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Meet the Fighters, Bombers and Drones Waging a Brutal Air War over Ukraine, 19FortyFive
Future of autonomous flight comes into focus at Farnborough Airshow, Air Force Times
Video of fatal 2017 Marine Osprey crash shows final moments before landing went horribly wrong, Marine Corps Times
Medals of Honor for soldiers who perpetrated Wounded Knee massacre may be rescinded, Military Times
Kherson authorities: Ukraine doesn’t exist anymore, Pravda Report
Ukrainian soldiers begin to rebel due to heavy losses in the conflict, Pravda Report
The fatal flaw in the Marine Corps’ approach to countering China, Task & Purpose
‘This is an Army problem’ — Service leaders outline plan to address bleak recruiting crisis, Task & Purpose
Air Force colonel goes scorched earth on fellow officers in fiery resignation letter, Task & Purpose
The fundamental flaw in US plans to defend Taiwan from a Chinese assault, Task & Purpose
The Ukrainian Kutuzov: Who is General Zaluzhny, and why are his tactics in the spotlight?, Vox Europe
CIA says Russia has lost 15,000 troops so far in Ukraine, War is Boring
How Sweden and Finland Can Bolster NATO, War on the Rocks
Whose Version of the War on Terror Won?, War on the Rocks


National Security / Foreign Policy

Bus plunges into Kenyan river valley, kills 34 people: Reports, Al Jazerra
Czech Republic selects F-35 as next fighter jet, Defense News
Russia is ‘About to Run Out of Steam,’ MI6 Chief Says, Defense One
Actually, the Russian Economy Is Imploding, Foreign Policy
Gathering intelligence on the world’s largest secret society: the Chinese government,
Myanmar Executes Four Pro-Democracy Activists, Defying Foreign Leaders, NY Times
If US declares Russia state sponsor of terrorism, Ukraine will cease to exist, Pravda Report
The Societal Foundations of National Competitiveness, RAND
China deploys tanks to secure banks after personal savings accounts declared “investment products” of the state, War is Boring

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire

The Elisjsha Dicken Drill, Tactical Life Gun Magazine
Five Hospitalized in Warren (OH) Apartment Complex Fire that Hurt Several Firefighters, FireFighter Nation
Oak Fire Races Toward Yosemite National Park, FireFighter Nation
Firefighting helicopter with 2 on board crashes in Idaho, FireRescue 1
Sergeant who grabbed officer’s throat arrested on battery, assault charges, Police 1
Ohio sheriff’s deputy killed in shooting at mobile home park, Police 1
Officer shot in face after police pursuit in Houston, Police 1
‘Missing a big piece of the puzzle’: Calif. deputies remember fallen LEO a year later, Police 1
Why it is just as important to document force avoidance as it is to document the use of force, Police 1
Moose Fire near Idaho-Montana border grows to more than 28,000 acres, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Uncut: Watch Shawn Raboutou Climb Crazy New V16 Roof, GearJunkie
Is the ‘Instagram Effect’ Ruining Climbing — And What Can We Do About It?, GearJunkie
What You Really Need in Your Backcountry First Aid Kit, Best Outdoor Gear Reviews
This Climber Just Scaled All of the 8,000-Meter Peaks, Again, Outside
One Moment I Was Kitesurfing in Maui, the Next I Was Fighting for My Life, Outside
Bad Decisions, Good Stories, Outside
5 Wildly Different Books to Beat the Summer Doldrums, Adventure Journal
Gliding Into Nirvana, Adventure Journal
Researchers challenge historical records for 8000-meter peaks, Alpinist
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 7/21/22, AAI
Grizzly Euthanized for Dangerous Behavior, Eastmans
The Day The Earth Stood Still, La Sportiva
Siula Grande East Face climbed by Bru Busom and Marc Toralles, Planet Mountain
​VIDEO: Brandon Semenuk x Kade Edwards in Parallel II, TGR
Has Surfing Descended into Perpetual Chaos?, TGR
Nicole Kennedy Riding Some Bangers in B.C., TGR Questions History of Mountaineering on the Big Peaks, Adventure Blog
7 South American Ski Resorts to Satisfy Your Summer Powder Craving, Adventure Travel


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

The Bike Computers & Power Meters of the Tour de France, DC Rainmaker
How to Digitize Old Photos With Your Phone, GearLatest
Neil Armstrong’s Heart Rate Tells the Frantic Story of the Moon Landing, Adventure Journal
5 Reasons Movement Is More Powerful Than You Think, Outside
Watch 71-Year-Old Powerlifter John LaFlamme (83KG) Crush a 427-Pound Squat for a New PR, Breaking Muscle
Check Out Peiman Maheripourehir Make A 996-Pound Deadlift Double Seem Effortless, Breaking Muscle
The moving window – A practical solution to the intractable problem of training systems, Cast Iron Strength
Why That New “Science-Backed” Supplement Probably Doesn’t Work, Outside
Why the Mediterranean Diet is So Great, Healthline
Watch the World’s Strongest Man Take on a Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine, Men’s Health
How to Cope With Financial Stress, NY Times
How much sunscreen should I use on my face?, NY Times
No evidence that depression is caused by low serotonin levels, finds comprehensive review, Science Daily
Two deadly days in St. Louis: An overdose cluster kills 8 Black people — and shows the new shape of the addiction crisis, STAT
Assess Your Metabolic State, Dominate Your Workout, T-Nation
What Heart Rate Variability Reveals About Your Health, Training Peaks
Do I Have Long COVID? Here’s How to Tell, WebMD
First U.S. Polio Case in Nearly a Decade Reported in New York, WebMD
If You Want To Live Longer, This Study Suggests You Exercise A Lot More Than Previously Recommended, Forbes
Monkeypox could spread well beyond communities of gay and bisexual men, WHO says, CNBC


The Gelfire Mythic is Nerf’s First Gel Blaster and it Comes with 10,000 Rounds, Werd
Incognito Mode Isn’t As Incognito As You Might Think, Wirecutter
What the Fed’s Big Balance Sheet Unwind Means for Markets, Bloomberg
Fox News anchor Bret Baier slams Trump, saying January 6 hearings made him look ‘horrific’, Business Insider
What the data says about abortion in the U.S., Pew Research Center
Why it is too early to say the world economy is in recession, Economist
Repairing An Electric Vehicle Could Cost More Than Gasoline Cars: A New Kind Of Sticker Shock, Forbes
Goldman Sachs: caution abounds both internally and externally, Investment Banking
Which Automaker Made the Most Great Cars?, Jalopnik
Light-based sensors set to revolutionize on-site testing, Nature
Foreign Countries That Own the Most U.S. Land, Real Clear Markets
Critical research on the causes of Alzheimer’s may have been falsified, Economist

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