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Don’t Let Retired Generals Drag America Into the Ukraine War, 1945
Invasion anniversary: Does Putin still have a pathway to victory in Ukraine?, Atlantic Council
Ukrainian Pilots Could Toss Their New GPS-Guided Bombs 50 Miles Behind Russian Lines, Forbes
Elite Russian Forces Said To Suffer Losses in Ukraine, Voice of America
Zelensky Fires Top Ukrainian Military Commander, Reuters
Protest in Berlin Over Arming Ukraine Against Russia Draws Thousands, Reuters
All Wars Eventually End – Here Are 3 Situations That Will Lead Russia and Ukraine to Make Peace, HSN
Consequences of the War in Ukraine: Escalation, RAND
German Leopard tanks spotted near Bakhmut, Pravda Report
Russian Troops Keep Rolling Into The Same Kill Zone Outside Vuhledar, Forbes
Snipers kill seven Russians during battle for Bakhmut, War is Boring
Why Did So Many Get the Ukraine Invasion Predictions So Wrong?, HSN
New Footage Shows Russia’s Su-25 ‘Flying Tank’ Destroyed in Ukraine, 1945
Winning the Air Battle for Taiwan: Lessons from Ukraine’s Drone Operations, War on the Rocks


If Taiwan Falls, What Happens to America?, 1945
The CIA’s Cold War in China, War is Boring

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Rampaging Israeli settlers burn Palestinian homes, cars in Nablus, All Jazerra
South Africa army defends naval drills with Russia, Defense Talk News
The United States Has Never Recovered From the Falklands War, Foreign Policy
Russia covertly mapping key energy infrastructure for sabotage, Dutch report warns,
Australia to deport Kazakh-born Irish woman for allegedly spying for Russia, Intelnews.orgIranian Warships Finally Dock in Rio de Janeiro After U.S. Issues Sanction Threat, USNI
Why Afghanistan’s security forces collapsed, according to a scathing new US government watchdog report, Task & Purpose

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Crash Course: Warrior Cops vs. Responsible Policing, Bloomberg Opinion
Buffalo (NY) Firefighter Killed in Fire/Explosion in Downtown Building, FFN
‘It’s a blessing’: 24-year-old takes helm as N.C. police chief, Police1
Montana trooper run over by suspect and placed on life support has phenomenal recovery, Police1
Probe of Sex in Parking Garage Charge Preceded Naples (FL) Fire Chief’s Resignation, FFN
Body Cam Video Captures NJ House Explosion with Six Firefighters Inside, FFN
30 Years Later, Waco Siege Still Resonates – Especially Among Anti-Government Extremists, HSN
U.S.-Mexico Border Encounters Decline After Increased Migrant Expulsions, HSN
VIDEO: Student Viciously Attacks Teacher’s Aide For Taking Away Video Game In Class, Police Tribune
Drug Exposure Kills Two, Overcomes Firefighter and First Responders in Syracuse (NY) Apartment Tower, FFN
BREAKING: 3 Kansas City SWAT Officers Shot, Triggering Ongoing Standoff, Police Tribune
Demoted FDNY Chiefs File Blistering Lawsuit against Fire Commissioner, Fire Law Blog
Violent Extremists Are Not Lone Wolves – Dispelling This Myth Could Help Reduce Violence, HSN

