5 Exercises for Training in an Austere Environment

by Charles Bausman

To us, limited or no equipment is never an excuse, so here are couple of exercises you can do with nothing but a heavy rock or short log.

Equipment Needed: A heavy rock or short log

1. Side or Front Rock Load and Wall Scale
With a wall/obstacle in front of you or to the side, use a strongman lift to pick up the rock and toss it to the other side. Scale the wall and follow, repeat. Trains hip extension, brute strength, and agility.

2. Rock throw and chase
Same as our sandbag version of the exercise. Just use a rock. As many as possible in 10 minutes for a killer work capacity effort.

3. Rock Squat
Lift rock to shoulder, and squat. Sets and reps depend on the rock weight and your strength. Trains leg strength, and irregular object balance.

4. Ground to Shoulder
Using strongman atlas stone technique, lift stone from the ground to shoulder. Let stone drop in front or behind you. Watch your toes. Brute Strength.

5. Single Arm Throw
Use a light stone. The exercise should look like a shotput throw with hip rotation and extension. Develops upper body power and can be used for work capacity efforts.


Watch this video for a demo of each exercise.



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