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Military/National Defense

Afghanistan and Strategy – 16 years On, Real Clear Defense

Iran Threatens US Bases if Republican Guard Named Terror Group, Real Clear Defense

A Military History of Afghanistan, Real Clear Defense

Give War a Chance: How to Deal With N. Korea, Washington Examiner

US, Turkey Relations at Crisis Point, The Cipher Brief

The Growing Danger of a US Nuclear First Strike on N. Korea, War on the Rocks

What the Great Scud Hunt in Iraq Can Tell Us About War with N. Korea, War is Boring

Army’s New War Doctrine Envisions Big, Mechanized Land War, War is Boring

ISIS Fighters Surrender En Masse, NY Times

Finland Treats Soldiers the Right Way, War Is Boring

Podcast: Fighting Inside Grenade Range, Modern War Institute

Soldiers Using “Warhacks” to Transform Combat, War is Boring

Why Nerds Should Not Be In Charge of War, The Diplomat

China’s Military Expanding Bases Globally, Bloomberg

Do Japan and S. Korea Need Nukes?, The Cipher Brief

Army Investigating Blackhawk Crash with Civilian Drone, Real Clear Defense

N. Korea Preparing Long Distance Missile Test, Reuters

Time for SOF to Dump “Unconventional Warfare,” Real Clear Defense


Homeland Security, First Responder (LE/Fire Rescue)

ICE will Arrest at California Worksites, Police One

Will Vegas Attack Change Event Security?, Police One Podcast

Houston Police Chief Calls for Gun Control, Officer

Terrorism and Guns: Troubling Implications for the US, Homeland Security Newswire

Nearly 3,000 People Shot in Chicago So Far This Year, Officer

Washington State Firefighters Issued Body Armor following Vegas, Police One

Leadership and Morale in Wildland Firefighting, Wildland Fire Leadership

Dallas May Use Demotions to Get More Officers on the Street, Officer

80K Acres in 18 Hours: Cali Wildfires, Wildfire Today



Makalu: The First Ski Descent, Outside

1st Avy Death of the Year Reported in Montana, Unofficial Markets

Rock Climbing: The Projecting Process, Training Beta

Honold, Ozturk Ponder Risk, Reward While Climbing Big AK Walls, The North Face

Head to Head, Enduro V. Downhill MTB, Gearjunkie

Goodbye to Francek Knez, Slovakia’s Silent Climber, Planet Mountain

What Climbers Can Teach Us About Focus, Outside

5 Rock Climbing Injury Prevention Articles, Training Beta

Brazilian Ultrarunner Sets Kili Speed Record, The Adventure Blog

How Climbers Sleep on a Big Wall, The Adventure Blog

Climbing and Outdoor News 10.5.17, American Alpine Institute

Colorado Debates Whether E-Bikes Will Be Allowed on Trails, Unofficial Networks

Meet the Women’s Group Changing the Face of Hunting and Fishing, Gear Junkie

Dear Fat Crack: A Not-Quite Love Letter to the Wide, Climbing

Trailer: “Waking Dream” Captures Terrifying Side of Chamonix, Unofficial Networks

Video: “Fountain of Youth,” Salomon TV


USMC On Hunt for Compact Pistol, Real Clear Defense

Backpacking: How To Keep Your Feet Dry, Backpacking Light

Heavy Competition for Army’s Light Tank, Real Clear Defense

Black Crows Ski Apparel, Powder

Best Wallet-Friendly Mountain Bikes, Outdoor Gear Lab

The Best Hiking Shoes, According to Adventure Guides, Outside

Why Do I need Trekking Poles?, American Alpine Institute

Down vs. Synthetic & the Future of Insulated Jackets, Gear Patrol

Gore Exhibiting Next-Gen Fabrics and High-Performance Cables & Materials for Military and Defense Applications at AUSA 2017, Soldier Systems

Best Sports Bras of Fall, 2007, Muscle & Fitness


Fitness, Nutrition, Health

Massive increase in antimicrobials use in animals to lead to widespread drug resistance in humans, Homeland Security Newswire

12 Common Failures of Passive Aggressive People, Psychology Today

The Homemade Energy Bars that Power My Climbs, Outside

How Overconfidence Subverts Rational Thinking, Psychology Today

Can Exercise Prevent Depression?, Psychology Today

The Healthiest Dairy, Milk Alternatives and Drinks, Men’s Fitness

An Honest Guide to Sports Gels, Outside

15 Things to Know About Food – The Industry Won’t Tell You, Psychology Today

Rogue Cells Can Give You a Fat Belly, Men’s Fitness

“Pornography Addiction” in 2017, Psychology Today

How Too Much Sugar Can Damage Livers of Even Healthy Men, Web MD

How to Deal With Takers at Work, Psychology Today

Is there Any Reason Not to Get a Flu Shot?, NY Times

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