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Why the Russians Are Struggling, National Review
Ukraine Claims It Shot Down A Russian IL-76 Transport Plane, The War Zone
America Needs a Bigger Navy, Wall Street Journal
Beijing Could Run Russia’s Playbook on Taiwan, Foreign Policy
Rise of the Rocket Launcher: The End of the Armoured Division, Wavel Room
NATO Activates 5,000-Strong Task Force for First Time, Stars & Stripes
Ukraine leader frees convicts with combat skills to fight Russia, Al Jazerra
Ukrainian Marine sacrificed himself to slow a Russian tank column, officials say, Army Times
What Just Happened With Putin’s Nuclear Forces? Here’s What Experts Say, Defense One
Ukrainian government issues call for volunteers to join ‘International Legion’,
Analysis: A Western-supported anti-Russian insurgency in Ukraine is unlikely,
Little-known Russian spy unit is behind alleged Ukraine ‘kill/capture list’,
Ukraine reportedly strikes Russian airbase, Janes
Russian Army continues suffering losses in Ukraine, Pravda Report
The flagship of the Ukrainian Navy has been sunk, Pravda Report
Ukraine renounces obligations for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, Pravda Report
Instability in the U.S.-Russia Deterrence Relationship, RAND
The Utter Banality of Putin’s Kabuki Campaign in Ukraine, Small Wars Journal
Paramilitary Forces in Ukraine: Matches to a Powder Keg, Small Wars Journal
Pentagon worried the ‘Nintendo Generation’ can’t survive boot camp because their bones are weak, Task & Purpose
Meet the Army officer who’s become the accidental face of romance scams around the world, Task & Purpose
Update: At least 137 killed and 316 wounded as Russia continues invasion into Ukraine, War is Boring
Bill Ackman says it’s time for U.S. troops to defend Ukraine and set a ‘real red line’, CNBC
Putin’s baffling war strategy, Vox
Ukraine’s Volunteer ‘IT Army’ Is Hacking in Uncharted Territory, Wired

National Security / Foreign Policy

Germany Does ‘180-Degree Turn’ in Defence Policy, Foreign Policy
U.S. Destroyer Makes Navy’s Second Trip Through Taiwan Strait This Year, S&S
Poland Now the Linchpin Of U.S. Military Plans In Europe, Forbes
Why I misjudged Russia’s invasion, AEI
Ukraine war becomes full-blown confrontation between nuclear powers, Axios
Russia’s central bank doubles interest rates to 20% as ruble plunges over sanctions, Axios
Scholz proposes 100 billion euro defense fund, vows to exceed NATO spending goal, Defense News
Why China Is Intensifying Its Military Flights Against Taiwan, RAND
What Volodymyr Zelensky’s Courage Says About the West, The


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

How Much Damage Could a Russian Cyberattack Do in the U.S.?, HSN
Wide Range of Possible Targets for Russian Cyberstrikes, from Infrastructure to Smartphones, HSN
Ark. FF hit, killed by 18-wheeler at site where he was rendering aid, FireRescue1
3 Dallas FFs file $100M lawsuit over injuries from gas explosion, FR1
Baltimore bill pushes FF body cameras, restrictions on entering vacant homes, FR1
Minute by minute: How Boulder PD handled the communication response to a mass shooting, Police 1
NYC Mayor Adams vows to dismantle all subway homeless encampments, Police1
Colorado sees all-time high for auto theft, up 82% since 2019, Police1
Report: some firefighters in Colorado do not have adequate personal protective equipment, Wildfire Today
Extreme wildfires may increase 14 percent by 2030, United Nations warns, Wildfire Today


Mountain / Outside

This Converted Cargo Trailer Could Be Your Ultimate Adventure Base Camp. Outside
‘World’s First’ Standup Snowmobile: Widescape WS250, Gearjunkie
Marmot Reboots ‘Research Team,’ Expands Gear Testing to Frontline Users, Gearjunkie
Darkest Horse Wins World Youth Ice Climbing ChampionshipGearjunkie
ar Company, Outside
The Lyngen Alps in Norway Are a Sight to Behold—and a Site to Ski, Outside
An Ode to Wiping Out, Outside
How Hunters In Wyoming ‘Trespassed’ On Land They Never Touched, High Country News
Are You Suffering From ‘Fat Ski Syndrome’?, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 2/24/22, AAI
Why We Wake at 4 a.m.: an Ode to the Wasatch Dawn Patrol, BC Mag
Q&A with Ski Athlete Jessica Baker, Outdoor Research
The problem with carbon offsets, Outside Business
Earnings report: Columbia, YETI, others make sales numbers public, Outside Business
​VIDEO: Ice Climber Survives Avalanche While Solo Climbing, TGR
The Outdoor Industry Really Doesn’t Like Utah, Adventure Blog
7 Solid Reasons Not To Buy a Rooftop Tent, The Manual
The 10 Cheapest Ski Towns for Renters, Outside
$9 Cold Hot Dog Symbolic of ‘Mismanagement’ of Park City By Vail Resorts, Unofficial Networks
Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim Comes Out Against “Slut Strands”, Unofficial Networks
How Social Media Will End Hunting, Western Hunter
A DIY Life: A Hand-Hewn Existence in Northern California, Huckberry

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Tengoku Residence, The Collector
The Best Memory Foam Pillows, Wirecutter
Stretches For Tight Hamstrings, AthleanX
What is the Military Diet and Does It Really Work?, The Manual
How to Deal with Running Pain Like a Pro, Outside
An Ultrarunner’s Tips for Prioritizing Wellness, Outside
Comparison of the Polar V800 and the Garmin Forerunner 230 to Predict V̇o2max, JSCR
Resistance Training Performed to Failure or Not to Failure Results in Similar Total Volume, but With Different Fatigue and Discomfort Levels, JSCR
Hip and Knee Kinetics During a Back Squat and Deadlift, JSCR
You Need to Forget These 4 Ab Workout Myths, Men’s Health
Train Smarter, Not Harder: Feel-Good Strength and Conditioning Workout, Men’s Journal
Got a Covid Booster? You Probably Won’t Need Another for a Long Time, NY Times
When an Ancestry Search Reveals Fertility Fraud, NY Times
The Best Exercises to Prevent Lower Back Pain, NY Times
10 Ways to Release RegretPsychology Today
Do You Have the Personality for a Leadership Position?, Psychology Today
The Psychology of Casual Sex, Psychology Today
As mask mandates fade, experts say use of masks likely will not, STAT
The Best Diets are Boring. Here’s Why., T-Nation
Uncomplicated Nutrition: Diet Tips That Never Fail, T-Nation
The Top 10 Post Workout Nutrition Myths, T-Nation
How Overthinking Ruined my Relationships and How I Overcame It, Tiny Buddha
10 Ways to Lose Weight Without ‘Dieting’, WebMD



Non-fungible tokens: An explainer, AEI
Apple Is Considering a Foldable iPad, MacBook Hybrid with a 20-Inch Display: Report, Gizmodo

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