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AI-wielding tech firms are giving a new shape to modern warfare, Economist
The New York Post: Senior ISIS leader Hamza al-Homsi killed in U.S.-led raid late Thursday in Syria, says U.S. Central Command, Marketwatch
Vietnam-Era Army Officer to Receive Medal Of Honor,
‘You Can’t Fix the Problem If You’re in Denial:’ The Military’s Surge of Fentanyl Overdoses,
More Changes Brewing for Embattled Army Fitness Test,
Fix Navy Infrastructure’s ‘Worst Problems’ First, Secretary Says, Defense One
UFO Shot Down Over Canada Probably Belonged To Hobby Group From Illinois: Report, Forbes
Man who lied about being a Navy SEAL to start a business is sentenced to prison, Military News
Air Force Security Forces member accused of “thirst-trapping” Russia from Alaska, Military News
To Help America’s New Subs, Retire The USS Boise And Hartford, Forbes
Navy to Forgive Past Fitness Test Failures in Move to Keep Up to 1,500 Sailors from Getting Kicked Out, Military News
‘Tier One’ Novels Set to Become the Next Spec Ops Thriller Series, Navy News
What Russia and China Have Learned From Testing U.S. Defenses, Real Clear Defense
Confidence in the Military Erodes as Culture Wars Rage, Task & Purpose
Naval Academy’s Maury Hall to Become Carter Hall, Real Clear Defense
Autonomous C-130s and C-17s? Air Force Invests in Feasibility Study, A&SF Mag
4 US troops injured in Syria helicopter raid targeting ISIS senior leader, Task & Purpose
Former Navy SEAL in Canada’s crosshairs after publishing video of world’s longest sniper shot, Task & Purpose
US launches another airstrike in Somalia, the next battlefield, Task & Purpose
Coast Guard Moving Cutter to Pacific as Regional Missions Expand, USNI
Here’s what happens if an astronaut’s helmet came off in space combat, We are the Mighty


Russia’s emerging new offensive in Ukraine, explained by an expert, Vox
From Gatherer of Lands to Gravedigger: A Political Assessment of Putin’s War on Ukraine,RAND
Jets for Ukraine in Exchange for Treaty Talks With Moscow?, Breaking Defense
Great Power Competition Is on the Arctic Agenda, RAND
Russia’s Appetite May Extend Beyond Ukraine,RAND
Did Joe Biden Attack Nord Stream 2? This Story Has Some Big Problems, 1945
RAND Experts Discuss the First Year of the Russia-Ukraine War, RAND
Lindsey Graham: U.S. should designate Russia state sponsor of terrorism, Axios
Russia Amped Up Cyber Campaigns Against NATO Countries In 2022, Report Says, Defense Daily
When Russian Troops Got Stuck In a Minefield Near Vuhledar, They Deployed A ‘Flamethrower’ Rocket Launcher. The Ukrainians Blew It Up., Forbes
Ukraine Trench War: Soldier’s TikTok Reveals Terrifying Close Quarters Battle, Forbes
If Kyiv strikes Crimea, all of Ukraine will be on fire, Pravda Report
Russia changes four out of five military district commanders in six months, Pravda Report
Blinken Says He Warned China Against Providing Arms to Russia, NY Times
Iran Sees Ukraine War As Marketing Opportunity For Drones It Denies Supplying Russia, Forbes
Russia Doubled Its Army In 2022. But Its Casualties Doubled, Too., Forbes
After Losing An Eighth Of Their Helicopters, Russian Attack Regiments Are Switching Up Their Tactics, Forbes
Norway And Estonia Agree: Russia Isn’t Going To End Its War On Ukraine, Forbes
New US satellites may deprive Russia of control over strategic nuclear forces, Pravda Report
The Drone War in Ukraine Is Cheap, Deadly, and Made in China, Real Clear Defense
Russia’s Evolution Toward a Unified Strategic Operation, RAND

