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Arctic Angels? The 11th Airborne Division may replace Army Alaska, Army Times
Graphic novel brings to life the story of a Korean War hero, Army Times
In new directive, US Army reins in Army Futures Command, Army Times
Marines’ Force Design 2030 update refocuses on reconnaissance, Defense News
Marine Infantry Battalion Experiment Needs More Time, General Says, Defense One
NCOs: America Has Them, China Wants Them, Russia is Struggling Without Them, Defense One
What Have US Special Operators Learned from the Ukraine War?, Defense One
Russia’s Failures Point to Danger for the US in a Conflict With China, Hudson Inst.
Ukraine conflict reveals parallels to new Marine Corps war-fighting vision, MC Times
Russia can destroy NATO within 30 minutes – Dmitry Rogozin, Pravda Report
Forcing Design or Designing Force? The Reinvention of the Marine Corps, Small Wars Journal
British Brimstone missile ends up in Russian hands, Pravda Report
Commandant walks back possibility of Marines skipping boot camp, Task & Purpose
Why the Army cut back on incoherent screaming by drill sergeants on day 1 of basic training, Task & Purpose
The Air Force has a Star Wars-inspired ‘Rogue Squadron’ flying over East Africa, Task & Purpose
Why the Marine Corps fired the commander and sergeant major of a Hawaii infantry battalion, Task & Purpose
‘I want the rain. I want it to be nasty’ — How the world’s deadliest snipers compete, Task & Purpose
The Marine Corps is headed for a pilot exodus, Task & Purpose
Too Fragile to Fight: Could the U.S. Military Withstand a War of Attrition?, War on the Rocks
A View From the Trenches on the Debate Wracking the Marine Corps, War on the Rocks
Next Generation Squad Weapon Winner: Army Picks SIG SAUER, Tactical Gun Life
A Missile Attack Sunk Russia’s Prized Moskva. Does That Mean Surface Warships Are Obsolete?, Popular Mechanics

National Security / Foreign Policy

NATO’s philosophers, Al Jazerra
What’s behind Sinn Fein’s victory in Northern Ireland?, Al Jazerra
US sanctions ISIL (ISIS) financial network, Al Jazerra
Putin’s Victory Day speech far from triumphant: Analysts, Al Jazerra
After Ukraine invasion, is U.S. deterrence strategy already outdated?, Defense News
China Likely to Use ‘Nuclear Coercion’ in Bid to Take Taiwan by 2027, STRATCOM Chief Says, Defense One
Hiring for the Foreign Service Is Getting an Overhaul, Defense One
While America Slept, China Became Indispensable, Foreign Policy
Sikorsky eyes Eastern Europe for Black Hawk sales amid Russia’s war in Ukraine, Janes
Shabaab says it killed scores of Burundian troops in Somalia, Long War Journal
Putin does not announce full troop mobilisation during parade speech, Pravda Report
How China Supplies Russia’s Military, The Diplomat
Protesters attack Russian ambassador with paint in Poland, War is Boring
German Air Force prepares to evacuate injured Ukrainians by flight to Germany for the first time, War is Boring
What Would Finland Bring to the Table for NATO?, War on the Rocks
The Psychology of Stickiness: What America Can Learn From Its Annexation of the Philippines in 1898
Russia’s economy is back on its feet, Economist
Finland Steps Closer To NATO: Defense Committee Calls It Best Option For Security, Forbes

