firefighters in Two States Facing Multiple Arson Charges, Fire Law Blog
Chester County (PA) OKs Real Estate Tax Rebate for Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Members, FFN
Exterior Stair Collapse Leaves Firefighters Temporarily Trapped in Fatal KS Apartment Fire, FFN
Four Men Dead After Suspected Honey Oil Fire at Irwindale (CA) Warehouse, FFN
IA Farmer Dies in Grain Bin Entrapment, FFN
Colo. FD adds drone to fleet for use in search and recon, FR1
‘Find some way to get to the ocean’: 911 calls from Maui wildfire released, FR1
Video: Chicago FFs battle 3-alarm church fire, collapse, FR1
Interactions of non-intersecting oblique lines of fire burning in surface fuels in a combustion wind tunnel with and without wind, International Journal of Wildland Fire
‘A numb moment for us’: Fatal shooting of Philly officer came days after 3 other officers were shot, Police1
A teen’s death in a small Michigan town led the FBI and police to an online sexual extortion scheme, Police1
California this year got off easy — SO FAR, Wildlfire Today
Lubbock SWAT Takes 1st Place at the 2023 Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Annual SWAT Competition, Soldier Systems
USSOCOM Awards Geissele Automatics $29 Million for Mid Range Gas Gun – Sniper, Soldier Systems
USSOCOM Awards Contract to Final Forge for Rotary Wing Advanced Tactical Helmets, Soldier Systems
William Wood Fire Watch, The Coolector

Mountain / Outside

‘Advice for Girls’ Is a Must-Watch: Official All-Women Ski Film Holds Nothing Back, GearJunkie
This Do-It-All Rack Can Carry Your Skis and Bikes, Outside
Nick Ehman Breaks Alex Honnold’s Nose Speed Record on El Capitan, Outside
The Death Toll on Shishapangma Has Risen to Four, Outside
Kilian Jornet Just Summited 177 Peaks in Eight Days, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 10/12/2023, AAI
Black Diamond Presents: Angelino Zeller – Sarre 2000, Black Diamond
The Rapture of Performance, Climb Strong
Remembering Aaron Livingston, Climbing
Veterans Battle Youth Standouts at USA Climbing’s National Championships , Climbing
Five Must-Do Moderate Moab Towers, Climbing
Brooke Raboutou Sends ‘Box Therapy’—She Called it V15, Climbing
How I Sent 5.14a and Finished Second in a 100-Mile Run, Climbing
The Overlooked Cragging Paradise of Mount Lemmon, Arizona, Climbing
Adam Ondra Does 5.15b FA & Canada’s First V16 is Downgraded, Climbing
The Potato Boys Return For a “Mostly” Idaho Ski Film, Freeskier
BOA—The Biggest Advancement in Alpine Ski Boots Since Plastic Shells, Freeskier
[Must Watch] PRESS SEND With Connery Lundin, Noah Gaffney and Elyse Saugstad, Freeskier
Climber Dies After Anchor Accident in U.S.A., Gripped
Epic Baffin Ski Film Has a Touching Tribute, Gripped
HURT is a Film About Free-Soloing and Mental Health, Gripped
Andy Genereux Receives 2023 Summit of Excellence, Gripped
Climbers Ski Epic Line on Patagonia Tower, Gripped
New 300-Foot Crack Gets 5.14+ Grade, Gripped
7 of the Best Mountain Resorts for Snowboarders, Osprey
How Reno Tahoe Became an Adventure Capital of the West, Outside
This may be the first snowboarding video ever made, and it’s as weird and retro as you expect, The Manual
Tof Henry Dies In Chilean Skiing Accident, Unofficial Networks
Trailer: The Paradise Paradox – Bode Miller Film on Mental Health in Mountain Towns, UN
Tying for the Moon, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Make Your Own Luck: The Placebo Effect of Fishing, MeatEater
How to Plan the Dream Remote Alaska Fly Fishing Trip, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

7 Things You Need for an Ergonomically Correct Workstation, Wirecutter
The Limits of Ultrarunning, Outside
Smoothie recipes tips and tricks: Make your life easier (and make better smoothies) with these simple insights, The Manual
The carnivore diet: Is it right for you? The Manual
A Chest and Triceps Workout for Classic Size and Strength, Breaking Muscle
HIIT Rowing Workouts for Fat Loss, Conditioning, and Beginners, Breaking Muscle
Best Greens Powder for Gut Health, Weight Loss, and More (2023), Breaking Muscle
Calorie restriction in humans builds strong muscle and stimulates healthy aging genes, Science Daily
Swap red meat for Quorn protein to improve heart health and reduce waist circumference, study finds, Science Daily
Link between seasons and eating habits, Science Daily
Diabetes Drug Mounjaro Helped People Drop an Average of 64lbs in Recent Study, Healthline
Health Experts on Using Mounjaro for Weight Loss, Healthline
Taking GLP-1 Drugs for Weight Loss Can Lead to Serious GI Symptoms, Healthline
Ozempic, Wegovy Improve Blood Sugar Control and Weight Loss Over 3 Years, Study Finds; Healthline
One Meal a Day: Does the OMAD Diet Actually Work?, Men’s Health
Tea or Coffee: Which Morning Brew is Best?, Men’s Health
Top 5 Supplements You Should Add to Your Health & Fitness Routine and Why, Muscle & Fitness
The Shady Statistics Behind the War on Painkillers, Real Clear Health
Dramatic Degradation of the Human Immune System,RealClearHealth
The Two Biggest Protein Mistakes,  T-Nation
Endurance Athletes and Ozempic: What You Need to Know,  Training  Peaks
Weight-loss drugs are no match for the might of big food,  Economist
The Problematic Rise of Personalized Nutrition,Wired


This is how long it takes to learn another language (and you might be surprised which languages are easiest for English speakers), The Manual
10 Can’t-Miss Fall Documentaries On Cable, Streaming And Online, Forbes
Tesla Semi Wins Range Test Against Volvo, Freightliner, and Nikola, Jalopnik
The Future Will Be Defined By Charismatic Geniuses Everywhere We Look, Real Clear Markets
Deepfake Porn Is Out of Control, Wired

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