Packet Focus: Limited Equipment Training Packet



The five training plans contained within this bundle represent 31 weeks of total training with limited equipment demands. You don’t need a gym to complete any of these plans.

The first plan in this packet, Bodyweight Foundation, is one of our most popular plans, and a great starting point for both fit and new athletes to MTI programming. It builds a base that includes bodyweight strength training for your lower body, upper body, and core, as well as power training and aerobic endurance.

This packet of plans is organized so that each plan will build your fitness for the next.


The five plans, in the order you’ll complete them, are:

  1. Bodyweight Foundation
  2. Sandbag/Weight Vest/Dumbbell Training Plan
  3. Humility Training Plan
  4. Courage Training Plan
  5. GoRuck Heavy Training Plan

After the completion of each training plan, you’ll take a week of total rest.





Each training plan has a write-up at the beginning that will clarify details about the plans execution and flow.



Body Weight Foundation:
Pull up bar,  Wrist watch with interval timer (Timex ironman is best)

Sandbag/Weight Vest/Dumbbell Training Plan:
Weight Vest – Men will need a 25# vest, Women a 15# Vest. You can wear your individual body armor (IBA) in place of a vest; Sandbag – Men will need a 60# sandbag, Women a 40# sandbag; Pair of Dumbbells – Men will need a pair of 25# dumbbells, Women will need a 15# dumbbells; 30-Foot piece of rope with Caribiner – to connect to sandbags for standing and seated rope pulls

Pull up Bar, Interval timer watch, 25# Weight Vest or IBA, Dumbbells (Men – 25#, Women – 15#), Foam Roller, 16-18″ bench for step ups. Optional- GPS Watch – will make running easier.

Kettlebells or Dumbbells (Men- 15-75#, Women – 15-50#), Sandbags (40 & 60# for women, 60 & 80# for men), Dip Station or Rings, Pull Bar, cones to mark shuttles, 10# Sledge or dumbbell to carry while rucking, 20″ Box for Box Jumps, Ruck or Backpack and 45# filler, GHD Machine: (If you’re gym doesn’t have it, no problem, do Weighted Sit-ups with 25/35# instead.)

GoRuck Heavy:
Sandbag (Men 60#, Women 40#), Ruck and 35# filler, Interval watch, PVC Pipe or Broom Handle, Foam Roller, GPS (optional)



What if I miss a day?
Begin where you left off when you return to training. This program is progressed – each session builds upon the prior session – so don’t skip a session or skip around. Follow the training sessions in order, regardless.

What about stretching?
Mobility work is included in the warm ups, and athletes can stretch and foam roll after running, however, overall strength and fitness is emphasized with this plan, not mobility/flexibility. Feel free to complete additional stretching on your own.

Where do I find unfamiliar exercises?
See our Exercise Library HERE. The Run/Ruck Calculator is listed as an exercise.

What about nutrition?
See our Nutritional Guidelines HERE.

What do you mean by 15 Minute “Grind”?
You should work your way through these circuits briskly not frantically.

How do I access the plan? Pdf? Online?
Plan access is online, via username and password.

Can I print out sessions to take to the gym?
Yes – you can print a week of programming at a time

More Questions? Email: