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Jordan’s Top 5 Exercises for Law Enforcement Athletes


1. Power Curl

Hips plus biceps equals the Power Curl. This movement develops explosive hip extension with bicep pulling power, both essential movements for a law enforcement officer who must explosively exit a patrol car and wrestle a suspect to the ground while controlling them. It’s simple, hard, and targeted for areas where LEOs need to be strong.

2. Sandbag Get-ups

Not much needs to be said here if you’ve ever done a Sandbag Get-up. These things train your core in a way nothing else will, sure, but they also train – how to say this – the “between” muscles. The muscles in your body that are (often) neglected like those toys on the Island of Misfit Toys in that Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie that comes on every Christmas. Additionally, each rep requires a lunge, so don’t think I’ve left out lunging – an essential movement to be sure. What is a Sandbag Get-up? It’s a flexion, rotation, isometric brace, and extension for your midsection. If you do them regularly, you’ll have one jacked island of toys, no longer neglected like misfits. In all seriousness, though, SBGUs build a strong midsection, which protects vulnerable limbs by allowing greater control over them, leading to career longevity and operational readiness throughout.

3. Bench

Whether it’s keeping a suspect at arms length or pushing them away from you to create distance, you need a strong chest and shoulders to overpower them. Bench trains pushing power better than almost anything, focusing on the big muscles of the chest and tricep to do the work. Plus, an LEO with a barrel chest under body armor is downright scary – fear is a great form of crime prevention or resistance suppression when you’re the one who’s on the ground level with your life on the line.

4. Craig Special

This great combination movement (Hang Squat Clean plus Front Squat) trains power and strength for every rep. LEOs need strong hips, not for lifting more weight, but rather for explosive sprints to chase down bad guys. It also teaches great bracing and extension strength for the midsection to keep you durable, injury-free, and in control of vulnerable limbs. A strong midsection is the transmission for a big engine.

5. 300m Shuttle Sprints

Not only is this a great test of fitness, but it’s also one of the best ways to train anaerobic endurance, speed, multidirectional agility, acceleration, and to develop plyometric ability in your lower body. It doesn’t require a lot of space, so it’s practical. Perhaps most importantly, 300m Shuttle Sprints never get easier, you just get faster. There a good compliment to Craig Specials since they translate the strength and power gained with that lift to useable strength in the field. If you can do 4 in a row as fast as you can with 1:15 rest between efforts, you’re well on your way.


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MTI’s Top 5 Exercises for Law Enforcement Athletes

By Rob Shaul

These are our top 5 exercises we’re using in our programming for law enforcement athletes.


1. Standing Sandbag Halfmoon

This one exercise trains the legs, core and lungs (Tactical Chassis), plus grip strength and total body power and explosion. Perfect for a Law Enforcement Athlete. 


2. Walking Lunge

Loaded walking lunges train legs, butt, and core. I like them better than squats for Law Enforcement Athletes because I believe they transfer better to sprinting speed. LE Athletes need to be able to sprint.


3. Bench Press

A classic upper body pressing movement, I prefer the Bench Press for LE Athletes because it can be used to train upper body explosive power, strength and mass. Using the dynamic method (low weight, fast/explosive reps) the Bench Press can train upper body power. With heavy loads and few reps, the Bench Press trains upper body strength. Finally, with moderate loading and relatively high-rep sets (sets of 8+) I can us the Bench Press to put mass on an officer.  A big chest and arms can act as a deterrent for criminals.


4. 150m Shuttle Sprints

Law Enforcement Officer need to be able to sprint – both in a speed/strength capacity, and also from a work capacity perspective – without getting gassed prematurely. 150m Shuttle Sprint Repeats trains both. 



5. Power Curl

A pulling movement to balance the bench press, the Power Curl not only trains the back and biceps, but also include a hip explosion power movement. It can simply get Officers big and strong.



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