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First – my apologies for last week’s discussion group. I was not in Wyoming at the time and simply messed up my time zones …. so started the meeting an hour late, only to find out that I’d messed it up. My apologies … I’m just a dumb strength coach …

Also – moving forward, pls note I’ve changed the meeting time to 5:30pm Mountain Time – so hopefully this will allow more people to participate.

– Rob Shaul


Join MTI’s  “Arete Discussion Group”, Fridays  @ 5:30 PM, Mountain Time

Arete is one of the more interesting things we do here at MTI, and it has a dedicated weekly readership.

The articles that make each week’s Arete are those within the MTI areas of interest that I find (1) Important and interesting, or (2) just interesting. Often, I purposely look for articles and essays that challenge conventional wisdom and thinking. I work hard on it every week.

I’ve received many notes over the years from Arete readers and MTI subscribers who appreciate Arete and it’s way of introducing them to thoughts, news and information that wouldn’t have come across their radar otherwise.

Taking it one step further, we’ve begun a weekly, live (Zoom), “Arete Discussion Group” at 5:30pm, mountain time, every Friday.

I’ll start the discussion with what I felt was the single most important and/or interesting articles for each category in the week’s Arete, and then open up the lines for reader’s thoughts, feedback, etc. The articles I’ve chosen are underlined and at the top of each category, below.

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Thanks, – Rob Shaul



Will the ACFT go Live in April as Planned?, Army Times
Get ready for ‘computer-assisted’ shooting with the Army’s new optic, Defense News
Navy Shouldn’t Build Next-Gen Destroyers Until Tech is Proven, Navy Secretary Signals, Defense One
Marine Corps to allow some officers to opt out of promotion boards, Marine Corps Times
Military’s anti-extremism policy might not apply to about a million reservists, Military Times
U.S. Special Operations Presses On in Ukraine, Stars & Stripes
A Marine was asked ‘how many people have you killed?’ His response was perfect, Task & Purpose
Turn On the Light, Extinguish the Fire: Israel’s New Way of War, War on the Rocks
6 Navy Seals Run For Congress with One Goal, Take down Pelosi, Washington Examiner
Seven sailors injured in ‘landing mishap’ aboard carrier Carl Vinson, Navy Times
Corps will stop punishing Marines who can’t shave due to razor bumps, Marine Corps Times
A Ukraine Invasion Could Go Nuclear, Forbes
Marines Return Fire on Suicide Bomb. No One Was Shooting, ProPub
‘My only regret is not doing more’ — Why I reported Eddie Gallagher for war crimes, Task & Purpose
Who are the ‘Island Boys’ and why do US troops keep paying them for military shoutout videos?, Task & Purpose
‘Sidewalk,’ ‘Terminally Stupid,’ and ‘Meatloaf’ — How military pilots get their call signs, Task & Purpose
How Long Could Ukraine Hold Out Against a Russian Invasion?, Homeland Security Newswire
TacJobs – Clandestine Media Group’s Shooter to Shooter Internship, Soldier Systems

National Security / Foreign Policy

American Deterrence’s Missing Half, RAND
Germany holds its ground on denying weapons for Ukraine, Defense One
Biden Promises More Troops In Poland, Romania If Russia Invades Ukraine, Defense One
Swedish spy agency investigates drone sightings at three nuclear power plants,
Ex-director of Danish spy agency charged with treason in ‘unprecedented’ case,
Russia prepares a surprise for USA and NATO in Vietnam and Iran, Pravda Report
How America Can Punish Russia for a Ukraine Invasion, Real Clear Defense
Biden’s Rhetoric on Ukraine Has Been Quite Moderate. Here’s What That Means, RAND
Poland begins work on $400m Belarus border wall against refugees, Al Jazerra
Concerns as China builds bridge on lake at disputed India border, Al Jazerra
America needs a new grand strategy to navigate the 21st century, Defense News
How The United States Needs To Start Deterring China From Taking Over Taiwan, Hudson Institute
Philippines receives military equipment from China, Janes
Kratos Reveals Existence of Secretive Demogorgon, The War Zone
Heritage Expert Explains Threats Posed by China, Heritage Foundation
Lost on the Next Battlefield: The Need to Replace GPS, The War Room
Russia and China hold joint naval exercises in Arabian Sea, Pravda Report