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

New Mexico wildfire still raging, more residents may need to flee, Al Jazerra
The Backlash to DHS’s Anti-Disinformation Board Shows How US Law Is Falling Behind the Problem, Defense One
Newly discovered cyber-espionage group spies for money using state-actor methods,
How Our Bushfire-Proof House Design Could Help People Flee Rather Than Risk Fighting the Flames, Homeland Security Newswire
How to Avoid Extremism on Social Media, RAND
FDNY Imposter in Abortion Protest Video Goes Viral, Firefighter Nation
Balko (OK) Firefighter Dies From Burns Suffered in April Tanker Rollover, Firefighter Nation
Red Bluff (CA) Firefighter, 26, Dies Preparing Prescribed Burn, Firefighter Nation
Arsonists Torch Pro-Life Family Action Center in Madison (WI), Firefighter Nation
Four Children Killed in Monroe County (WI) House Fire, Firefighter Nation
Prank or Threat? Denver (CO) Firefighter Suspended for Stuffed Rat, Firefighter Nation
Cliques don’t end in high school: When ‘outsider’ firefighters are shunned, FR1
‘Unrelenting’ fire seasons put mental strain on Calif. firefighters, EMS, FR1
Fugitive inmate captured after manhunt, correctional officer dead, Police 1
Report ranks best and worst states to be a police officer, Police 1
N.J. police chiefs want cops banned from using weed off duty, Police 1
Analysis finds that federal wildland firefighters can’t afford to live in most Western counties, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

How to Break Into the Adventure Racing World, Gearjunkie
Mountaineers Complete Ski Tour, BASE and Wingsuit Jumps in Arctic Circle, Gearjunkie
New Charges Filed Against Infamous Corner-Crossers, Gearjunkie
Revealed: Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Was Hidden in This National Park, Outside
Antisemitic Statements by a Climbing Pioneer Prompt the American Alpine Club to Rename a Prestigious Honor, Outside
In Pursuit of the Elusive Picket Range, Outside
The Used Gear Marketplace Is Betting You Don’t Want to Buy New Stuff, Adventure Journal
America’s Two Best Bikepacking Routes Just Got Better, Adventure Journal
Talking Risk: How to Better Understand and Communicate About Uncertainty, BC Magazine
Wyoming Couple Guilty Of Deer Baiting, Eastmans
WHO WE ARE, Arcteryx
Our Little Place in the World, Patagonia
VIDEO: 300-Foot-Wide Landslide Overtakes Alaskan Road, Unofficial Networks
Is poaching worth it? The saga continues…, Eastmans
 Big Curl, Western Hunter
Bull Shark Charges Spear Fisherman, Who Must Act in Self-Defense, Wide Open Outdoors

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Fueling For Ski Touring, Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
In Minimalist Attire, A new FKT on Mt. Hood., Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
Fecal transplants reverse hallmarks of aging, Science Daily
Untangling Running’s Shoe Cushioning Paradox, Outside
Watch This Strongman Take on a Mile-Long Sled Workout, Men’s Health
Why It’s So Hard for Most Joggers to Burn a Lot of Calories, Psychology today
Entitlement Is the Crux of Narcissistic Behavio, Psychology Today
Training pilots like athletes leads to more success in the cockpit, US AF
What Makes Good CrossFit Programming?, The Barbell Phsysio
Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely: How to Be Happy by Yourself , Tiny Buddha
The Enduring Pain of Losing Someone You Love to Suicide, Tiny Buddha
Olympic Gold Medalist Kristian Blummenfelt Wins His First Ironman World Title, Triathlete
Mosquitoes Genetically Modified to Stop Disease Pass Early Test, WebMD
People Are Dating All Wrong, According to Data Science, Wired


‘The Founder’: Hollywood Surprisingly Does a Decent Job Showing the Rise of McDonald’s, AEI
Good News, Bad News on US Productivity Growth, AEI
The Chances of a Recession Might Be Worse than You Think — Or at Least Worse than Wall Street Thinks, AEI
Nothing Beautiful Survives the Culture War, The Atlantic
The ‘Halo’ series does what no one expected: It captures the true cost of war, Task & Purpose
Which housing markets are most exposed to the coming interest-rate storm?, Economist
Peloton Shares Plunge As CEO Warns Fitness Company Is ‘Thinly Capitalized’, Forbes
Gas and Diesel Prices Are Higher Than Ever Before, Gizmodo
The Most Fuel Efficient Jeep Grand Wagoneer Gets 15 MPG City, Jalopnic
: ‘The pandemic boom in home sales is over’: Mortgage rates soar to highest level since 2009 as the Fed pressures the housing market, Marketwatch

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