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Ukraine’s Window of Opportunity? War on the Rocks
Ukraine denies accusations of bombing its own prisoners, says it was a Russian false flag, War is Boring
Russia mercenaries from Wagner Group claim to have captured Ukraine’s largest coal power plant, War is Boring
The head of US Special Operations warns of new drone threat operators face, War is Boring
Retired Marine officer says Mattis betrayed his own Marines in Afghanistan in 2007, War is Boring
At Liberty University, veterans’ complaints keep coming, Task & Purpose
Potential Pathways to Russian Escalation Against NATO, RAND
Chechen President Kadyrov: One step before Kyiv is stormed, Pravda Report
Florida schools to let veterans teach without degrees, Navy Times
House group moves to label Russia as terrorist state, Morning Defense
Congress urges military to ‘do more’ to fix recruitment crisis, Morning Defense
Analysis: The West should not trust Ukrainian spy agencies. Neither should Ukrainians,
Schumer ‘Committed’ To Vote On Finland, Sweden Joining NATO Before Recess, Aide Says, Defense One
Russian Soldier Allegedly Castrates Ukrainian Prisoner Of War, 1945
What Makes V-22 Osprey Truly Special, 1945
Might Russia Turn to Terror Bombing Civilians in Ukraine?, RAND
Army’s Mission Command Convergence Efforts Laying Coundation for Tactical Data Fabric, Soldier Systems

National Security / Foreign Policy

AI, Autonomy, and the Risk of Nuclear War, War on the Rocks
At the Seam of Three Regions: The Case for More Basing and Access in Greece and Cyprus, War on the Rocks
Real Friends Twist Arms: Taiwan and the Case for Conditionality, War on the Rocks
Active Denial or In Denial?, War on the Rocks
Only a ‘matter of time’ before China’s ‘aggressive and irresponsible behavior will trigger a ‘major incident,’ US officials say, War is Boring
Putin’s Unusual Silence Over NATO’s Expansion to Its Western Backyard, The Geopolitics
Turkish football fans chant ‘Valdimir Putin’ during match with Dynamo Kyiv, Pravda Report
Senate bill urges 3 new embassies in Pacific island nations, Morning Defense
A Shrinking China Can’t Overtake America, Foreign Policy
Pelosi Visit Sets Up No-Win Situation on Taiwan, Foreign Policy
China announces military exercises near Taiwan as Pelosi’s visit looms, Axios
Is China Shrinking?, AEI
Russia’s Gazprom cuts off gas supplies to Latvia, Al Jazeera
Russia (just like the West) is no true friend to Africa, Al Jazeera

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire

The CHIPS Act | Most Important Hacking Targets |The Burning of the American West, and more, Homeland Security Newswire
Airbus Tests Kit to Convert A400M Aircraft for Temporary Firefighting Service, Firefighter Nation
Video: Los Angeles County firefighters drag crewmember from burning building, FR1
Woman struck, killed by Pa. fire truck responding to vehicle crash, FR1
8 Detroit firefighters hospitalized after burning building collapses, FR1
Effectiveness of fitness training and psychosocial education intervention programs in wildland firefighting: a cluster randomised control trial, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Rate of spread and flaming zone velocities of surface fires from visible and thermal image processing, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Using a systems-based perspective to analyze the Uvalde school shooting response, Police1
What a Washington Post article got wrong about small-town policing, Police1
No culture of violence in SWAT, LAPD review finds, Police1
As officers leave in droves, New Orleans PD’s response times soar to 2.5 hours, Police1
Suspected arsonist captured and tied to tree by locals, Wildfire Today
Watch as a Hotshot Firefighting Crew Battles Flames in the American West, Outside
More Criminals, More Crime, Manhattan Inst.

