Programming Courses at MTI

MTI’s programming courses are like no other in the industry. Students get an un-edited instruction and insight into MTI’s most recent evolution of strength and conditioning program design. The course has a significant hands-on emphasis – Day 1 students will deploy MTI methodology to design meso cycles and individual training sessions. These are not  “into” courses for dabblers. Days start early and often run late. Come prepared to work hard and learn.

Tactical Advanced Programming Seminar | May 29 – May 31, 2017

Online Courses

MTI offers several programming courses online. Read More Here.

Custom Courses

  • Advanced Programming Seminar – Tactical (3 Days)
  • Advanced Programming Seminar – Mountain (3 Days)
  • Soldier-Athlete Certification Course (3 Days)
  • Unit Fitness Leader Course – Military (2 Days)
  • Unit Fitness Leader Course – Fire/Rescue (2-Days)
  • Unit Fitness Leader Course – Law Enforcement (2-Days)

We require a minimum of 10 students to travel for a course.

MTI can also develop a custom course, based on your needs to include day-to-day strength and conditioning programming design, Range Fitness program design, sport-specific and selection specific program design, PFT design, etc.

For Prices and Scheduling Email: