Uniform Comparison Study: Seamstress Gives Professional Opinion on Fit

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Lab rat models the “best” fitting top and bottom according to seamstress. 

by Lindsay Mann

Since July MTI has been studying the differences in Crye, Arc’teryx Leaf and Standard Issue Military Uniforms.

On the micro level we are aiming to answer the question, Is the investment in an Arc’teryx or Crye Uniform worth the cost for the individual soldier.

On the macro-level, we’re using this study to begin to develop a mission-direct study approach and methodology to asses garment performance.

Going in, we’ve identified three elements of garment “performance”:

  • Fit/Comfort
  • Function
  • Durability

MTI wanted to get an independent and professional view on how the uniforms fit. This week we had Calle Grimes, seamstress and designer from Jackson, Wyoming, give us her professional opinion on the fit of the three uniforms we’re testing.

A key component of military uniform fit is the ability to move well in the garment. Calla took this into consideration when our fit model, Charlie, was getting feedback on each of the garments.

Below are Calla’s Comments:

Crye Uniform

  • Shoulder seem adjustment.
  • Rise is short. **
  • Shirt too full around body.

Arc’Teryx Leaf

  • Pants are snug in the rise and the hips.
  • Pant fit restricts movement.
  • Shirt fits well, stays tucked in nicely.

Standard Issue

  • Shirt fits nicely.
  • Rise is short.

Best Fit:

Top: Arc’teryx Leaf or Standard Issue

Pants: Crye

**  Rise is defined as the area from waist to waist on the pants.

Video below shows the full fit session with Calla and all of her comments.

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