Arete 6.17.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy


Ahead of Antony Blinken visit, China urges US to avoid ‘illusion’ of strength, South China Morning Post
China grapples with dementia care as country rapidly ages, SCMP
China’s top naval scientist proposes a Star Wars-style ‘supership’ to convert nuclear energy to kinetic force weapons, SCMP
Why is US Secretary of State Antony Blinken going to China?, Al Jazerra
U.S. Critical Infrastructure May Not Be Resilient Enough to Fend Off, Survive Chinese Cyberattacks: CISA Director, HSN
The Microchip Industry Would Implode if China Invaded Taiwan, and It Would Affect Everyone, HSN

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Va. county opens wellness center for first responders, Police1
7 habits of successful firefighters: A humorist’s view, FR1
Watch: Officer stops child from getting hit by car outside N.J. school, Police1
Man charged after shooting his own leg while dreaming about intruder, Ill. deputies say, Police1
Watch Birmingham (AL) Firefighters Rescue Woman Who Drove Off Cliff in Bluff Park, FireFighterNation
Crowd Control Expert: Barricades Mismanaged in Denver Nuggets Parade Fire Truck Accident, FireFighterNation
Fla. deputy didn’t follow extensive training during Parkland school massacre, supervisor testifies, Police1
7 Kansas City FFs injured during rapidly growing, multi-alarm fire, FR1
Report: San Jose (CA) Fire Department Captain Demoted After Pink Poodle Incident, FireEngineering
What Happened to ‘Defund the Police’ Efforts in Minneapolis and Other Cities?, NY Times
Police Say Ohio Father Lined Up His 3 Young Sons In Backyard And Executed Them, Police Tribune
Militia Members Indicted for Conspiracy to Murder Border Patrol Officers, Illegal Immigrants, HSN
Las Vegas police foil mass shooting threat hours before Stanley Cup final, Police1

Mountain / Outside

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Study Compares Gas Stove Fumes to Secondhand Cigarette Smoke, NY Times
Is coffee bad for teeth? Dentists explain how you can keep your pearly whites healthy, The Manual
How to Treat a Bad Sunburn, NY Times
Video games spark exciting new frontier in neuroscience, Science Daily
State and Local Policy Is Changing for Psychedelics. What Will the Feds Do? RAND
These Are the Top 10 U.S. Gym Chains According to Members, Men’s Journal
Testosterone supplementation not linked to heart attacks in study, reversing earlier finding, STAT
‘Smart’ drugs can decrease productivity in people who don’t have ADHD, study finds, WebMD
Can Women Outperform Men in Sports? That’s the Wrong Question to Ask., Triathlete
The latest weapon against cancer is … a keto diet?, Science Daily
The Science of Recovery: See the Benefits of Compression Garments, Men’s Health
The Science of Sugars in Endurance Sports, Training Peaks
See Exactly Why You Can’t Stop Stress Eating, Men’s Health
Hoka Sale June 2023: Save up to 20% Top-Rated Running Shoes, Men’s Health
Fatherhood and the Art of Wellness, Huckberry


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