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Military / National Affairs / Foreign Relations

Iran’s Support to the Taliban, Which Has Included MANPADS and a Bounty on U.S. Troops, Could be a Spoiler for Peace in Afghanistan, Small Wars Journal
Niger Army Chief Fired After 89 Killed In Extremist Attack, Homeland Security Newswire
Boris Johnson refuses to grant Scotland powers to hold independence vote, The Guardian
France, Five African States Launch New Anti-Terrorist Coalition for the Sahel Region, Homeland Security Newswire
Can Iraq Evict U.S. Forces?, Rand Corp
The Army’s NFL Combine: The Battalion Commander Assessment Program, Modern War Institute
Lost Per Year, Forbes
U.S. Announces New Sanctions on Venezuela, Foreign Policy
The Future Role of the Marine Corps, War on the Rocks
The Origins of Boko Haram—And Why It Matters, Hudson Institute
Federal lawsuits target both Iran and private firms for allegedly financing Taliban and Al-Qaeda operations that killed U.S. troops, Long War Journal
Don’t Hold Your Breath for Democratic Change in the Middle East, Council of Foreign Relations
Russia’s Hostile Measures, Rand Corp
Three Companies Vie to Make Next-Gen Squad Weapon, National Defense
California Governor’s proposed budget would add 677 firefighters, Wildfire Today
The Conventional Wisdom on China’s Island Bases Is Dangerously Wrong, War on the Rocks
Greenland’s Ice Melt Rate Has Now Accelerated To A Whopping 234 Billion Tons Of Ice , Forbes
Pentagon says climate change is a growing security threat, Wildfire Today

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Fentanyl: The Most Dangerous Illegal Drug in America, Rand Corporation
Jersey killers had car bomb that would have “killed people five football fields away”, LE Today
2 Ind. SWAT officers shot while executing warrant, Police One
U.S. firefighters describe an intense assignment in Australia, Wildfire Today
Mexican cartel, MS-13 members arrested sneaking drugs across the border, LE Today
4 FDNY firefighters, newborn, 17 others hurt in NYC blaze, Fire Rescue 1
20 misconceptions TV taught us about police, Police One
Firefighter salary dispute headed to arbitration panel, Fire Rescue 1
Dallas police plan to use new predictive technology to address rising crime rate, Police One
The FBI Can Unlock Florida Terrorist’s iPhones Without Apple, Bloomberg
Australia requests U.S. Incident Management Teams to assist with bushfires, Wildfire Today
This is not my grandfather’s fire service, Fire Rescue 1
How Many Dead Animals Is 1 Billion Dead Animals?, Outside



Top 10 USA Ski Resorts With The Most Snow So Far This Season, Unofficial Networks
Climber Jeff Lowe Changed The Calculus of Possibility, Adventure Journal
Steep-skiing boundary breaker Hilaree Nelson dishes on her formative years and staying rooted at 8,000 feet, Backcountry Magazine
Study Finds That Serious Head Injuries Actually Go UP With Ski Helmet Use, Unofficial Networks
How to Read Clouds When You’re Exploring, Outside
Flood in the Desert: How a Tidal Wave of Climbers is Reshaping Bishop, California, Climbing Magazine
Outdoor Shaming Needs to Stop, Backpacker
After 20 years, Patagonia’s R1 celebrates its tenure as the ultimate layer, Backcountry Magazine
Travel Is Worth the Carbon Footprint, Outside
Martin Zhor completes record-breaking Aconcagua ascent, Planet Mountain
The 10 Golden Rules of Better Hiking  , Gear Institute
Colorado Braces for Wolves as Politics Clash with Wildlife Management, Outdoor Life
Just Because You’re Inbounds Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe, Outside
Adam Ondra climbing the best boulder ever built, Planet Mountain
Sibling Rivalry: Jackson Versus Targhee, Powder Mag
Industry Buzz: ORCA acquired, Yosemite, L.L.Bean, Colorado Mountain Club, California, e-bikes, plastic at Buckingham Palace, and more, SNEWS
20 Low-Budget, High-Experience Trips for 2020, The Adventure Blog


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

The Best Everyday Hot Sauces, According to Pro Chefs, Gear Patrol
Why Drinking Diet Soda Makes You Crave Sugar, Nutrition Facts
Kenyan Runner Smashes 10K World Record, Gear Junkie
How to Deal With an ACL Tear, According to Expert, Men’s Journal
Comparison of Velocity-Based and Traditional Percentage-Based Loading Methods on Maximal Strength and Power Adaptations, JSCR
Keto Pills: Why I’m Highly Skeptical, Mark’s Daily Apple
Here’s why writing things out by hand makes you smarter, Business Insider
What Is the Ideal Amount of Time To Spend Outside Each Week?, REI Co-op Journal
Can a Standardized Visual Assessment of Squatting Technique and Core Stability Predict Injury?, JSCR
A replacement for exercise?, Science Daily
Evaluation of Strength and Conditioning Measures With Game Success in Division I Collegiate Volleyball: A Retrospective Study, JSCR
Effects of Personal Protective Equipment on the Performance of Federal Highway Policemen in Physical Fitness Tests, JSCR
Body Temperature 2.0: Do We Need to Rethink What’s Normal?, NY Times
Here’s Why You Should Do HIIT Before You Lift , Men’s Journal
The Risks and Benefits of Taking Low-Dose Aspirin,
What to Say to Someone With Cancer, NY Times

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