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Meet the Gripen E: No Stealth, But One of the Best Fighters Right Now, 1945
The Secrets of Russia’s Artillery War in Ukraine, 1945
Listed: Check Out the Arsenal of Weapons the U.S. Military Is Sending to Ukraine, 1945
37,000 Russian Soldiers Dead In Ukraine: Putin Needs His Reserves, 1945
Veterans have a higher rate of erectile dysfunction, study says, AF Times
Hawaii-based mobility wing gets third commander in five months, AF Times
Air Force’s first female special tactics officer earns coveted scarlet beret, AF Times
Patriot battalion’s top enlisted soldier demoted, jailed for fraternization, false statements, Army Times
New details emerge about the 2020 Bonhomme Richard fire, ahead of censure of three-star, Defense News
Ukraine war tactics reaffirm US Army’s modernization thrust, service chief says, Defense News
The Risks of US Military Assistance to Ukraine, Defense One
NATO is unified now. Will ‘war fatigue’ set in later?, Morning Defense
In Eastern Ukraine, Attacks Intensify as Russia Readies New Offensive, NY Times
Obstacles to Lasting Peace Between Ukraine and Russia, RAND
Forecasting Demand for U.S. Ground Forces, RAND
Trench warfare, precision missiles and armed motorcycle units: Why the war in Ukraine looks increasingly anachronistic, Task & Purpose
Navy fires nuclear submarine captain after only 8 months on the job, Task & Purpose
Ukraine and Russia Grapple with Relentless Battle and Attrition, War on the Rocks
Historic Highway Landing Advances Agile Combat Employment, Soldier Systems
PEO Soldier Evaluates the Next Generation Advanced Bomb Suit, Soldier Systems


National Security / Foreign Policy

Meet Israel’s F-35I Adir Stealth Fighter: Designed to Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Program?, 1945
What Turkey Got for Letting Sweden, Finland Join NATO, Defense One
Cold War 2.0 Is Ushering In Nonalignment 2.0, Foreign Policy
NATO Must Back Lithuania Against Russian Coercion, Hudson Inst.
Historic Shifts in Russian Energy Flows Bolstering China, Hudson Inst.
Defending Guam, Hudson Inst.
Germany approves 2023 defence budget, Janes
Africa ignores Zelensky: Camouflaged comedian hops around for US, Pravda Report
Die Welt: Germans demand Scholz’s resignation after his words about Russia, Pravda Report
Russia announces harsh response to Lithuania and EU due to Kaliningrad blockade, Pravda Report
What Would Happen If China ‘Quarantines’ Taiwan?, RAND
Japan’s NATO Outreach Bears Fruit, The Diplomat
Disappear, Now Reappear: The Effects of a Renewed US Military Presence in Somalia, The Geopolitics
A Modern-Day Frederick the Great? The End of Short, Sharp Wars, War on the Rocks
America rethinks its strategy for taking on China’s economy, Economst


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire

Our Young Men are Hurting & Hurting Others, NY Daily News
What makes “red flag” gun laws work, Axios
Looking after forests and bringing the people back – how to end the scourge of mega-fires, VoxEurop
How do Haitian police deal with gangs while lacking body armor, weapons and ammunition, War is Boring
Lebanon Junction (KY) Firefighters Quitting Over Safety, Training Concerns, FFNation
Dash Cam Catches Alleged Drunk Driver Plow into Fire Truck Working an Accident in Eldorado (WI), FFN
Stamford (CT) Firefights Lift Bus off Woman with Airbags, FFN
Conn. firefighters rescue woman hit by bus, trapped underneath, FR1
Fla. firefighter told to cut his hair or go home, FR1
Mass. firefighter recovering after firework explodes on torso during setup, FR1
How interactions between wildfire and seasonal soil moisture fluxes drive nitrogen cycling in Northern Sierra Nevada forests, International Journal of Wildfire Research
After ice cream shop bans cops in body armor, former cop hands out free treats, Police 1
Kentucky’s new mental health bill isn’t perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction, Police 1
Watch: N.J. cop climbs into burning home to rescue dog. ‘Get me in there!’, Police 1
6 years after deadly ambush, Dallas police will address officers’ mental health, Police 1
Protest policing: Building on recent lessons, Police 1
Gun applicants in N.Y. will have to hand over social accounts, Police 1
CAL FIRE to add more firefighters, engines, dozers, and helicopters, Wildfire Today
Respirator being developed for wildland firefighters, Wildfire Today
What It Feels Like to Fight a Wildfire, Outside
Members announced for Wildland Fire Commission, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Army pilots expertly land Black Hawk helicopter on knife’s edge ridge to save injured hiker, Task & Purpose
Fox Racing Sells for $540 Million, GearJunkie
Is This the Ultimate Road to Trail Shoe? Altra Timp 4 Review GearJunkie
Watch Mountain Running Veterans Navigate Trails and Family Business All at Once, GearJunkie
Will Bosi Claims Scotland’s Hardest Climb With ‘Impossible’ Move, GearJunkie
This $10 Moldable Glue Can Fix Almost Anything;, Best Outdoor Gear
Dreamy Downhills, POV Style: Flowy MTB Line in New Zealand, GearJunkie
lululemon Lunges Into Outdoor Apparel With ‘Convertible’ Hiking Kits, GearJunkie
The 10 Best Men’s Sandals & Flip Flops for 2022, Werd
A Glimpse at the Teton Bighorn Sheep & Winter Backcountry Travel Survey Results, WildSnow
Tucked Away in Remote New Zealand, a Local Fisherman Makes a Living, Outside
9 Climbers Are Dead in the Dolomites. Climate Change Is to Blame., Outside
Lost in New Zealand, Adventure Journal
The Colorado Stream Case That Could Revolutionize River Access, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 7/7/22, AAI
Merrell’s In-house Product Incubator Has Stayed Out of the Spotlight. Until Now., Outside Business
Vista Outdoor to Purchase Fox Racing for $540 million, Outside Business
This New E-comm Site Wants to Be the Go-to Retailer for Outdoorsy Moms, Outside Business
New Jebel Oujdad climb in Taghia, Morocco, by Álex González, Jaume Peiró, Planetmountain
Too Far, Too High, Patagonia
Nearly 43% of Housing Units in Park City are Short-Term Rentals, Unofficial Networks


