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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Arkansas Air Guard wing commander resigns over abortion policy, Governor says, Task & Purpose (T&P)
More than 100 killed in Iran blasts near Soleimani’s tomb during ceremony, Al Jazeera
Israel’s controversial use of weapons in Gaza, Al Jazeera
Drone attack leaves 82nd Airborne pilot critically injured with head injury, T&P
Carrier USS Carl Vinson Sails with Philippine Navy in South China Sea, USNI
Flight recorder found as Pentagon investigates deadly Osprey crash, Defense One
What is the oldest military equipment still in use today?, T&P
Confusion, uneven reporting hurting Pentagon effort to combat extremism, T&P
Air Force fires commander of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, T&P
How many Russian generals have been killed in Ukraine?, T&P
Navy fires commander of E/A-18G squadron for ‘loss of confidence’, T&P
MARSOC, Navy SEALs, and Army Rangers: SOF by the numbers, T&P
Who were the Hamas officials killed in Beirut?, Al Jazeera
Marine veteran killed in Ukraine fought 12 Russians in last stand, T&P
Red States Don’t Want Chinese Neighbors, Foreign Policy
China Closed 2023 With a Military Purge, Foreign Policy
Analysis: Killing of Hamas leader in Lebanon marks a new phase in Israel’s war,
Ex-IDF Colonel: US signals Ukraine negotiations, forget 1991 borders,
White House debated appointing more powerful Middle East envoy, Morning Defense
Attacks Heighten Fears of a Wider War for the Middle East and U.S., NYTimes
Ukraine shells Russia’s Belgorod: 18 civilians, including children, killed, Pravda Report
NATO striking fleet to go to Crimea bypassing Montreux Convention, Pravda Report
Xi Jinping Pledges Reunification with Taiwan in New Year’s Message, USNI
Ukraine says Greek freighter hit Russian mine in Black Sea, War is Boring
Strengthen the Military-Rhetorical Complex, War on the Rocks
Joining NATO Is Not Enough to Defend Ukraine: Allies Must Step Up, RAND
231 Military Personnel and Veterans Send Joint Chiefs “Declaration of Military Accountability”, Soldier Systems

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

How Steep is Steep?, Unofficial Networks
17-Year-Old Kai Whaley Climbs Sleepwalker V16, Gripped
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Federal Policy Roundup 2023, BHA
Controversial Hunter Josh Bowmar Claims He Killed a World Record-Breaking Crocodile, Wide Open Spaces
The Gear Our Editors Loved in December, Outside
The Top 6 Gear Innovations of 2023, Outside
Two Friends Completed the Ultimate Peak-Bagging Adventure, Outside
12 Climbing Stories That Held Your Attention In 2023, Climbing
Weekend Whipper: Cam Breaks After Catching Three Falls, Climbing
And the Best Climber of the Year is… , Climbing
The Story of Professional Skier Lupe Hagearty – One of Skiing’s Unsung Legends, Freeskier
Arianna Tricomi Questions the Future of Skiing in “What if… ?”, Freeskier
Controversial Belay on a 5.15 Causes Uproar, Gripped
A 13-Year-Old Climbs a New 5.14c, Gripped
Moab is Getting its First Climbing Gym, Gripped
Where’s the Snow? A Disappointing Start to the 2024 Ski Season in the USA and Canada, Unofficial Networks
VIDEO: Skydiver Knocked Unconscious In Mid-Air Collision (Woke Up & Survived), Unofficial Networks
Finnish Ski Crew Pushes What Is Possible, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: The Most Challenging Ski Resorts In North America, Unofficial Networks
What’s the Best Climbing Rope?, Weigh My Rack
Two Men Accused of Decapitating 15 Deer, Leaving Bodies to Rot in Missouri, Wide Open Spaces
Where Are Convicted Hunting Influencers Josh and Sarah Bowmar Now?, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Dry farm wines: Organic, sugar-free wines you won’t feel guilty about, The Manual
What Blood Testing Data Reveals About Runners’ Health , Outside
Woman Sues Dentist After Getting 4 Root Canals, 8 Crowns and 20 Fillings in 1 Visit, NY Times
Ditch Online Comparisons and Boost Mental Well-Being, Psychology Today
10 Best Deals on Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches, Gear Latest
‘Year In Sport’: Strava’s Annual Report Reveals Top Trends — and Setbacks, GearJunkie
Patagonia Gets Deep in ‘The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow’, GearJunkie
Why My Favorite Strength Training Equipment is a Backpack Made for Distance Running, Outside
The Anti-Bonk Diet, Outside
Hybrid Athlete Training Isn’t a Workout Hack—It’s Better, Men’s Journal
Quaker Oats Recalls Dozens of Products, Including Granola Bars, Over Salmonella Risk, Healthline
Oncology/Cancer: 2023 Advancements and Breakthroughs, Healthline
The Year’s Top Medical Breakthroughs in Weight Loss, Healthline
The Wild Fight Over Processed Food and Raw Milk, Men’s Health
Aaron Rodgers’ Offseason Training Plan Includes Even More Psychedelics, Men’s Health
The 2024 Men’s Health Fitness Awards, Men’s Health
The New Rule for Calories per Pound of Weight Loss ,
Why Weight Loss Plateaus on Diets,
More Women Who Are Not Pregnant Are Ordering Abortion Pills Just in Case, NY Times
The 6-Day Energy Challenge, NY Times
These Books Will Help Heal Your Relationship With Food, NY Times
Are Psychedelics the Next Wave for Treating Depression?, Psychology Today
The Nighttime Protein Fix, T-Nation
80/20 Triathlon Training: The What, Why, and How, Triathlete
5 Best Hip Stretches That Every Athlete Needs to Know, Triathlete
2024 Best Diets: Mediterranean Diet Wins – Yes, Again, WebMD

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