National Defense, Foreign Policy

South Korea: Support for Nukes Is on the Rise, HSN
It’s Time to Recognize Sustainment as a Strategic Imperative, War on the Rocks
Mercenary Shocks: What the War in Ukraine Will Eventually Mean for Africa, War on the Rocks
The Growing Shadow War between the US, Israel, and Iran, The Geopolitics
US Intercepts Russian Warplanes Off Alaska Twice in Two Days,
Germans will remove Scholz from politics for Nord Stream blasts, Pravda Report
Priorities for Economic Policy Toward China, AEI
UK’s autonomous minehunter kicks off uncrewed trial ops in the Gulf, Naval Today
The Defense Industrial Base Is America’s Diplomatic Ace in the Hole. Let’s Use It., Real Clear Defense
UN reports veteran al Qaeda leader likely back in action in Afghanistan, Long War Journal
America’s Debt Problem: An Inconvenient Truth Returns, AEI
What Biden should say in Poland: No Russia reset while Putin is in power, Atlantic Council
Deni in Defense One on Germany’s indecisiveness sending tanks to Ukraine, Atlantic Coucil

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

FBI says it has ‘contained’ a cybersecurity incident on its network, Engadget
Four Ways To Curb America’s Emerging Surveillance State, Real Clear Politics
Requiem for the Spartans, The Atlantic
Is police brutality just part of the job?, Washington Post
Barstow police seize over 200 pounds of cocaine in traffic stop, APBM
Defunding vs. refunding public services, APBM
Staffing shortages plague Cleveland police as record number leave the department in recent years, APBM
Pre-assaultive indicators: Predicting violence with research, APBM
Commentary: Getting Along with Females in the Firehouse, Fire Engineering
Another Chief Pushes for Demotion as FDNY Turmoil Continues, Fire Engineering
20 Years Later, Looking Back on Chicago Club Crush Incident That Killed 21 People, Fire Engineering
Court Upholds Dismissal of Florida Battalion Chief, Fire Law Blog
FLSA Headlines from East and West, Big and Small, Fire Law Blog
Burning Question: Part-Time Fire Chiefs and Compensation, Fire Law Blog
Hispanic Firefighters Association Calls for FDNY Commissioner to be Fired, FFN
Wausau (WI) Creates Parody of ‘The Office’ Set in a Firehouse, FFN
Ohio chief suspects alcohol involved in firefighter’s inability to respond to EMS call, FR1
‘You don’t know this ice’: N.Y. firefighters respond to 3 lake rescues in 24 hours, FR1
Force Science Validates Legacy Research Findings – Part II, Force Science
Memphis Police Department (TN), Officer Down Memorial Page
Kansas City Police Department (MO), Officer Down Memorial Page
3 products at SHOT Show for those wired for 24/7 tactical thinking, Police 1
Ga. AG defends use of domestic terrorism charges against training center protestors, Police1
VIDEO: Off-Duty Chicago Cop Fatally Shoots Man Who Tried To Steal Her Gun, Police Tribune
VIDEO: Woman Puts Up Fierce Fight After Man Attacks Her During Her Workout, Police Tribune
To thin or not to thin … it’s really not a question, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Washington State Hunting Under Attack Again, Eastmans’
Montana Region 7 Deer Populations Cut In Half, Eastmans’
Winter Fish II, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Mule Deer Foundation Hosts Western Big Game Migration Forum to Celebrate 5 Years of SO3362,
5 Must-Read Fly Fishing Books to Shake Off the Winter Blues,
Buy From a Bike Shop or Direct?, slow
Triathlete Alyssa Godesky Has Been Knocking Out Monster FKTs, Triathlete
For the Love of Carbon: Dynafit’s Blacklight Ski Boot, BC Ski Touring Blog
A Film Crew Weighs Risk Versus Reward in the Latest ‘La Liste’ Ski Movie, Outside
A Skier Filmed Himself Being Swept Away by an Avalanche, Outside
Remembering Yosemite Climber Zach Milligan, Outside
Mikaela Shiffrin Just Split from Her Longtime Coach, Outside
Cody Townsend Sheds His Ego, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 2/16/2023, AAI
Two Climbers Die on Descent From Cerro Chaltén, Patagonia, Climbing Magazine
20 Years After Sharma Made It Popular, How Has Hampi Changed?, Climbing Magazine
Building Sustainable Routesetting Teams—and How Setting Exercises Can Help, Climbing Business Journal
Scarpa Ribelle HD Review 2023, Climbing Gear Reviews
[Op-Ed] No one wants to watch you pow surf., Freeskier
Jorge Díaz-Rullo Onsights Two 5.14a Routes in a Day, Gripped
History Made as Climber Solos 12 Peaks in Winter, Gripped
I launched a print magazine for backpackers. Here’s why., Osprey Packs
How to Mountain Bike on a Budget in 2023, Outside
Simon Gietl completes first winter solo traverse of Geislerspitzen in Dolomites,
Peak Happiness, Outside
Alta Ski Area Surpasses 500″ Of Snow Earlier Than Any Other Season To Date, Unofficial Networks
Top 5 Ski Area Snowfall Totals in the US Right Now, UN
Salomon Is Finally Adding A Real Backcountry Ski to Its QST Line, Best Outdoor Gear Reviews
How to Choose the Right Size Mountain Bike in 2023, Best Outdoor Gear Reviews
What Type of Mountain Bike Should You Buy in 2023?, Best Outdoor Gear Reviews

