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National Defense, Foreign Policy

It’s Time to Call Nonsense on Azerbaijan’s Corridor Demands, 1945
Putin Should Be Shocked: Ukraine Keeps Killing Russia’s Best Tanks, 1945
Putin Is Angry: Ukraine Destroyed 58 Russian Cruise Missiles in One Day, 1945
Russia says 63 troops killed in Ukrainian attack on Makiivka, Al Jazerra
Postcard from Australia, AEI
If Russia Is This Bad At Conventional Warfare, What Does That Tell Us About Its Nuclear Posture?, Forbes
The Myth of America’s Ukraine Fatigue, Foreign Policy
US approves sale of Volcano anti-tank systems to Taiwan, Janes
Ukraine conflict: Russia relocates bombers to Far East as Ukraine targets western bases, Janes
Surovikin’s five principles will cause Ukraine to disappear like smoke in the wind, Pravda Report
More than 3,000 dead civilians found in Mariupol, Pravda Report
North Korea Earns Foreign Currency Through a Shadow IT Industry, The Diplomat
Why We Will Eventually Have to Listen to Putin, The Geopolitics
UK and US nuclear missile submarines send message to Russia, UK Defense Journal
Can the North Sea become Europe’s new economic powerhouse?, Economist
The Dangerous Downward Spiral of U.S.-China Relations, WSJ

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Top Stories 2022: Coast Guard, USNI
Wildfires in Colorado Are Growing More Unpredictable. Officials Have Ignored the Warnings., HSN
U.S. Gun Violence Soars in 2022, HSN
What’s the Link Between Global Warming and Extreme Weather?, HSN
Fargo releases results of “stay interviews” geared at improving police officer retention, Police Beat Mag.
Sinkhole Snags FDNY Ladder Truck, FFN
Hudson and Glasco (NY) Firefighters Tackle Tugboat Fire on Hudson River, FFN
More than half of divers resign after Ga. FD adds underwater drone, Fire Rescue 1
How a Ky. FD aims to keep increasing number of female firefighters, FireRescue1
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (CA), Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (FL), Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (CA), Officer Down Memorial Page
U.S. Supreme Court to decide if Google and Twitter can help promote, coordinate and profit from calls for violence against police, Police 1
3 NYPD Cops Wounded In Machete Terror Attack Near New Year’s Eve Ball Drop In Times Square, Police Tribune
Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Brutal Attack And Sexual Assault Of Male Victim In Texas Bar, Police Tribune
Waffle House Employee Draws His Own Gun To Fight Off Two Armed Attackers In Restaurant, Police Tribune
5 Common Myths on How to Survive a Gunfight, TLGM

Mountain / Outside

Glamping Domes Break Indiegogo, Raise $1 Million in One Month, GearJunkie
Tune In to ‘Plaisir FM,’ the Coolest Radio Show This Side of Ski Films, GearJunkie
Adventure Vehicles of the Year: GearJunkie’s Top Picks From 2022, GearJunkie
‘Mount Shopify’: Unusual First Ascent Becomes Most-Viewed Mountaineering Video Ever, GearJunkie
Climber Jonathan Siegrist Wrangles ‘Flex Luthor,’ 5.15a — Frontier Style, GearJunkie
Hunting Scandal, Robot Writers, the Best Tent in Years, and More: GearJunkie 2022 in Review, GearJunkie
Epic Longs Peak Streak: Woman Rakes In Consecutive Summit Records, GearJunkie
The Ultralighter’s Guide to Synthetic Insulation, Outside
A Polar Explorer Shares Lessons on Surviving Extreme Cold, Outside
On Skiing Alone, BC Ski Touring Blog
Dive Deeper in Islamorada, Outside
[SMALL BATCH] This crew from Colorado has set the bar for home-grown ski flicks, FreeSkier
Anton Krupicka and Kelly Wolf run Ultra Trail Cape Town, LaSportiva
Chasing Winter, Osprey
The 10 Best Books of 2022, Outside
Torren Martyn Feels Out Three New Boards in California, TGR
Many Fantasies Later – Going Mad in the Swiss Alps, TGR
Alta & Snowbird Are Closed Due To Extreme Avalanche Danger, Unofficial Networks
John Swan, Gray’s Sporting Journal
How Officials Are Combating Cheating in Tournament Fishing, Wide Open Spaces
Alaska’s Arctic Waterways Are Turning a Foreboding Orange, Wired

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

WIRED Tested Miracle Hangover Cures. You’re Welcome, Wired
How to Use Your Smartphone to Cope With Vision Loss (2022), Gear Latest
These Will Be the Biggest Health and Fitness Trends of 2023, Outside
Speed Ice Skating World Record, Red Bull
The perfect comfort food: Make this beef stroganoff recipe in just 30 minutes, The Manual
Running School, REI
15 Deadlift Variations for Muscle, Strength, and More, Breaking Muscle
Exercise, mindfulness don’t appear to boost cognitive function in older adults, Science Daily
U.S. Senator Cory Booker Gave Up Sugar—And It Changed Everything, Men’s Health
Nike Training Club is Set to Stream on Netflix, Men’s Journal
Are Energy Drinks Beneficial?,
Introducing Our Sports Nutrition Series,
Training Methods On Trial: German Volume Training, T-Nation
The Best Weighted Vests for Challenging Training Sessions, GearPatrol
Sports science has made it harder for young talent to break through, The Times
Elevate Your Running with Corrective Exercise, Triathlete
Does MIPS Protect Cyclists From Traumatic Brain Injuries?, Triathlete
Chris Hemsworth’s Alzheimer’s Risk: What to Know About APOE4 Gene, WEBMD
How to Build Your Own First Aid Kit (2022), Wired


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