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Army Punishes General for Being a Leftist Troll, Daily Mail
Canadian Military Chief: Canada is Not Ready for War, National Post
Two Brigade Commanders Fired at Fort Hood for Loss of Confidence, Stars & Stripes
GOP Vow intense China Focus if they Flip House, Politico
On Killing Remotely, Strategy Bridge
The Space Force isn’t Quite What You Think it Is, Gizmodo
US Air Force Will Deploy MQ-9 Reapers to Japan for the First Time, The Diplomat
A Tactical Russian Nuke Wouldn’t Confer Much Battlefield Advantage, Experts Say, Defense One
Russia’s Doomsday Submarine Belgorod Spotted in the Arctic, Real Clear Defense
61,000 Dead? Putin’s War in Ukraine Is a Total Disaster Now, 1945
Su-35S: Russia’s ‘Best’ Fighter Is Dying in Ukraine, 1945
Zaporizhzhia: How a New Chernobyl Nuclear Crisis is Possible, 1945
What Happens if Russia Attacks with Nuclear Weapons?, 1945
Is Ukraine A Bigger Nuclear War Threat Than the Cuban Missile Crisis?, 1945
A Russian Nuke Wouldn’t Confer Much Battlefield Advantage, Experts Say, Defense One
Oversight of Special Operations Forces Requires Better Data, Watchdog Says, Defense One
Can Vague U.S. Threats Deter Russia From Using Nukes?, Foreign Policy
In Southern Ukraine, Signs of Low Russian Morale Amid Retreat, NY Times
Former Ukrainan MP: Zelensky flees, Ukraine plunges into chaos, Pravda Report
An hour after tactical nuclear strike, Russia will move to take Kyiv, Pravda Report
The Army of the Woke, RCD
Today’s Military Recruiting Crisis Is Tomorrow’s Retention Crisis, RCD
The Crimea Question, RCD
The HIMARS Revolution in Warfare, WSJ
Guerrillas on the Bench: Operationalizing Resistance in Ukraine and Beyond, Small Wars Journal
The Army is officially adopting a ‘guaranteed hit’ smart scope, Task & Purpose
What the new “bat drone” means for the Air Force’s autonomous fighter plans, Task & Purpose
What it might be like for Air Force fighter pilots to command a team of drones in battle, Task & Purpose
Army investigation blames general for ‘negative publicity’ after defending servicewomen online, Task & Purpose
US confirms killing Islamic State official during early morning airborne operation in Syria, War is Boring
Why Erdogan Might Choose War with Greece, War on the Rocks
Canada Selects SIG for New Pistol, Soldier Systems
Redesigned with Marine Feedback in Mind, New PTU is out for Testing, Soldier Systems

National Defense, Foreign Policy

The Reason Opec-Plus is Colluding with Putin, Forbes
How Far Will Xi Go to Help Putin?, Foreign Policy
Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage: How an Attack Could Have Been Carried Out and Why Europe Was Defenseless, Homeland Security Newswire
Xi Jinping’s bid to extend rule puts ‘zero-COVID’ exit in focus, Al Jazerra
19 children among 185 killed during protest unrest in Iran, rights group says, Axios
NATO Needs a New Strategy for the Baltic Sea, Hudson Inst.
Czech Republic submits letter of request to buy F-35, Janes
The Implications of Chinese Influence in the Pacific Islands, RAND
A New Approach to U.S. Security Policy in the Middle East, RAND
The Persian Pivot Point, RCD
Germany to pay December gas bills for households and businesses, Guardian
Musk’s proposal for China-Taiwan relations gets slammed: Our freedom is ‘not for sale’, CNBC
The real source of Puerto Rico’s woes, Vox


