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Army’s Controversial Fitness Test Might Become Official This Year,
Marines Are Waging Island Warfare Against China, Real Clear Defense
Ukrainian Airspace Is As Dangerous as 1961 Berlin, Forbes
Army accidentally reveals possible ACFT changes, Army Times
Texas Guardsmen on border start unionizing to combat difficult conditions, Army Times
Army 3-star suspended amid investigation into alleged toxic, racist work environment, Army Times
Putin to decide “today” whether to recognize separatist “republics” in eastern Ukraine, ,Axios
Inside the Air Force Chief’s Mission for Racial Equity, Defense One
British military warns 50% of Russia’s entire ground force has now encircled Ukraine,
Marines need nearly $5B for integrating boot camp, fighting climate change, Marine Corps Times
Could the Supreme Court strike down the military’s vaccination mandate?, Military Times
Ensign and four chiefs charged for leaking F-35 crash video, Navy Times
Warrior Sweep: An Examination of Applied Counterinsurgency Theory in the Zormat Valley, Small Wars Journal
Navy planning to launch Mideast drone fleet with allies, The Hill

National Security / Foreign Policy

Russia and Algeria Team Up Against Morocco, Real Clear Defense
Assessing China’s Strategy To “Hide Capabilities and Bide Time”, DivOpt
How to Respond to Gray Zone Aggression in the Indo-Pacific, The Diplomat
Ukraine, Taiwan and the Credibility Dilemma, Al Monitor
Can Ukrainian Resistance Foil a Russian Victory?, War on the Rocks
$6 Billion Tank Deal to Poland, Defense News
Will Biden’s ‘Severe Costs’ on Russia Include Cyber Attacks?, Defense One
What If Russia Wins?, Foreign Affairs
Why most Ukrainians don’t believe Biden’s warnings, distrust West, Al Jazerra
What Putin Has Already Gained From Biden, Hudson Inst.

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Afghan evacuees to U.S. weren’t fully vetted and dozens reportedly went missing, Military Times
U.S. Coastline to See Up to a Foot of Sea Level Rise by 2050, HSN
Victoria’s Secret Ad campaign Features Nez Perce Tribe (ID) Firefighter, FFN
Four Injured, Including Two Firefighters, in Illegal Drug Lab Fire Near Knott’s Berry Farm in Anaheim (CA), FFN
Detroit FF suspended for drinking on the job after resident spots engine at out-of-town restaurant, FR1
Deadly police chopper crash remains under investigation Police 1
How two modes of decision-making influence deadly force encounters, Police 1
Portland’s non-police response team sees success, poised to expand, Police 1
Research suggests Forest Service lands not the main source of wildfires affecting communities, Wildfire Today
High school student’s documentary about wildland fire, Wildfire Today
Heavy-Lifting Drone to Help Wildland Firefighters, GearJunkie


Mountain / Outside

Derailleur Death: Are Bicycle Gearboxes the Future?, GearJunkie
You Thought ‘Free Solo’ Was Heart-Pounding? Try Alex Honnold’s New ‘Soloist VR’ Film, GearJunkie
Twisted Automotive Is Now Offering Electric Conversions For Your Favorite Defender, Men’s Gear
Is Leaving a Bag of Dog Shit on the Side of the Trail Better than Doing Nothing?, Outside
Build Your Own Mini Cabin for $2,500? We Just Might, Adventure Journal
REI, Patagonia, and More Will Boycott if Outdoor Retailer Returns to Utah, Adventure Journal
A Brief History of Climbing ‘The Nose’, Adventure Journal
Why the Trees Are Marching Northward, Adventure Journal
Charles Dubouloz completes the first solo winter ascent of Rolling Stones on the Grandes Jorasses, Alpinist
Are Cougars A Threat To You?,
Utah: Ethics Course Required For Shed Hunting, Eastmans
By the numbers: The outdoor industry’s plastic problem, Outside Business
Retail secrets of the best winter gear shops, Outside Business
My Family Duties Are Getting in the Way of My Outdoor Aspirations, Outside
Mechanics-Focused Climbing to Avoid and Rehabilitate Injuries, Training Beta
WATCH: Horrific Lift Lines at Breckenridge, Unofficial Networks
Olympian Withdraws Following IOC’s Demand That She Use Different Board, Unofficial Networks
Mikaela Shiffrin Fires Back at The Haters On Twitter & It’s AWESOME., Unofficial Networks