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Three Baltimore (MD) Firefighters Die in Rowhouse Collapse, Firefighter Nation
Warnings of “Civil War” Risk Harming Efforts Against Political Violence, Homeland Security Newswire
Manchester (NH) Firefighter Retracts Pay Scandal Charges, Regrets ‘Starting War’, FFN
Police Departments are Losing Officers and Struggling to Replace Them, WSJ
Does Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Work? Can It?, FFN
Nearly half of N.Y. FD takes leave in protest over new chief’s leadership, FR1
Cops cleared after pulling paraplegic driver out of a car by dreadlocks and arms after he refused to exit, LE Today
Report: More than 35 employees quit police department over low morale, toxic work environment, LE Today
Evictions: ‘What’s the true cost’ to law enforcement?, Police1
Fla. LEO seen on video grabbing fellow officer’s throat, under investigation, Police1
Forest Service announces 10-year initiative to increase fuel treatment, Wildfire Today
The Self-Actualized Man and the Sea, Adventure Journal
FEMA Sees ‘Mass Exit’ of Employees Amid Surge in Disasters, Defense One
Lawmakers ask Austin to rush Abrams sale to Poland, Military Times
Democrats in Congress Seek Review of Teams Within the Border Patrol, NY Times
Vice President Harris speaks about the pay of firefighters, Wildfire Today
Los Angeles (CA) Fire Chief to Resign, Mayor to Appoint First Woman Chief, FFN
Nearly half of N.M. department, 14 FF/EMTs, gives 2 weeks’ notice over pay, FR1
‘Helmet theft’ latest beef in Ill. fire district where FFs quit over leadership change, FR1
Do you CBI what I see? The relationship between the Composite Burn Index and quantitative field measures of burn severity varies across gradients of forest structure, International Journal of Wildland Fire
What cops should know about vehicle fires, Police1
Watch: Del. police officers lift car off of woman’s leg, Police1
Bystanders filming cops must stay 15 feet back, new Ariz. bill proposes, Police1
Reports released about fatality on the 2020 El Dorado Fire, Wildfire Today
An Ode to the Pulaski, the Hero’s Tool, Adventure Journal

Mountain / Outside

Personal Ski Lift: Zoa Unveils Tow-Rope Concept You Can Bring Anywhere, GearJunkie
Governor Removes Another Qualified Commissioner, BHA
Simulations Can Improve Avalanche Forecasting, Homeland Security Newswire
Garmin Fenix 7 Series In-Depth Review, DC Rainmaker
Personal Ski Lift: Zoa Unveils Tow-Rope Concept You Can Bring Anywhere, GearJunkie
The Exposure Knob, BC Ski Blog
Once Near-Extinct Fin Whales Gathering In Huge Numbers Near Antarctica, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 1/20/22, AAI
El Capitan’s Dawn Wall attempted by Sébastien Berthe, Siebe Vanhee, Planet Mountain
Black Mountain (NH) Threatens to Cancel Uphill Skinning Due to Trespassers, Unofficial Networks (UN)
One-Footed Carving = Impressive Display of Snowboarding Balance & Strength, UN
Travis Rice Rides Raft Accessed Terrain Along 21 Mile Stretch of The Snake River, UN
How Could a Trail Fit for a Toddler Be the Site of a Deadly Disaster?, Outside
PBS Releasing Documentary Film About Montana’s Freestyle Skiing Legacy, UN
Shaun White Parts Ways With Burton To Launch Signature Brand “Whitespace”, UN
Hike In Uber Comfort and Safety With Arc’Teryx’s Aerios AR Mid GTX Boots, Men’s Gear
Trouble Behind, Backpacking Light
REI Employees in Manhattan File Papers to Unionize, Adventure Journal
I Triggered an Avalanche. Do I Have to Tell Anyone?, Outside
Curt, Your New Favorite Surfer, and, Quite Possibly, Favorite Person, Adventure Journal
The all-new Ranger 102 is the most versatile plank in Fischer’s updated freeride lineup, Freeskier
Why Mark-Andre Leclerc Agreed to Be Filmed in “The Alpinist”, Outside
Club Run, Patagonia
Painful to Carry Gear That’s Still Totally Worth Carrying, Adventure Journal
Girl Crush: Lessons Learned in the Storm, Backcountry Mag
The battle for Outdoor Retailer’s future is on, Outside Business
This RV Giant Just Unveiled Its First Electric Camper Van, Men’s Health
[SHOT 2022] The New Grizzly Scooter and more from Bakcou Bikes, Outdoor Hub
4 Misconceptions About Mousing for Trout, Meateater
Hunting Firearm Technology and the Revolution It’s Leading, Wide Open Spaces
Beaver Trapping: Learning Basic Sets and Sign, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

