Arete 6.9.22


Soldiers in Hawaii accused of blow-darting cats, Army Times
Time is now to reconsider autonomous weapons rules, Horowitz says, Army Times
The first 100 days of war in Ukraine could be just the beginning, Axios
Putin warns of hitting ‘new targets’ if Kyiv gets new missiles, Al Jazeerra
Weapons to Ukraine: Which countries sent what?, Al Jazeera
Ukraine slams Macron’s remarks not to ‘humiliate’ Russia, Al Jazeera
Russia vs Ukraine: The fog of propaganda and disinformation, Al Jazeera
Troops leave scathing Yelp reviews for military dining facilities, Army Times
Special operations forces need AI that can explain its decisions, says military data chief,Defense News
Palantir’s Karp is first western CEO to visit Zelenskyy amid invasion, Defense News
Three More Nations Join Ukraine Planning Cell Run By Army Special Forces, Defense One
What the West Has Given Is Not Enough to Win, Ukraine Says, Defense One
U.S. reinserts troops in Somalia after long-awaited elections are completed, Long War Journal
Biggest military pay raise in 20 years may be boosted even more because of inflation worries, Military Times
Navy relieves Naval Justice School leadership, Navy Times
President Putin sacks five generals and one police colonel, Pravda Report
Medvedev: Moscow will destroy Kyiv should Ukraine use US MLRS against Russia, Pravda Report
Russian Nartional Guard officer killed in battle with British mercenary, Pravda Report
Navy F-18 pilot, special operator killed in separate incidents in California [Updated],Task & Purpose
How Russia’s war with Ukraine has changed the face of military reconnaissance, Task & Purpose
The World Has Not Learnt the Lessons of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, The Diplomat
Taiwan reports largest air incursion by China’s air force, scrambles jets to warn off 30 aircraft, War is Boring
Not Built for Purpose: The Russian Military’s Ill-Fated Force Design, War on the Rocks
Who Is to Blame for the Collapse of Afghanistan’s Security Forces?, War on the Rocks
Your Tactical Update on Ukraine, Sandboxx News
Ukraine claims to have destroyed nearly an entire Russian army in Izyum, Business Insider

National Security / Foreign Policy

‘Evil and wicked’: Dozens killed in Nigeria church attack, Al Jazerra
Japan’s converted aircraft carrier to undertake Indo-Pacific deployment, Defense News
Australia says a Chinese fighter jet intercepted its plane in May, Al Jazerra
Boeing wins bid for Germany’s multibillion-dollar helo program, Defense News
Major Baltic Sea exercise kicks off as Swedish, Finnish NATO bids wait on Turkey, Defense News
China’s Rising Ambitions in the South Pacific, Foreign Policy
Finnish President: Putin Took NATO Application News ‘Very, Very Calmly’, Foreign Policy
Pakistan Reaps What It Sowed, Hudson Inst.
Chinese Su-35s fly into Taiwan’s ADIZ for first time on record, Janes
Poland requests more air-defence and artillery systems from US, Janes
Putin’s ‘Russification’ of Ukraine, Morning Defense
The U.S. is bombing al-Shabaab in Somalia, again Task & Purpose
The Secrets of China’s Economic Statecraft in Africa, The Diplomat
The Return of ‘Don’t Poke the Bear’, RAND
Ukraine’s Best Chance for Peace, RAND
France Is Talking to UAE About Replacing Russian Oil, Diesel, Bloomberg
The Putin Show, Economist

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

At least 54 injured, 11 killed in 7 separate mass shootings this weekend, Axios
The Case for a Federal Red Flag Law, The Spectator
N.C. FIREFIGHTER, 32, LODD-In Quarters, 3 FDNY LODD, Firefighter Close Calls
Kirkwood (MO) Firefighters Rescue Seven Stuck on Carnival Ride, Firefighter Nation
New videos show man throwing Molotov cocktails at cops outside station, Police 1
Wash. state LE say more drivers are fleeing cops amid new laws, Police 1
SHOTBud Timer App Review: A Solid Backup to a Shot Timer, Tactical Gun Life
These States Have the Highest Rates of Gun Violence and Deaths, Healthline
After Marijuana Legalization Did Opioid Overdoses Go Up, Stay the Same, or Go Down?,
Fixing Drinking Problems: Evidence and Strategies for Alcohol Control as Crime Control, Manhattan Inst.
The Uvalde Police Chose Dishonor, The Atlantic
A study gave cash and therapy to men at risk of criminal behavior. 10 years later, the results are in.,Vox

