Take the test seriously, have a game plan, and put in the work


“A month ago I took DEA PTT and used my tried and true Army technique and just tried to gut through (I am a 280-290 guy so fairly confident). That test was a beast, and I failed miserably. After, I dropped out of 357 and into the MTI DEA Program in the month before my next text. (The plan is 6 weeks and I was only able to do 4, while on leave). The first test I got 6 total points with 43 S/U, 52 sec 300M, 34 P/U, 12:29 Run. A month later in 90+ degree heat 53 S/U, 45 sec 300m, 40 P/U, 10:59 Run with 19 points. Advice for other applicants: take the test seriously, have a game plan, and put in the work.”


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Rob!!! I went from an 18 on my FBI PFT self test to a 26 on my official test day!


“Rob!!! I went from an 18 on my FBI PFT self test to a 26 on my official test day! I went from 43 sit-ups to 49, and out of nowhere got a perfect 10 on my 300 sprint clocking in at 40 seconds!  I followed the program to T, and while I had my moments I completely trusted the program and it paid off. Thank you thank you!!!”

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I see myself using MTI for years to come


“I worked through LE patrol/ detective bourbon and am currently working tequila. I find the workouts build upon each other in a well thought out manner. Unfamiliar exercises are well demonstrated in the exercise database videos. I mixed in exercises from the low back training plan when my back was tight with positive results. I feel more functional strong and conditioned due to this program. I opening speak about the program to people and have found several co-workers had been using it, but the program just wasn’t well known out here in the northeast. We’re spreading the word. I see myself using MTI for years to come.”


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In addition to the great improvement on the numbers here, I feel stronger and more durable!


The plan has been great! I’ve made tremendous progress. When I began the program:

– Push Ups: 25

– Sit Ups: 36

– 1.5 mile run 12:12

– I also added Pull Ups following the same loading percentages as the Push Ups and Sit Ups: 6


Finishing the program

– Push Ups: 46

– Sit Ups: 52

– 1.5 mile run  10:06

– Pull ups: 10

In addition to the great improvement on the numbers here, I feel stronger and more durable! Incredible work Rob, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into designing these programs!


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My progress was mind-blowing!

“My name’s Richard. I’m a former soldier from the Canadian Armed Forces standing at 5’9” and 170lbs soaking wet. I spent many years refusing to pay for training plans or trainers. I learned to work out on my own, with friends, the military and followed copy-pasted plans that I would find in a google search. When I fell on Mountain Tactical Institute’s website some years ago, I told myself..”No way in hell that I would pay a monthly fee for this”. Boy was I wrong! I gave it a shot, thinking: If I can spend money on my Netflix and Amazon Prime account, I could do it for this. I’m now going into law enforcement and chose to follow the SWAT/SRT Ruger training plan. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Week 1  /  Week 7 / Progress

Front Squat 1RM 135 / Front Squat 1RM 200  / 48.15%

Bench Press 1RM 175 / Bench Press 1RM 225 / 28.57%

Hinge lift 1RM 265 / Hinge lift 1RM 340 / 28.30%

Max rep pull-ups 25 / Max rep pull-ups 26 / 4.00%

My progress was mind-blowing! I now look back, regretting that I didn’t sign up years ago. Do yourself a favor, whatever your fitness goal is, follow their plans to the T and you’ll walk out a better athlete both physically and mentally.”

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I’d like to thank you for all you do and the knowledge and advice you share!


“I’d like to thank you for all you do and the knowledge and advice you share!  I had the privilege of competing in the OCR World Championships this past weekend in Ontario and couldn’t be more pleased.. I finished in the top 20% for my age group (40-44) in both races and more importantly completed every single obstacle and kept both my wrists bands! If you fail an obstacle they cut your band off and your considered disqualified for any prizes etc.  I’ve been following your programs for over a year now and felt lean, durable and prepared coming into this event.  I did a mixture of Humility which I’ve done in the past along with the mini events from the DEA FAST program with the running improvement program thrown in there towards the end of my training leading up to races.  I followed your new thoughts on chassis integrity and my lower back and all around core performed great!  I can’t thank you and your hardworking lab rats enough for the guidance I’ve found in your emails, Q & A section and the tried and true real world programs that you guys put out!  I look forward to branching out into more adventures of different types and will continue training and staying  prepared for whatever may come thru your great programs and the strong mind that ensues as a result!” – J

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Just wanted to pass on how great I think the programming is

Wanted to make a quick comment on your programs. To preface, they are awesome.

I am a Tactical Paramedic in Canada and Provide Direct Medical Support to Tactical Teams. Fitness wise it’s lots of crazy hours, call ins, rucking weight, stair climbs with weight and then being able to perform sometimes complex medical tasks and utilize psychomotor skills following a duration of physical work. I have been on and completed the MTI FBI HRT and SWAT selection programs and I am doing the SWAT/SRT Ruger for the 2nd time. The results are great, from a functional fitness point of view. I am almost 48 y/o and have no problem completing these tasks and sometimes completing them seemingly easier than some much younger than me. I have found that doing them outside during the year in all temps has been beneficial. As an example I did the Tac Sepa outside today and it’s pretty cold and snowy but I think this has been to my advantage as this is the same environment and temp that I operate in.  Just wanted to pass on how great I think the programming is.

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I tested for K9 in my department and almost maxed

I used workout plans from you when I was active duty Army from 2011-2015. When I transitioned out I got fat and out of shape. I got back in shape by doing random weightlifting and running a ton. In 2017 I joined a local police department. Earlier this year I tested for a SWAT reserve and realized I need much more job specific training.

This year I have done two of your SWAT programs with significant results. I even suffered from a severe hip sprain and strain that left me bed ridden for almost a week. I was afraid I would not be able to test for a position I wanted.

Today, 10/18, I tested for K9 in my department and almost maxed. I credit your training programs for my success, resilience, and for me performing exceptionally on the range during my test. Thank you so much for you programs and I hope that you continue to produce other SWAT programs.

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