Mountain / Outside

I Won’t Go into the Backcountry Without This Device, Outdoor Gear Reviews
Vista Outdoor Buys Simms Fishing Products, Adds to Fast-Growing Stable, Gearjunkie
Slam Dunk: LeBron James Invests in Canyon Bicycles, Gearjunkie
IFSC World Cup Climbing Rules & Scoring Explained, GearJunkie
Kilian Jornet Explains His New Athletic Brand, NNormal, Gearjunkie
The Best Fishing Rods and Reels of ICAST 2022, GearJunkie
Watch Sasha DiGiulian on First Female Ascent of 5.14 ‘Joe Exotic’ in The Flatirons, Gearjunkie
Seb Bouin Climbs Another Flatanger 5.15, Aims at Futuristic 5.15d, Gearjunkie
Backcountry Skiers Perceiving Risks and Recklessness: A Study, Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
A Bold New Way to Poop in the Outdoors, Outside
There Are Conga Lines and Huge Crowds on K2 Now, Outside
Lessons Learned from a Setback at the Crag, Outside
Review: The Helinox Chair Zero High-Back Actually Backpacks, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 7/28/22, AAI
Outclassing the Old Guys: The College Student Notching First Descents in Alaska, BC Magazine
Sheep Hunt Shut Down!!!, Eastmans
Barbara Zangerl, Jacopo Larcher free climb Eternal Flame on Nameless Tower, Planet Mountain
​Black Diamond Issues Voluntary Recall For PIEPS Avalanche Transceivers, TGR
How to Use Circuits in Climbing Training, Training Beta
Why The CEO Of a Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Firm Dropped Out Of Wharton To Become A Ski Bum, Unofficial Networks
Alaskan Fishing Boat Captain/Pro Skier…McKenna Peterson Is One Badass Woman, Unofficial Networks
Logan Diekmann and Finn O’Connell lead Bridger Ski Foundation members in Bozeman’s first roller ski races, Bozeman Daily Chronicle


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

When to Switch Car Seats, Wirecutter
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Hoka Running Shoes, Outdoor Gear Reviews
How Hot Is Too Hot to Exercise? Outside
Fish Pedalers: Riding and Snorkeling in the Mountains, Adventure Journal
How to Make Granola Bars with Peanut Butter, Adventure Journal
Alcohol Can Tank HRV, Resting Heart Rate, and Sleep, Outside
Watch 73-Year-Old Powerlifter Mary Duffy Crush a 250-Pound Trap Bar Deadlift With 50-Pound Chains, Breaking Muscle
Check Out 72-Year-Old CrossFit Athlete Joke Dikhoff Cruise Through A Legless Rope Climb, Breaking Muscle
Weightlifter Hampton Morris (61KG) Captures 162-Kilogram Clean & Jerk for New World Record,Breaking Muscle
It doesn’t matter much which fiber you choose — just get more fiber! Science Daily
Black patients found six times more likely to have advanced vision loss after glaucoma diagnosis than white patients, Science Daily
New study finds lowest risk of death was among adults who exercised 150-600 minutes/week, Science Daily
Researchers discover gene that promotes muscle strength during exercise, Science Daily
Depression May Not Be Linked to Low Serotonin, New Analysis Finds, Healthline
Legalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level Could Benefit Public Health. Here’s Why, Healthline
Monkeypox Risk for Kids: What Parents Should Know, Healthline
5 Feel Good Foods That Will Reduce Stress and Lift Your Mood, Men’s Health
Why the Nordic Diet Is Trending Now, Men’s Journal
This Is Your Brain on Beer, Men’s Journal
Foods That Improve Sexual Function in Women,
Three Pressing Questions About Monkeypox: Spread, Vaccination, Treatment, NY Times
Few Parents Intend to Have Very Young Children Vaccinated Against Covid, NY Times
Setting the Knees Early During the Squat – Steve Ross, Starting Strength
An Almost Effortless Fat Loss Plan, T-Nation
Your Warm-Up Is Killing Your Workout… and Gains, T0Nation
Using Zone 2 Training to Improve Your FTP, Training Peaks
Try This Military Swim and Water Confidence Combo Workout,


We Have a Major Update on the Peaky Blinders Movie, Men’s Health
Economic Report: Is the U.S. in recession now? Not yet — and here’s why, Marketwatch
Chile proposes new constitution steeped in science, Nature
Daily briefing: AI predicts the shape of nearly all known proteins, Nature
Biden’s Job Rating Slumps as Public’s View of Economy Turns More Negative, Pew
How the Standard Model of Particle Physics Explains Reality as We Know It, Popular Mechanics
How Bacon & Costco Fish Shape America’s View of Inflation, NY Times
A Bipartisan Solution to America’s Election Crisis, RealClearPolitics
Pay Attention to Dutch Farmer Protests. America Is Next, Federalist
Can artificial intelligence really help us talk to the animals?, The Guardian
As Waters Warm, Alaska Experiences Salmon Booms and Busts, Wired

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