Mountain / Outside

The Best Campers and Trailers of 2022, Outside
When Do I Need New Trail-Running Shoes? Outside
‘Valley of Giants’ Anthologizes Legendary Female Climbers of Yosemite, Gear Junkie
Jonathan Siegrist Climbs ‘Event Horizon’ 5.15b, Seemingly Getting Stronger With Age, Gear Junkie
Guides Play a ‘Poker Game’ Against British Columbia Gov’t Over Grizzly Hunting Ban, GearJunkie
Lightweight Boot Review: Ariat’s Iconic Performance Footwear Evolution, GearJunkie
A Shoulder Season Ski Traverse: Three People, Three Sleep Systems, BC Ski Touring Blog
Knowing When to Turn Back, Adventure Journal
The BLM Wants to Unlock Access to Public Lands Surrounded by Private Land, Adventure Journal
VW Bought Rights to ‘Scout’ Name, Is Reviving Brand With Electric Off-Roader, Adventure Journal
A Look at the Past, Present, and Future of Outdoor Industry Tradeshows, Outside Business
Sea to Summit Acquired by Australian Private Equity Firm, Outside Business
Tips and Tricks for Visiting a National Park Without a Reservation, Outside
Watch Climbing With a Legend / Jerry Moffatt on Training and Climbing Performance, Planet Mountain
Did Chinese Climbers Find Mallory and Irvine’s Camera on Everest?, Adventure Blog
The Half Lake, Patagonia
Destination De Hoop: Whale Watching on the Southern Tip of South Africa, Outdoor Journal
This 73-Year-Old Biker Gives Us All Hope, Unofficial Networks
Should You Really Train For Rock Climbing, Or Just Go Climb? – Climbing, Climbing Mag
Fire, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Traditional Triumph or Trad Triumph, Western Hunter

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Road Cycling Is Ripe for Reinvention, Outside
Check out Derek Lunsford’s ‘Full Day of Eating’ Ahead of the 2022 Mr. Olympia, Breaking Muscle
Antibiotics wreak havoc on athletic performance, Science Daily
How to make big decisions more easily, The Guardian
Drinking Coffee (Even with Sugar) May Increase Your Lifespan, Heathline
Why Teams Sports May Be Better for Your Child’s Mental Health Than an Individual Sport, Heathline
Greater Fitness Is Associated With Improved Functional Movement Characteristics in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians, JSCR
Predicting Changes in Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Response to Polarized Training (Sprint Interval Training, High-Intensity Interval Training, and Endurance Training) in Mountain Bike Cyclists, JSCR
Muscle Cramping in the Marathon: Dehydration and Electrolyte Depletion vs. Muscle Damage, JSCR
This Low-Impact Back Flow Will Help You Loosen Up, Men’s Health
Small Study on Rectal Cancer Results in Remission in Every Patient, NY Times
21 Americans Infected With Monkeypox, C.D.C. Reports, NY Times
Coffee consumption link to reduced risk of acute kidney injury, study finds, Science Daily
The 3 Worst Conditioning Workouts, T-Nation
The 10,000 Swing Kettlebell Workout, T-Nation
Carnivore Diet: Benefits and Possible Drawbacks, T-Nation
Does Coffee Help You Live Longer? It’s Complicated, Gizmodo
Fatherless sons have more testosterone, Economist


Reality clobbers Elon Musk, Axios
Drugs, danger, and discrimination: Portland’s strippers describe precarious workplaces despite organizing for better conditions, Business Insider
Jobs boom loses heat, Axios
Amazon Watches Its Workers and Waits for Them to Fail, Gear Latest
What the data says about abortion in the U.S., Pew Research Center
Why the oil price is spiking again, Economist
What America’s next recession will look like, Economist
Even China’s official economic figures look bleak, The Economist
How EVs Are Better For The Environment, By the Numbers, Jalopnik
Ford CEO Wants to Abolish the Dealership Experience as We Know It, Jalopnik
China Is 3D Printing a Massive 180-Metre-Tall Dam … And Constructing It With Without Humans, Popular Mechanics
Mathematicians Transcend a Geometric Theory of Motion, Wired
Your Tim Hortons Coffee App Knew Where You Were at All Times, Wired
Smaller Reactors May Still Have a Big Nuclear Waste Problem, Wired

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