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

‘Awful Bioterror’ Could Kill Us, Says Bill Gates, Popular Mechanics
Americans Are Ignoring the One True ‘Superfood’: Pulses, Real Clear Science
Bird Flu Continues to Spread in Mammals, Real Clear Science
Why Bird Flu Is Spreading to Mammals, Meateater
There’s Little to Be Done About a Nagging Cough, Real Clear Science
A step towards a contraceptive pill for men?, Economist
‘Keep your eyes open – and leap into the future’: 100 centenarians’ 100 tips for a life well lived, The Guardian
Fructose could drive Alzheimer’s disease, Science Daily
Time of day may determine the amount of fat burned by exercise, Science Daily
The Case Against Listening to Your Body, Outside
Sleep Affects Your Testosterone Levels Way More Than You Think, Men’s Health
Patrick Mahomes Workout: The Explosive Routine That Makes Him Unstoppable, Men’s Journal
The First Studies on Vegetarian vs. Meat-Eating Athletes, nutrition
Record Levels of Sadness in Teen Girls, CDC Reports, NY Times
Bruce Willis Diagnosed With Frontotemporal Dementia: What to Know, NY Times
It’s Not a Mental Health Crisis. It’s a Lifestyle Crisis, Real Clear Health
Daily, consistent parental reading in the first year of life improves infants’ language scores, Science Daily
STAT+: Government watchdog calls for stronger oversight of for-profit research review boards, STAT
6 Healthy Foods You Probably Shouldn’t Eat, T-Nation
Best Stretches to Improve Hip Internal Rotation, Barbell Physio
Quantify Your Racing and Fitness Goals in Four Steps, Training Peaks
The USDA tightens the rules for organic food labels (and here’s why it matters), The Manual
Good investment or an elitist ripoff: Is expensive winter gear worth the money?, The Manual


KFC is getting rid of 5 menu items — including popcorn chicken, Business Insider
Female scholars more likely than male counterparts to be elected to prestigious US scientific societies, finds study,Nature
Does It Still Make Sense for Middle Class Americans to Work?, Real Clear Markets
Broken Government and Media Create An Opening for Business, Real Clear Markets
‘I want to destroy whatever I want’: Bing’s AI chatbot unsettles US reporter, The Guardian
New Zealand Faces a Future of Flood and Fire, Wired
Virginia boy, 6, who shot first-grade teacher, also choked another teacher ‘until she couldn’t breathe’, AOL
BMW, hybrid cars, and EVs dominate Consumer Reports’ top rankings, The Manual
Blix Dubbel Review | Electric Utility Bike (2023), EBR
The Hyundai Santa Cruz Is the Right Truck for Most Budget Shoppers, Best Outdoor Gear

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