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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

2023 review: Ukraine scores key victories in the Battle of the Black Sea, Atlantic Council
The Israeli right-wing is determined to prevent any discussion of a future Palestinian state, Atlantic Council
We have China’s ‘anti-access’ challenge exactly backward, Defense One
SpaceX, Blue Origin, others set to compete in military Moon business program, Defense One
Vice chief: US can handle Middle East, Ukraine, China missions all at once, Defense One
What Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon’ Gets Wrong About War, Foreign Policy
Chinese Shadow Bank Can’t Pay Up, Foreign Policy
Is Biden Ignoring Iran’s Sanctions Evasion?, Foreign Policy
Two Israeli women to enter elite Air Force unit training,
Israeli forces engage terrorists, destroy tunnels in West Bank city of Jenin,
Israel is making a strategic mistake against Hezbollah, security expert says,
U.S. to Israel: southern Gaza op has to be different, Morning Defense
US to Deploy Anti-Ship Missiles on Subs in 2024 to Counter China,
And so it starts: Germany turns its back on Ukraine, Pravda Report
Washington does not believe Zelensky’s crocodile tears anymore, Pravda Report
Time to End Wilsonian Foreign Policy, RCD
On the Initiative of Subordinate Leaders in War, RCD
Countering China’s Fleet of Autonomous Maritime Vehicles, RCD
The Nuclear Shadows of the Russia-Ukraine War: A Chinese Perspective, The Diplomat
U.S. Charges 4 Russians With War Crimes Over Alleged Torture of American in Ukraine, Moscow Times
Nepal Detains 12 for Illegal Recruitment of Citizens Into Russian Army, Moscow Times
Russia confirms the combat death of another general in Ukraine, War is Boring
Strategic Disruption by Special Operations Forces, RAND
Disrupting the Chinese Military in Competition and Low-Intensity Conflict, RAND
The Israel-Hamas War Has Upended the Terrorist Threat Matrix, RAND
Who made millions trading the October 7th attacks?, Economist
The Israel-Hamas war is tearing American cultural institutions apart, Vox

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

The Shark Fin Hunters, Al Jazeera
Better Boots, Burly Build, Fewer Zips: KUIU HD Flex Wader Review, GearJunkie
TGR’s ‘The Hypocrite’ Looks at Ski Film Industry’s Massive Carbon Footprint, GearJunkie
Watch the Cheapest vs. Most Expensive Rock Climbing Shoes Go Head-to-Head,GearJunkie
Is Skiing Art? Red Bull Teams With Faction to Answer That Question in ‘Abstract’, GearJunkie
30-Day Mountain Bike Challenge: Shred Like a Pro With Free Video Tutorials From Aaron Lutze, GearJunkie
Could a New App Help You Safely Navigate the Backcountry? Outside
AspectAvy Aims to Simplify Backcountry Terrain Choice, BC Ski Touring
Rock Climbers Are Fighting a Proposed Wilderness Policy. Here’s Why., Outside
The Decision: How to Say Yes (or No) When It Counts, BC Mag
The Talk: How to Communicate in the Backcountry, BC Mag
The Top 8 Gear Innovations of 2023, Climbing
American Trio Blazes Spectacular New Route up 9000-foot North Face of Jannu,Climbing
My Plan to Get Famous From Celebrity “Climbers”, Climbing
Laurent De Martin & Sampo Vallotton Simplify the Process in “The Art of Recreation”,Freeskier
Human-Triggered Cornice Fall Triggers Large Avalanches in Crested Butte, UN
Private Utah Ski Resort Ordered To Halt Construction, UN
The Ideal Rope Length, Weigh My Rack
The Beachwalker Surf Rods NEW from Blackfin Rods, OutdoorHub
Texas Teen Dies In Tragic, Likely Preventable Hunting Accident, Wide Open Spaces
Massive Steelhead Smashes the Idaho State Record,Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

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