In-Season Skiing Maintenance Training Program


• 12-Week Plan, 2-3 training days/week
• Designed to maintain gains made during the off-season while keeping you fresh to ski hard when you can
• Programming matches both ski professionals and weekend warriors
• This training plan is one of the 182+ Plans included with an Athlete’s Subscription.

Product Description

This training program is specifically designed to maintain ski fitness during the ski season for mountain professionals (ski guides, ski patrollers) and weekend warriors. This program trains athletes 2-3 days/week, over 12 weeks. It contains 36 total training sessions.

The program is designed for both both Ski Professionals, who work on the ski hill 5-6 days/week, and Weekend Warriors, who hammer the slopes on Saturday and Sunday. We recommend Ski Professionals train two days/week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The training sessions for both days focus on strength maintenance for the “mountain chassis” (legs/core) and and durability. We recommend Weekend Warriors train 3 days/week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Weekly training schedule
Monday – Rest Day
       Tuesday – Strength Training + Durability in a Gym (All Athletes)
Wednesday – Eccentric Strength Maintenance, Leg Lactate Threshold Training
(Weekend Warriors)
      Thursday – Strength Training + Durability in a Gym (All Athletes)
            Friday – Rest Day
      Saturday – Ski!!
         Sunday – Ski!!

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Required Equipment

You need a fully-equipped gym to complete the plan, including barbells, plates, dumbbells and/or kettlebells, 20” plyo box, pull up bar, etc.

Sample Session

SESSION 4 (Both)
Obj: Strength

4 Rounds
6x Front Squat - 45/65#
6x Push Press - 45/65#
6x EOs
Instep Stretch

(1) 6 Rounds
3x Thruster - increase load rapidly each round until
hard but doable, then immediately ....
1x Burpee - explosive!
3x Shoulder Jackknives

(2) 5 Rounds
5x Bench Press - increase load rapidly each round
until hard but doable
3/5x Pull-ups
Hip Flexor Stretch

(3) 4 Rounds
5x Ankle to Bar
20/20 sec. Side Bridge
10x Seated Russian Twists - 25/35#
10x Good Mornings @ 45# barbell

(4) 3 Rounds
5x Kettlebell 1-leg Lift-8kg
10x Hamstring Hell
10x 1-leg Hip Bridge
30 sec. Foam Roll Right Quad
30 sec. Foam Roll Left Quad

SESSION 5 (Weekend Warriors Only)
Obj: Work Capacity

4 Rounds
3x Lunges
6x Air Squats
12x Sit-ups
Instep Stretch

(1) 8 Rounds
Mini Leg Blasters
30 sec. Rest

(2) 4 Rounds
3/5x Pull-ups
5/7x Push-ups
7/9x Bench Dips

(3) 4 Rounds
30 sec. Double Horizontal Hop

20 sec. Skier Tuck Hold
30 sec. Box Jump - 20”
20 sec. Skier Tuck Hold
30 sec. Touch/Jump/Touch
60 sec. Rest

(4) 2 Rounds
20 Sec. Jane Fonda
Hip Flexor + Pigeon Stretch
5x Shoulder Dislocates