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

GPS Accuracy Issue Impacted Garmin, Suunto, and Polar Watches Over Past Week, DC Rainmaker
This Covid-19 Rapid Test Hit Its Lowest Price Ever on Amazon, Gear Latest
Daniel Oss Breaks Neck in Crash With Fan, Retires From Tour de France, GearJunkie
Atlas Coffee Club’s Prime Day Deal Cuts the Price In Half, Gear Latest
Future Digital Personal Trainers, The Coolector
Training for the Tour de France Isn’t What It Used to Be. Here’s Why., Outside
The 2022 Sweat Science Summer Book List, Outside
WATCH: Jonny Moseley’s Legendary Dirt Mogul Training Routine, Unofficial Networks
This Inspirational Woman Has Been Surfing For 59 Years, Unofficial Networks
Actor Chris Hemsworth Shares Chest Workout Fit for a Norse God, Breaking Muscle
Two-A-Day Workouts Explained: Better Results Without Overtraining, Breaking Muscle
Daily avocados improve diet quality, help lower cholesterol levels, study finds, Science Daily
Long term high-fat diet expands waistline and shrinks brain, Science Daily
Higher protein intake while dieting leads to healthier eating, Science Daily
How to Weaponize Your Inner Monologue, Outside
When it comes to banter, men are in their element. But that is no foundation for lasting friendship, The Guardian
The 11 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on the Planet | Healthline, Healthline
Weekend Warriors May Get Same Overall Health Benefits as Regular Exercisers, Healthline
Burpees Are the Most Overrated Exercise in the Gym. Try These 3 Moves Instead., Men’s Health
Best Warmup to Do Before a Run, Men’s Journal
Stevia and Monk Fruit vs. Aspartame and Splenda,
The U.S. May Be Losing the Fight Against Monkeypox, Scientists Say, NY Times
CRISPR, 10 Years On: Learning to Rewrite the Code of Life, NY Times
The Healing Power of Strength Training, NY Times
Common injections don’t help knee osteoarthritis more than placebo, large data review finds, Stat
An Easy Way to Beat Belly Fat, T-Nation
How to Prepare for Military Service During Your Last Season of Competitive Athletics,
Should You Cut Out Caffeine Before a Race?, Triathlete
Vaccinations Cut U.S. COVID Deaths by 58%, WebMD
10 Tips for a Better AM from a Special Operations Captain and a Naval Flight Officer, Huckberry
Best Mask Study Yet Reveals No Statistical Benefit, Real Clear Markets
Can You Cure Mental Illness? Two Centuries of Trying Says No., The Atlantic


5 Questions for Neil Thompson on the Death of Moore’s Law, AEI
The Best Tie-Dye Kits, NY Times
Your Phone’s Location Access Reveals a Lot. Here’s How to Turn It Off.,NY Times
Looks Like Humans Were Able to Harness Fire 800,000 Years Ago, Adventure Journal
After a turbocharged boom, are chipmakers in for a supersized bust?, Bloomberg
With inflation still high, Prime Day is a great time to stock up on household essentials — here are the best deals, Business Insider
Politics on Twitter: One-Third of Tweets From U.S. Adults Are Political, Pew Research Center
Left Is Alarmed About Rise of Hispanic Republicans, Real Clear Politics
How Do We Fix America’s Democracy Crisis?, USA Today

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