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The M4 Sherman Might Be the Most Loved and Hated Tank Ever, 19FortyFive
Want to See a Russian General Scream? Army Drone Swarm Wolfpacks Could Be the Future, 19FortyFive
The Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank Can Kill Anything on Any Battlefield, 19FortyFive
Putin’s Nightmare: UK Says 50,000 Russians Dead or Wounded in Ukraine, 19FortyFive
Enlisting in the Air Force could land you almost $60,000 in bonus pay, AF Times
Commander of Cannon Air Force Base medical squadron relieved, AF Times
B-2 Spirits arrive in Australia for Bomber Task Force rotation, AF Times
Zelensky fires two officials after dozens of staffers’ “collaboration” with Russia, Axios
Soldier of the Year 2022 is only Army officer with two post-9/11 Silver Stars, Army Times
More than PT: How the Army is going after total fitness, Army Times
Lockheed working on expendable, advanced drones to team up with US Air Force fighters, Defense News
US Air Force weighing future of key hypersonic program after two successful tests, Defense News
US Coast Guard calls for larger icebreaker fleet to compete in the Arctic, Defense News
US Drone Strike Kills Leader of ISIS In Syria, Defense One
Learning to Win: Using Operational Innovation to Regain the Advantage at Sea against China, Hudson Institute
What the U.S. traded for that fist bump, Morning Defense
Russian Armed Forces reveal the amount of neutralised Ukrainian militants, Pravda Report
Ukrainian serviceman has only 13 days to live when on Donbass front line, Pravda Report
British mercenary Paul Urey dies in Donetsk prison, Pravda Report
Forecasting Demand for U.S. Ground Forces, RAND
Another midshipman at the Naval Academy has died, Task & Purpose
More than two dozen sailors punished for their actions during the USS Bonhomme Richard fire, Task & Purpose
Which Marine Corps boot camp is tougher? This Marine experienced both, Task & Purpose
Art of war: How a few good illustrators capture the heroism of today’s Marines, Task & Purpose
British special forces accused of killing unarmed detainees, War is Boring
CANSOF Begins Formal Fielding of SIG P320, SoldierSystems
Russia’s Ukraine offensive now relying on a private mercenary group that’s hiring convicts, UK says, CNBC


National Security / Foreign Policy

Trump, Nixon, and the glide path to US fascism, Al Jazerra
‘Iranophobia’: Day after Biden trip, Iran says US stoking tension, Al Jazerra
The Education of Pap Ndiaye, Foreign Policy
The U.S. Should Get Out of the Way in East Asia’s Nuclear Debates, Foreign Policy
South Korea Is Turbocharging Its Arms Sales Business, Foreign Policy
Germany’s Energy Rationing Fears are Becoming Real, Fortune
What the U.S. traded for that fist bump, Morning Defense
China, Climate Dominate Pacific Islands Forum Meeting, The Diplomat
Iran: The Huseyniyyun Brigade and Iran’s Latest Campaign Against Azerbaijan, The Geopolitics
Bosnia and Ukraine: two rails of the same track, VoxEurope
China taking advantage of Philippines’ neutrality, says expert, War is Boring
Can Deutschland AG cope with the Russian gas shock?, Economist
SpaceX will fly Russian cosmonauts to the ISS under new NASA deal with Russia’s space agency, Business Insider
Sri Lanka’s protests are just the beginning of global instability, Vox

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire

Acting Uvalde police chief during mass shooting placed on leave in wake of new report, Axios
A Toolkit for Avoiding Mass Shootings, RAND
2021: More than 400 Were Convicted of Terrorism Offenses in EU Countries, Homeland Security Newswire
Apopka (FL) Firefighter Dies from Injuries in Sand Trailer Accident at Firehouse, FF Nation
Spy Cam Found in Easthampton (MA) Firehouse Women’s Locker Room; Firefighter Charged, FF Nation
Philadelphia Fire has 700+ open positions amid COVID-19 vaccine mandate, FR1
‘It was go time’: Off-duty Salt Lake City FF-EMT rescues driver from fiery crash, FR1
Professional wildfire mitigation competency: a potential policy gap, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Modelling initial attack success on forest fires suppressed by air attack in the province of Ontario, Canada, International Journal of Wildand Fire
4 killed after N.M. sheriff’s helicopter crashes, Police 1
Uvalde report: 400 officers but ‘egregiously poor’ decisions, Police 1
Georgia school system to let some non-officers carry guns, Police 1
Akron cops remove name tags after receiving threats over fatal OIS, Police 1
Report: LE LODDs down in 2022, but largely due to COVID death decrease, Police 1
Hot dry weather leads to numerous wildfires in Europe, Wildfire Today
Nohomin Creek Fire near Lytton, BC prompts evacuations, Wildfire Today
The Pursuit of ‘Social Justice’ Is Getting People Killed, Manhattan Institute
The Shame of the Secret Service, The Atlantic