30+ Dietary Supplement Statistics for 2022, Muscle & Brawn
Neil Young demands Spotify remove his music over Joe Rogan vaccine misinformation, The Guardian
Long Runs Train Your Heart. Sprints Train Your Muscles, Outside
Robot umpires inch closer to calling MLB games, Axios
We’ll Never Have a Normal Flu Season Again, Vox
This Is How Many Calories You Burn on an Exercise Bike, The Manual
Move Well First: A New Path for Coaching Fitness, Breaking Fitness
Aerobic fitness of elite soccer players linked to player positions, Science Daily
This Is the Best Podcast We’ve Heard About Health, Outside
4 Low-Carb Root Vegetables Your Diet Is Crying out For, Men’s Health
The Best All-Around Training Method EVER, StrongFirst
Opinion: This HIV prevention medicine is for everyone. Why do so few people take it?, STAT
How to Fix IT Band Syndrome For Good, T Nation
Three Base Training Experiments You Should Try Now, Training Peaks
Study: Black Men Twice as Likely to Develop Prostate Cancer as Whites, WebMD
Michael Dell Op-ed: There will never be a post-Covid world, CNBC
There are 5 stages of life—here’s what to do at every age ‘to minimize your regrets,’ says life coach, CNBC
WWE Owner Vic McMahon Still Jacked at 76, Trains daily at 3AM, The Sun
The Latest Science on Compression Gear, Outside
Four Training Zones Every Runner Needs to Know, Outside
Girl Crush is a Female Mentorship As It Should Be, TGR
These Mothers Were Exhausted, So They Met on a Field to Scream, NY Times
A Physiological Look At What The Body Goes Through In An Ironman, Triathlete
Is It Better to Drink a Little Alcohol Than None at All?,
How a Highly Sensitive Person Can Get Over a Breakup And Move On, Tiny Buddha
Strength Training for Jiu Jitsu World Championships, Juggernaut
Trap Bars, Med Balls, and Leg Tucks, Oh My! – An Ode to Training for Strength for Aspiring Military Officers – Gregory Hess, Starting Strength
Bird Flu Is Back in the US. No One Knows What Comes Next, Wired


Is Old Music Killing New Music?, Atlantic
‘Gold in the sea’: Brazil’s booming fish bladder trade, Al Jazerra
Chart of the day…. or century?, AEI
Electric vehicle “tsunami” expected as new models hit market, Axios
How Bad Are Plastics, Really?, The Atlantic
Why Netflix keeps cranking up its prices, The Verge
Poll: Americans really don’t want a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024, Business Insider
Germany Continues Debate Over Ending Unlimited Speed Sections On Autobahn After Bugatti Run, Jalopnik
Florida lawmakers advanced a bill that would allow parents to sue schools if staff speak to students about gender identity or sexuality, Business Insider
How 5G Puts Airplanes at Risk – an Electrical Engineer Explains, Homeland Security Newswire
What is 5G? An electrical engineer explains., Defense News
Hunga Tonga volcano triggered nearly 400,000 lightning strikes, Wildfire Today
2022 FORD BRONCO RAPTOR, Bless This Stuff
Seven Signs That the Mainstream Has a Beef with Beef, Sierra Magazine
A grandmother was being scammed so she lured the scammer to her home so police could arrest him, Washington Post
The Margin: Merrill Lynch wealth adviser arrested, fired after calling teen smoothie shop worker an ‘immigrant loser’ and throwing a drink at her, MarketWatch
After 13 Years On The Market, The Dodge Challenger Has Finally Won, Jalopnik
27 House members sign letter asking Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy to bring stock-trading ban to the floor: ‘We came to Congress to serve our country, not turn a quick buck’, Business Insider
Wait, So Where Will Urbanites Charge Their EVs?, Wired


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