I’ve been using your Busy Dad and LE/Patrol Detective plans for a while now. I’m a 12 year Air Force veteran, a very busy dad to two little girls, husband, and am now working through my state’s police academy to transition to civilian law enforcement. Without a doubt, your programs have allowed me to keep up with my daughters, and have now enabled me to not only keep up with the young police cadets, but show them how strong they can also become. I recommend your training programs to anyone who will listen. Your focus on chassis integrity, specifically, has helped me with some of the grappling and aided in injury prevention. While everyone else is gasping for air, I ask for more, and I credit that to your outstanding programs.

Thank you for what you do!

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No hype – just hard core

“Thanks for all you do. Been a customer now for 2 years or so. In that time I did the Cpat training program, smoked the Cpat and got Pro Firefighter certifications back.  I also completed police academy (whereupon at age 44 I was in the fasted run/pt group among mostly 20 year olds). I need a structured plan telling me what to do when to accomplish a specific goal. No hype just hard core.  MTI did that. I’ve looked at other programs but end up comparing everything to MTI. Thanks again. Definitely a satisfied customer.”

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Fuck you Rob, and I mean that in the best possible way.

First off, thanks for always taking the time to look for feedback and ways to improve your programming.  I became an Operator Sessions devotee a long time ago around the time I was actually ending my career as an 18B in 10th Group.  As I have aged and physical fitness and life demands have changed, I have always come back to those sessions to get my brokedown ass in shape and measure where I’m at with my mental and physical fitness.

I am 41 and currently an agent with the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DS), which unfortunately like most FLEs has no real enforcement of physical fitness standards.  DS runs the gamut of PT animals to fat slobs and everything in between.  We also have a unique culture where half our jobs are overseas and half domestic and we typically do one to three year rotations in these different positions.  The overseas gigs are much more highly regarded in the agency and the State Department at large.  That said, those two arenas potentially have very different physical fitness demands, as we are largely doing criminal investigations/close protection stateside or managing vast security programs/running protection overseas.  It can be difficult to sell the need for a high level of physical fitness as long as nothing goes wrong, but few agents understand that they could be dragging an unconscious protectee (i.e. Benghazi), under fire in a very bad place, and what the required level of fitness is to not only get them off the X but potentially fight back in a coherent manner.

I apologize for all the email diarrhea, but the point I’m getting to is that on a day to day basis our physical fitness requirements aren’t much beyond walking down the hall and pulverizing a computer keyboard.  On the other hand, overseas we often work alone with protectees in austere environments, small teams in failed states, or larger elements with DoD or PMCs in war zones.  Anything is possible and I am of the mindset that as an organization we should always look to be in shape for the worst case scenario.  It is simply not possible sometimes with our work schedules but myself and other colleagues have greatly appreciated your recent cycle of shortened but intensified Operator Sessions.  I can knock them out and get to my glorious 12hr day of cable and memo writing, but feel confident that when I have to take some “important person” out to bad guy country by myself, I am physically prepared if something goes wrong.

To your question, the Operator Sessions exceed the daily physical fitness needs of my agency but my belief is they are an exceptional measuring stick of performance for anyone who carries a weapon and does dangerous work.  I used to have to cut down the longer form sessions because I simply could not fit them in my day or use the “Busy Operator” programming, but the current cycles have been a perfect fit and still thrash me.  Even if you can’t continue to focus on creating shorter training sessions with the same level of impact, myself and others I work with greatly appreciate what is already on the site and would love to see more like it.

I’ll stop making your eyes bleed with one anecdote.  I have converted a lot of guys and gals from different military and LE backgrounds to MTI training and I have always passed on my training mantra, which has stuck with just about all of them.  I look at the session for the day and I say “fuck you, Rob Shaul” outloud for the pain you are about to make me endure, and I end it with the same when I’ve completed it.  I still have buddies all over the world who will text that to me after a session.

Fuck you Rob, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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This is the best training I have ever done and injury free at that


I completed your patrol officer program and have nothing but amazing results. I am in the reserves and have a ultimate soldier type competition coming up in September. Through the patrol program I was able to identify some of my weaknesses for the upcoming competition. Which is why I got the work capacity program this time. I will be back for more.

This is the best training I have ever done and injury free at that. The website with all the lifts and stretches is invaluable. Thanks again for the information and motivation.

– S.

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I’ve been using your LE programming since April and have seen significant gains


“I’ve been using your LE programming since April and have seen significant gains in strength, speed, and endurance – all while being pain free and without significant injury.  I’m on a Federal SWAT team and the workouts are definitely applicable to the type of fitness required to do my job.  I’ve done LE Whiskey, Tequila, SWAT Rugar and SWAT Beretta. I’m hoping to see you continue with the SWAT series as I feel its been the best programming for SWAT Athletes.” – K

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Love the programs you’re putting out


“Just wanted to pass along that I had my 3rd degree hapkido/jiu-jitsu test on the 21st.  I’m 42, will be 43 in April, 5’9 and 183lbs.  A lot of our guys are former military and current Law Enforcement officers and they let me have it for over an hour.  I was one week short of finishing “Vodka” prior to the test.  And while I didn’t move quite as fluidly as I wanted to (not because of fitness, probably more adrenaline dump related and nerves from being the only one on the mat for all the spectators), I was able to work at a very high threshold (higher than even I thought I could!) for the entire test.  I was to the point that it was pretty difficult to get me fatigued in training to simulate that dynamic.  But of course I’m much more comfortable there, where I can just focus on training and teaching our lower rank members.  I think that was why I wasn’t as fluid as I wanted, just because nerves and adrenaline and I just couldn’t seem to calm down.  Anyway, love the programs you’re putting out, and even though I’m not your “target” market, hoped the feedback would be useful.  And if you do get out to Des Moines anytime soon, please, let me know.”


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Your SWAT selection plan worked incredibly well for me


“I want to say thanks.  Your SWAT selection plan worked incredibly well for me and I had no physical limitations during my selection process.”

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I’m on my 4th plan and I’m loving every one I’ve tried


“I’m on my 4th plan and I’m loving every one I’ve tried.  I’m a Connecticut state trooper currently working out of our training academy and the exercise plans are awesome.  One of my coworkers who is our pt instructor and a member of our tac team turned me on to your website and I’m hooked.  Thanks for all the great information.”

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I’m a believer in your methodology


“I’ve being following you since 2007’ish when I joined the military, I did 6 years in the infantry and now am a cop in Canada. I’ve done all sorts of programming over the last ten years and (most recently Gym Jones) though believe I have finally found the closest thing to perfect. I’m a believer in your methodology of it better be useful in the field and of a commitment to fitness over time and not just lip service. Ironically enough I hate working out though believe in being the best I can be for my team and the people I serve… So I get after it day after day, week after week. I’ve been using your patrol officer programs and I find them to be well designed for not only for police but anyone with a physical job.”

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Can’t thank you enough!


“Just wanted to pass along my thanks for your programming. I wasn’t selected for my agency SWAT team last year. Since that date, I used all of the Gun Maker Plans and finished up with the SWAT Selection plan to help prepare for this year. I finished first in almost every physical event at Selection and just found out I made the cut. Can’t thank you enough!”

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