Mountain / Outside

Why Did Eddie Bauer Lay Off Its Whole Team of Professional Athletes? It’s Complicated., Outside
Two Rules to Break: No Strangers and No Guides, BC Ski Tour Blog
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 2/23/2023, AAI
Just Do Work, Climb Strong
New Sends We Cared About: A WI 6+ Free Solo FA (and more), Climbing
Gyms and Trends 2022, Climbing Business
Attacked by a Coyote, Eastmans
[Q&A] Catching up with Laurent De Martin – The Swiss freerider is breaking ground on the new challenge of starting a ski company, Freeskier
Rare Winter Ascent of North America’s Highest Mountain, Gripped
Size 4 Avalanche Down a Canadian Ice Climb!, Gripped
Muley Freak’s Erik Van Woerkom Charged With Felony Possession of Trophy Mule Deer , GearJunkie
I’m a Local. Should I Have to Pay the “Resort Tax”?, Outside
Jost Kobusch climbs Denali’s Messner Couloir solo and in winter, Planet Mountain
Ski Mountaineering World Cup: Ana Alonso Rodriguez – Oriol Cardona Coll win Mixed Relay in Val Martello, Planet Mountain
Review: HBO’s The Climb Falls Short, WeighMyRack
Abaco Colors, Abaco Light, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Study: Neanderthals Displayed Trophy Antlers, Too, Meateater
Ice Angler Gets Spooled By Large Lake Trout and Lands the Fish Anyway, Wide Open Spaces
The Motorola Defy Device Brings Off-grid Satellite Texting to Most Smartphones, WERD
Myths, Busted: Debunking the 58 Biggest Falsehoods in Hiking, Outside
Five Tips for Expanding Your Comfort Zone, Climbing
One Great Way to Ruin Your Climbing Career? Get Addicted to Exercise, Climbing
No Non-resident Shed Hunters In Wyoming!, Eastmans’
Why Skiing Doesn’t Have A Musical Genre Like Surfing, UN
Skiing the Steepest Lines in the Lyngen Alps – The White Giant, TGR
Brand Drops Pro Climbers for Community Leaders, Gripped
Should I Take a Two-Week River Trip with a Guy I Don’t Want to Sleep With?, Outside
Opinion: Most Skiers Are On Skis Too Wide For Them, UN
Ultrarunner Adam Peterman’s Career: From Steeplechase to Western States, Gear Junkie

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

I Cold-Plunged Every Day for a Month—Here’s What I Learned, Outside
How the “Norwegian Method” Is Changing Endurance Training, Outside
Mitchell Hooper Leg Presses 1,700 Pounds For 8 Reps Ahead of the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic, Breaking Muscle
F1 Driver Training Is Harder Than It Looks, Red Bull
Jessica Buettner (84KG) Breaks Two Canadian Records at 2023 CPU Nationals, Breaking Muscle
Split Squat vs. Lunge: Upgrade Your Single-Leg Training, Breaking Muscle
Significant findings related to obesity, Science Daily
Fueling Like a Machine, Endurance Nation
Exercise more effective than medicines to manage mental health, Science Daily
How to Achieve Your Running Goals? Become an Aerobic Monster., Outside
The Next Big Performance-Booster Is Already in Your Kitchen, Outside
The Best Shoes for Weightlifting and Strength Training, According to Fitness Experts, Men’s Health
Here’s How Drinking Water Can Help You Burn 490 More Calories, Men’s Health
Manning Sumner Explains How Accountability Leads to Consistency, Muscle & Fitness
The Muscle Power, Strength, and Endurance of Vegetarians,
12 States Sue F.D.A., Seeking Removal of Special Restrictions on Abortion Pill, NY Times
What’s Behind the Sadness Among Teenage Girls?, NBC
Is the U.S. Ready for Back-to-Back Pandemics?, NY Times
How Modern Life Has Mutated the Human Body, NY Post
Garmin Rally Pedal Review,
Training Methods On Trial: Super Slow Training, T-Nation
Using the GES Model to Develop Mental Toughness in Sport, Training Peaks
Is Coaching with Running Power Better Than Pace or HR?, Training Peaks
How I Won the World Cross-Country Championship at Age 83, Outside
U.S. Govt Was Greatest Perpetrator of Covid Misinformation, Real Clear Politics
Sports Bras Don’t Suck as Much as They Used To, Running
The Complete Guide To Extreme Triathlon, Triathlete
Brushing Teeth: Better before or after breakfast?, NY Times
Expert Tips for Curbing Bad Breath?, NY Times
5 Steps to Perfect Run Form, Triathlete
Science Snacks: The Latest Nutrition Research, T-Nation
Find Out Why Sandbags Build Strength Like Nothing Else, Men’s Health
Reducing social media use significantly improves body image in teens, young adults, Science Daily
Why Psychology Is Failing Men, Real Clear Science
Need to reduce your daily sugar intake? Eliminate these 10 surprising foods, Manual
Canada’s First V16 and the Squamish Scene, Gripped
The Science of Hydration;, Outside


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