Arete 1.2.19

Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Protesters set fire to US embassy in Baghdad, Al Jazerra
Russia-Poland row over start of WW2 escalates, BBC
Angela Merkel: ‘Dedicating all my strength’ to fighting climate crisis,
Xinjiang’s Descent Into Darkness, Foreign Policy
How to Succeed at Seceding, Foreign Policy
Is Liberal Democracy Always the Answer?, Foreign Policy
Strategies for the Indo-Pacific: Perceptions of the U.S. and Like-Minded Countries, Hudson Institute
US bans Pentagon use, procurement of Chinese UAVs, Janes 360
Taliban says it ‘has no intention of declaring a ceasefire’, Long War Journal
Several American troops wounded and a US contractor killed in rocket attack on Kirkuk base, Military Times
How the border wall work-stop could affect troop deployments, Military Times
Strategic Folly and the Consequences of America’s Unending War in Afghanistan, Modern War Instititute
Don’t Let Kabul 2020 Look Like Saigon 1975: The Dangers of a Precipitous Afghanistan Withdrawal, Modern War Institute
Starting With “Why”: The National Security Strategy and America’s National Interests, Small Wars Journal
What ‘The Afghanistan Papers’ Got Wrong, Small Wars Journal
U.S. Troops Have Not ‘Died in Vain’ in Afghanistan, Joint Chiefs Chairman Says, Small Wars Journal
Army colonel files federal lawsuit accusing vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of sexual assault, Task & Purpose
NATO’s Most Elite Operators and their Biggest Challenges, Cipher Brief


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

3rd firefighter dies fighting Australian bushfires, Firerescue1
Police investigating after Ohio firefighter’s grave robbed of decorations, Firerescue1
10 fire service incidents that defined the decade, Firerescue1
Kansas Police Officer Fabricated McDonald’s Coffee Cup Story ‘As a Joke’,
37 Fired Over Nazi Salutes by West Virginia Corrections Cadets,
Florida Sheriff Blasts Amazon for Not Cooperating in Porch-Pirate Case,
Sheriff: Almost all upgrades from Vegas shooting implemented, Police One
Residents of Australian city threatened by fire directed to go to the ocean, Wildfire Today



Our Favorite Culture Stories of 2019, Outside
A Dusty Road, a Trusty 4×4, Surfboards, and Spirit Are All You Need, Adventure Journal
Saying Bye to Fossil Fuels, Hello to Human and E-Powered Adventure Is Possible, Adventure Journal
The Best Insect Repellents, Backpacker
The Outdoor Books that Shaped the Last Decade, Outside
Turn of Mind, Patagonia
Best Static Ropes, Backpacker
Ask an Editor: What Do You Think About the Olympics?, Climbing Magazine
The Latest Science on Purifying Backcountry Water, Outside
11 Reasons Why Snowmobiles are the Best (and Worst) Vehicles Ever Made, Powder Mag
5 Best Ice Climbing Routes in the United States, Osprey Packs
Winter in Moab: 7 Must-Do Adventures, Osprey Packs
Have Drones Fully Replaced Helicopters in Snowboard Movies?, Unofficial Networks
Meet the Woman Behind the Most Unconventional Ski Movie of the Year, Powder
He Lost Both Feet in the Mountains—But He Survived, Outside
I Loved Bike Touring—Until I Got Paid to Do It, Outside

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Why a Higher VO2 Max Isn’t Always Better, Outside
These Will Be the Biggest Health Trends of 2020, Outside
Transcript Highlight: Josh Larson on Training Team USA for the Olympics, Training for Rock Climbing
Make 2020 the Year of Maximum Enthusiasm, Outside
Moms’ obesity in pregnancy is linked to lag in sons’ development and IQ, Science Daily
Our Best Advice on Performance and Wellbeing in 2019, Outside
Caffeine may offset some health risks of diets high in fat, sugar, Science Daily
Close to half of US population projected to have obesity by 2030, Science Daily
A Fitness Regime Planned by Your Genes, Fortune
Intermittent fasting: Live ‘fast,’ live longer?, Science Daily
The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Go Beyond Weight Loss, Men’s Journal
Make 2020 the Year of Less Sugar, NY Times
Regular Exercise Cuts Odds for 7 Major Cancers, WebMD
A Decade of Fitness, NY Times
A Year In Fitness 2019, Muscle & Fitness
Meet the Powerlifter Who Can Lift Three Times Her Bodyweight, Muscle & Fitness

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