Mountain / Outside

How Dangerous Are Flash Floods? Find Out in POV Footage From Capitol Reef NP, GearJunkie
Sky, Sand, Sun, and Lots of Air: Wingsuit Flying Over Namibia, GearJunkie
A Case for Grading the World’s Hardest New Sport Climb, GearJunkie
Learn How to Jump a Mountain Bike in 7 Minutes, GearJunkie
The New Spirit of Fly Fishing: Explore the Trout Highway, Outside
The Xbus Is Cute as a Button, Tough as Nails, and Electric, Adventure Journal
No Cooking No Problem For These Nut Butter Morning Oats, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 7/14/22, AAI
Elk Feedgrounds Drafting Plan, Eastman’s
The Covid Boom Is Fading, but REI Has Found a New Way To Attract Fresh Customers, Outside Business
Cool new Kolosseum multipitch on Hohe Munde in Austria by Egon Egger, Benjamin Zörer, Planet Mountain
Will Bosi vs. Adam Ondra’s first 9a first ascent, Planet Mountain
Inside Griffin Post, Jeremy Jones and Elena Hight’s Alaskan First Descent, TGR
VIDEO: Dane Jackson’s Winning Run @ Freestyle Kayak World Championship, UN
E-Bike Buying Made E-Z, REI
Simple Trick For Picking Up Heavy Hiking Backpacks, UN
Vitaliy Musiyenko on Conquering Goliath Traverse in 8 Days, Men’s Journal



Health / Fitness / Nutrition

The Surprising Case for Marrying Young, Deseret News
The Ultimate Guide to Uphill Trail Running, Outside
Here’s What it Feels Like to Run 100 Miles at the Western States, Adventure Journal
Powerlifter Bonica Brown (+84KG) Breaks IPF Equipped Squat World Record at 2022 World Games, Breaking Muscle
The Science Behind Deload Weeks Explained, Breaking Muscle
The Best Sled Workouts for Muscle, Strength, Fat Loss, and Recovery, Breaking Muscle
How to Run an 8-Minute Mile Pace, Breaking Muscle
People with low BMI aren’t more active, they are just less hungry and ‘run hotter’, Science Daily
 High Performance in the Heat, Endurance Nation
Exercise-induced central fatigue — low oxygen supply clouds judgment, Science Daily
Are Muscle Oxygen Sensors the Next Great Fitness Wearable?, Outside
Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner’s Guide | Healthline, Healthline
Performance Differences Between the Arched and Flat Bench Press in Beginner and Experienced Paralympic Powerlifters, JSCR
Effect of Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on Resistance Exercise Performance, JSCR
Effects of 5-Week Foam Rolling Intervention on Range of Motion and Muscle Stiffness, JSCR
Dr. Stuart McGill’s Best Advice to Beat Your Back Pain, Men’s Health
Why It’s Okay to Quit—Just Never Give Up, Men’s Journal
Learn the 3 Stages of a Toxic Relationship, Psychology Today
3 Empowering Words to Break Free From a Toxic Relationship, Psychology Today
Moderate drinking linked to brain changes and cognitive decline, Science Daily
Regular Cannabis Use Impairs Performance in Female Athletes, Newswire
How to Wake Up Smiling: 5 Daily Habits That Made Me a More Positive Person Tiny Buddha
What Is a Recovery Run?, Training Peaks
Ask A Gear Guru: Should I Buy Supershoes?, Triathlete
Why Do Men Often Die Before Women?, WebMD
I wanted to know how to increase my life expectancy. Do I really have to avoid everything? | Annie Macmanus, The Guardian
Hard Seltzer Has Gone Flat, The Atlantic


With the James Webb Space Telescope, America Shows It Can Still Do Big Things When It Wants To, AEI
The Best Underseat Luggage and Personal-Item Bags, WireCutter
My Friends Were Terrible Guests. Why Won’t They Apologize?, NY Times
The Big Myth of Data, Psychology Today
Even Chris Pratt Doesn’t Wanna Play Indiana Jones, Gizmodo
11 Times Selfies Turned Tragic, Gizmodo
Welcome to the Full-Employment Recession, Manhattan Institute
The Lucid Air Grand Touring Makes the Tesla Model S Feel Kinda Pointless, Jalopnik
Costco’s inflation-proof $4.99 rotisserie chicken, explained, Vox
Why the Arctic Is Warming 4 Times as Fast as the Rest of Earth, Wired

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