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Genetic study confirms sarin nerve gas as cause of Gulf War illness, Science Daily
Harrowing Footage Of Sailboat Rescue Proves How Badass The US Coast Guard Is, Unofficial Networks
SSD Exclusive! 5 Questions on Next Generation Squad Weapons with SIG CEO Ron Cohen, Soldier Systems
Why Marines love short shorts, Air Force Times
Air Force punishes Hurricane Hunters for stop to get motorcycle, Air Force Times
Airmen take KC-46 tanker on record-setting ride in the name of sleep and fatigue science, Air Force Times
Army identifies soldier who died after Alaska bear attack, Army Times
Here’s what US Army leaders are learning from the Russia-Ukraine war, Army Times
Senate confirms new Coast Guard commandant — the first uniformed woman to lead a service, Defense News
New commando force leads Britain’s military in Arctic operations, Defense News
Ukraine war has the Marine Corps revamping IED training, Defense News
IDF testing Edge of Tomorrow technologies to empower infantry, Janes
France seeks mini attack drones, Janes
This unsettling Army recruitment video is a master class in psychological warfare, Small Wars Journal
What it takes to earn the title ‘Best Ranger,’ according to the first officer to ever do so, Task & Purpose
Air Force special operator awarded Silver Star for saving 4 comrades under fire in 2017 raid, Task & Purpose
Russian troops are proving that cell phones in war zones are a very bad idea, Task & Purpose
Russian soldiers accused of shooting unarmed civilians in back, Small Wars Journal
Russian soldier taken out by a small drone in Ukraine in alleged footage, Small Wars Journal
The U.S. Military Might Be More Like Russia’s Military Than You Think, War on the Rocks
Counter-Attacks and Can-Kicking in the Russo-Ukrainian War, War on the Rocks
The Pentagon’s Nuclear Thermal Rocket Is Getting Serious, Popular Mechanics

National Security / Foreign Policy

Russia neighbor Finland confirms it will apply for NATO membership, Axios
Stop Making a Big Deal of NATO’s Next Members, Defense One
What’s the Endgame in Ukraine?, Foreign Policy
Could Sabotage Stop Putin From Using the Nuclear Option?, Foreign Policy
Ukraine will never recognise Crimea and Donbass as Russia – Zelensky, Pravda Report
Another Cuban Missile Crisis?, Hudson Institute
Geostrategic Consequences of Russia’s War Against Ukraine, RAND
China and Uzbekistan: An Emerging Development Partnership?, The Diplomat

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

First Look: Walkaround Tour of LAFD’s New Electric Fire Truck, Apparatus in Service Saturday, FireFighter Nation
Blomkest (MN) Firefighter Killed in Grain Bin Collapse, 45-Year Veteran was Former Chief, FireFighter Nation
Washington (DC) Avoided Firing Any Firefighters for COVID Policy Infractions, FireFighter Nation
20-Plus Southern California Multi-Million Dollar Homes Destroyed by Fire, FireFighter Nation
Re-examining the assumption of dominant regional wind and fire spread directions, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Texas deputy dies after clipping parked 18-wheeler, Police One
Ky. PD reverses course, reinstates strict pursuit policy, Police One
New video shows hotel gun battle that ended in 3 cops shot, Police One
Wash. deputies to get $10K retention bonus, staving off unprecedented exodus, Police One
Ga. deputy killed while directing traffic on highway, Police One
Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire exceeds a quarter million acres, Wildfire Today
Dozens of lawmakers sign letter supporting an increase in pay for federal firefighters, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Six Days Stranded in the Snow on Mount Hood, Outside
Lhakpa Sherpa Summits Everest for the Tenth Time, Outside
Defying the Odds and Crushing LifeAdventure Journal
Rematriating Our Lives: Indigeneity and What it Means to Climb, Alpinist
Are Donkeys Good Or Bad — Where You Hunt?,
Is It Time for Outdoor Businesses To Dump Facebook?, Outside
Want to Work in Antarctica? We Have the Dream Job for You!, Adventure Blog
, Patagonia
U.S. Total Skier Visits Hits New Record For 2021-2022 Season (61 Million), Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Terrifying South Dakota Dust Storm Leads to Blackout Conditions, Unofficial Networks
U.S. Ski Team Doctor First To Perform “Game Changer” ACL Surgery In America, Unofficial Networks
Breckenridge Ending Season Two Weeks Earlier Than Planned, Unofficial Networks
Race Types: Adventure Race Formats Explained, GearJunkie
Electric Snowmobile Revolution: Taiga Nomad Review, GearJunkie
American Alpine Club Dishes Out Cash for First Ascents, GearJunkie

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Powerlifter Shahram Saki Squats 510 Kilograms, More Than the Raw W/Wraps All-Time World Record, in Training, Breaking Muscle
Strongman Kim Ujarak Crushes Staggeringly Heavy Deadlift Ladder Before World’s Strongest Man Debut, Breaking Muscle
71-Year-Old Powerlifter Shelly Stettner Squats 235 Pounds for a 3×3 PR, Breaking Muscle
Why You Should Be Greasing the Groove During Your Workouts, Breaking Muscle
How Strava Fame Became a Burden for Molly Seidel, Outside
The Science Says a Sub-Seven-Hour Ironman Is (Sort of) Possible, Outside
Go with your gut: scientist Tim Spector on why food is not just fuel, The Guardian
Coffee bad, red wine good? Top food myths busted, The Guardian
Meal of a lifetime: what to eat at every age, The Guardian
How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day | Healthline, Healthline
Here’s Just How Often Most People Are Having Sex Right Now, Men’s Health
Bodybuilding Coach Explains Why Working Out To Lose Fat Won’t Necessarily Result in You Losing More Fat, Men’s Health
Here’s How a Month of Weighted Jump Rope Workouts Transformed This Guy’s Body, Men’s Health
Five Tips for Creating a Home Gym, Men’s Fitness
The Public Health Concerns of Weed Legalization, Nutrition
Overdose Deaths Continue Rising, With Fentanyl and Meth Key Culprits, NY Times
Mentally Healthy, Resilient People Do These Things, Psychology Today
Weekend Archives: Who’s Stronger? Absolute Strength versus Relative Strength – Shaun Pang, Starting Strength
Why Your Toes Should be Turned Out in the Squat – Phil Meggers, Starting Strength
In radical claim, study suggests inflammation wards off chronic pain instead of causing it, STAT
Make Your Ab Workout 46 Percent More Effective, T-Nation
Data Dive: Finishing Times, DNF Rates, and More Stats from the Ironman World Championship, St. George, Triathlete
How Public Health Failed America The Atlantic


What’s Holding Up the Autonomous Vehicle Takeover?, AEI
The Generation That Hates George Washington, Real Clear Policy
Euro Is Sliding Toward Dollar Parity for First Time in 20 Years, Bloomberg
Terra Hasn’t Killed Crypto, But It Was a Narrow Escape, Bloomberg
I compared grocery prices at Costco and Dollar General, and was surprised by how few items were cheaper at the discount store, Business Insider
A severe pilot shortage in the U.S. leaves airlines scrambling for solutions, CNBC
Airline ticket prices are up 25%, outpacing inflation — here are the ways you can still save, CNBC
SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet is now available to order in 32 countries, Engadget
Cummins Pivots From Diesel to a 15-Liter Hydrogen Engine of the Future, Jalopnik

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