Arete 7.7.22


US Navy, Air Force running ‘capstone test’ of new high-power microwave missile, Air Force Times
Spaceflight experiment Recurve launches in support of warfighter comms, Defense News
Competition to replace Bradley vehicles enters design, prototype phase, Army Times
AT&T, 26 other companies join Air Force’s $950 million JADC2 effort, Defense News
The Army is getting leaders ready for a war unlike any the US has ever seen, Task & Purpose
Forecasting the Demand for U.S. Ground Forces, RAND Cooperation
US Navy can’t keep up with demand for highly trained warfare tactics instructors, Navy Times


National Security / Foreign Policy

The West Must Isolate Iran, 19FortyFive
The Supreme Court’s Major Questions Doctrine (and Its Implications for Big Tech), American Enterprise Institute
Cyber Yankee exercise hones New England Guard skills to fight digital threats, Defense News
Putin warns the West, says Russia hasn’t even really started in Ukraine yet, War is Boring
The Next American Warzone: South China Sea, The Geopolitics
Expert names the new type of weapons that will make nuclear bombs unnecessary, PravdaReport
The Supreme Court is hurting Biden’s foreign policy, too, Morning Defense


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire

Calif. wildfire triples in size overnight, FireRescue1 Daily News
A note on fire weather indices, International Journal of Wildand Fire
Study confirms extreme wildfires of 2020 in Western Oregon were not unprecedented, Wildfire Today
Unsecured Border Is a Mortal & Moral Hazard, ReaylClearPolicy
$3.8M grant connects rural sheriffs with telehealth program to manage mental health crisis response, Police 1 Daily News
How to empower law enforcement with digital technology, Police 1 Daily News
It’s now illegal to record cops within 8 feet in Arizona, Police 1


Mountain / Outside

Marmolada glacier collapse kills 7, 13 missing,
Are Winter Hikes of the Appalachian Trail the Next Thing? Outside Magazine
Two new big wall routes completed on Alaska’s Kichatna Spire, Alpinist Newswire
9 Incredibly Rewarding Trail Runs Across the United States, Osprey Packs Experience
The US Announces Ban on Single-Use Plastic in National Parks…in 2032, The Adventure Blog
Claude Kogan Led The First All-Female Team To Test A Himalayan Giant, Adventure Journal
Norwegian Cimber Kristin Harila is Gunning for Nims Purja’s 8000-Meter Speed Record, The Adventure Blog


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Your Watch Doesn’t Know How Much Recovery You Need, Outside Magazine
Tea Tree Oil vs. Tinactin for Athlete’s Foot,
The 11 Mental Skills That Make an Athlete Elite, Outside Magazine
The Difference Between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist Is Really Important, Men’s Health
Testosterone Replacement: Are YOU Fit Enough? T-Nation
The Importance of Continuing to Train Through Very Stressful Life Events – Jordan Burnett, Starting Strength
Each COVID-19 Reinfection Increases Health Risks WebMD Health



How this E-8 bought a McLaren without financing at 27 percent, Air Force Times
America’s Most Sought-After Birds, Osprey Packs Experience
Cancer Drug Greatly Reduces Deaths in Hospitalized Covid Patients, NYT
More dogs in the neighborhood often means less crime, research shows, Science Daily
Rotterdam Won’t Dismantle Bridge to Allow Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht Through, NYT

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