6 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe

By Mintra Mattison

With the Athlete’s Subscription Package you get access to everything MTI has to offer.

Here are 6 reasons why you should subscribe:


1. You get access to all of our Training Plans

We now offer over 200 training plans across, Mountain, Military, LE, Fire Rescue and General Fitness. Chances are pretty high that you will find exactly what you need within the variety of plans. But we don’t stop there. We are constantly designing new plans by request or simply out of interest.


2. You get access to our 7 Educational Online Programming Courses

What we’ve noticed over the years is that our athletes not only enjoy and appreciate our programming but often like to understand the reasoning behind the progressions. So we added our Educational Courses to the Subscription Package for the experienced athlete or coach who desires to learn more about strength and conditioning program design.


3. You get access to our Day-to-Day Sessions

We offer Day-to-Day programming for Military and LE Athletes that includes coaches’ notes and videos. These sessions run year round and are followed by tactical and mountain professionals as well as those who aspire to this level of fitness.


4. You can change training plans as your season/event/pft/selection changes.

Whether you’re a professional mountain or tactical athlete, strength and conditioning coach, committed gym rat or if your sports changes with the seasons, you can always pivot to a different plan to help prepare you for your goal.


5. You get access to our Legacy Training Plans

We’ve been designing sport-specific training plans for over a decade. These plans may have older programming but are proven, athlete’s favorites so we keep them available to our subscribers.


6. Our Stuff Works. Guaranteed

When it comes to program design, methodologies and testing all that matters to us is outside performance.  Our Stuff Works in the real world so here’s our guarantee:

If you purchase the Athlete’s Subscription Package, follow the training sessions as prescribed, and are not satisfied with the quality of the programming, notify us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. Click HERE to learn more.







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