Aerobic Base Assessment: Initial Findings and More Athletes Needed

Aerobic Base Athletes Needed – All Ages

MTI is seeking to develop a scoring system for the assessment of an individual’s aerobic base, categorized as poor, good, or excellent. Share your results in the MTI Forum.

The Assessment: 

  • 60-minute run within the designated aerobic zone.
  • The aerobic zone is calculated as 180 minus the individual’s age, with a deviation of plus or minus 5. For example, if you are 32 you would run within 143-153 beats per minute (BPM). If you go over 153 BPM then you need to slow down to a shuffle or walk in order to stay within your zone.

By conducting this assessment, MTI aims to evaluate an athlete’s level of aerobic fitness. This information is valuable in determining the appropriate time for transitioning to different training methods within a specific range.

To establish a reliable scoring assessment, MTI requires a larger pool of athletes to participate in the assessment and share their results on the forum. Athletes must disclose their age, distance covered during the assessment, and provide details regarding their training background (e.g., endurance athlete, mountain, tactical, etc.).

MTI intends to develop a scoring assessment applicable to all age groups, necessitating data from individuals of varying ages. The existing data collected thus far covers all ages, and MTI plans to establish scoring assessments for age groups in increments of 5, with separate charts for each group.

Where do you land on the chart?

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