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Mask Mandates Are Illogical. So What?, The Atlantic
You Asked, We Answered: How Can You Get a Better Night’s Sleep?, Wirecutter
Keep (Running) Simple, Stupid, Adventure Journal
The Case For (and Against) Polarized Training, Outside
Live Fast, Die Young,,
How Your Diet Can Promote Healthy Weight Loss,TGR
7 Healthy Benefits of Hiking You Need To Know, The Manual
Elbow Pains Killing Your Gains? (12 Helpful Tips), Andy Baker
Elbow Pains Killing Your Gains? (12 Helpful Tips), Born Fitness
The Right Way to Approach Group Training for Optimal Results, Breaking Muscle
12 (Stoic) Rules For Life: An Ancient Guide to the Good Life,The Daily Stoic
Middle-aged men see weight gain as inevitable, Science Daily
ATC 337: Swim Erg vs Lap Swimming For Triathlon Performance, When Can You Cease Strength For More Sport-Specificity (and Still Maintain Gains), Marathon Transfer To Ironman Run, and More, Endurance Planet
Your Body’s Ability to Build New Muscle Changes Dramatically After 50, Men’sHealth
Stop Doing Barbell Deadlifts. Do These Exercises Instead. Men’s Health
Jane Brody: Here’s How Health Advice Changed Since I Joined The Times, NY Times
Can Cold Water Plunges Really Reduce Anxiety and Depression?, NY Times
Dos and Don’ts of Helping Out a Friend in Need, NY Times
5 Food Tips to Help You Age Well, NY Times
Mental speed hardly changes over a lifespan, Science Daily
Q&A: Protein Overfeeding, Individualizing Training, and Strength Changes During Weight Loss, Stronger by Science
By altering the blood type of lungs, researchers raise the possibility of universal organs for transplants, STAT
7 Movement Pattern Assessments You Need, T-Nation
Toes To Bar: The Misunderstood Exercise You Need– T-Nation
The Legal Performance-Enhancing Drug In Your House, T-Nation
Use the Repetition Method for Bodyweight Exercises, T-Nation
45 Work Self-Care Ideas for Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health, Tiny Buddha
Your Brain Fatigues First In Running. Cycling? It’s Your Muscles, Triathlete
In My Mind, I Am Fishing, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Outdoor Recreation Act: Details and Explanation of the Proposed Legislation, Wide Open Spaces
Do Something You Suck At, Huckberry
These Apps Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Fitness Tracking Machine, Wired



After a $500-million year, will metaverse real estate skyrocket or plummet?, AEI
5 questions for Glenn Hubbard on Adam Smith’s answer to economic populism, AEI
Populist flamethrowers rock media, Axios
The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Electric Mower Silences the Competition, Werd
Recharge and Take Control of Your Life With the Help of Molliteum, Men’s Health
Kanye West to Boycott YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Amazon With Next Release, Bloomberg
Even the Podcast About the Joe Rogan Podcast Is a Smash Hit Now, Bloomberg
Germany Tipped Into Second Recession by Virus, Bundesbank Says, Bloomberg
Dunkin’ Signs Its First College Athletes to Endorsement Deals, Bloomberg
Can the ed-tech boom last?, Economist
Marijuana testing for truck drivers is becoming a leading cause of the growing national trucker shortage, expert says, Business Insider
COVID-19 Isn’t Going Anywhere — And Americans Know It, FiveThirtyEight
Will prediction markets live up to the hype?, Economist
What’s the Most Dangerous Emerging Technology?, Gizmodo
50 Things To Do Before You Die, Part 2, Huckberry
Newly discovered monster galaxy is the largest ever found, Popular Mechanics
EV Revolution’s Coming To Small-Town America, Real Clear Markets
SpaceX’s monstrous, dirt-cheap Starship may transform space travel, Economist
Why space is about to enter its nuclear age, Economist
The Best Podcasts for Everyone, Wired
I Gave My Child a Smartphone and It’s Been the Best Thing for Her, Wired
Toyota And Yamaha Are Developing A 455 HP V8 That Runs On Hydrogen, Jalopnik

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