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security

Fatal Shootings and Race, Manhattan Institute
Russians Detailed in Alaska after Arriving by Boat, War is Boring
Gun-Related Suicides and Killings Continued to Rise in 2021, C.D.C. Reports, NY Times
Abandoned Warehouse Burns in Three-Alarm Fire in Arcadia (CA), Firefighter Nation
Understanding Colorization and Temperature in Your Thermal Imager, Firefighter Nation
24 Boston (MA) Cops Quit to Become Firefighters, Firefighter Nation
FL Police Officer Charged with Assaulting Firefighter, Running Over Fire Hose at Fire Scene, Firefighter Nation
San Jose (CA) Fire Department Investigating Video of Stripper in Fire Truck, Firefighter Nation
Firefighter Creates Documentary Highlighting Mental Health Challenges of the Job, Firefighter Nation
Oregon city firefighters’ union asks city for double overtime pay, FireRescue1
Texas firefighter-paramedic dies of colon cancer at 33, FireRescue1
The US Forest Service Life First safety initiative: exploring unnecessary exposure to risk, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Albuquerque PD unveils retention incentives to keep officers on force, Police 1
After PD’s ‘car salesman’ recruitment video goes viral, applications roll in, Police 1
School district suspends entire Uvalde school police force, Police 1
2 Ark. deputies filmed in arrest fired from jobs, Police 1



Mountain / Outside

Can you really travel sustainably? Sort of, Inside Hook
Hazel Findlay Faces Fear on Route That Nearly Killed Her, GearJunkie
Watch Now: Netflix Dives Into the Adrenaline-Fueled ‘Human Playground’, GearJunkie
Is a Fancy Gear Box Really Better than a Plastic Bin?, Outside
Long Live the Dirtbag Rock Climber, Outside
Why Do Climbers Free Solo?, Outside
I Was Lost for Nine Days in the Backcountry. Here’s How I Survived., Outside
Why Did a Hunting Nonprofit Put a Bounty on Mountain Bikers?, Outside
Levels of Obligation: Connor Ryan Shares his Message, Backcountry Magazine
10 Places to Kickoff Your 2022-23 Ski Season, Freeskier
​VIDEO: Looking Back On A Successful 13-foot Deep Companion Burial Rescue, TGR
Cole Richardson Has Arrived, Arcteryx
UPDATE: 27 Mountaineers on a Training Climb Killed by Massive Avalanche in the Indian Himalaya, Outdoor Journal
Diving Deep Into the Adirondack Backcountry, UN
How Steep is Steep?, UN


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Infidelity Reconsidered, Quillette
Huge Garmin Fenix 7/Epix Beta Update Includes Wrist Based Running Power, DC Rainmaker
We Put 25 Energy Bars to a Taste Test. Here Are the Best Ones., Outside
Why Carbs Are So Important for Recovery, Outside
The Problem with the Biohack Movement, Outside
The type of coffee cup you drink from actually matters, The Manual
Science says this is the No. 1 trait to make you more attractive to others, The Manual
Tom and Luke Stoltman Take Swimming Lessons from Ross Edgley, Breaking Muscle
Strongman Nicolas Cambi Scores Heavy Dumbbell World Record of 285 Pounds, Breaking Muscle
Check Out 54-Year-Old Stan Efferding Finish a 725-Pound Speed Pull Deadlift, Breaking Muscle
Eating late increases hunger, decreases calories burned, and changes fat tissue, Science Daily
5 Steps to Help You Wind Down and Get to Sleep Faster, Men’s Health
The 4 Worst Ways to Heal From Lifting Injuries, T-Nation
Overtraining Or Under-Recovering, The Barbell Physio
When Did Americans Stop Caring About COVID-19?, 538
The Ravens Should Have Gone For It, 538



.Four Flashpoints That Could Threaten Financial Stability, Financial Times
How Youtube Created the Attention Economy, NY Magazine
Mental Health Day: US capitalism is bad for your mind, Al Jazerra
3 Things to Know About the September Jobs Report, AEI
Do Stable Careers Still Exist?, Foreign Policy
How to Set Up an Apple Watch for Your Kids, Gear Latest
Here’s How Weird Things Are Getting in the Housing Market, Bloomberg
More Americans are joining the ‘cashless’ economy, Pew Research
Hispanic enrollment reaches new high at four-year colleges in the U.S., but affordability remains an obstacle, Pew Research
Rebelle Rally 2022: Eight Automakers Put Production Off-Roading Darlings Through Grueling 1,600 Mile Test, Jalopnik
Next Avenue: An American startup in Paris: How an entrepreneur launched her dream company at 51, Marketwatch
NerdWallet: Sorry folks, Black Friday has already started. But don’t worry if you miss the early sales., Marketwatch
Modest Declines in Positive Views of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Capitalism’ in U.S., Pew
Without Oil, There Would Be No Oil-Hating Billionaires, Real Clear Markets

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