Peloton / Echelon / Rowing Erg Lab Rats Needed to Test Power Programming

By Rob Shaul

By Rob Shaul

MTI is calling for remote lab rats for an upcoming, narrow, and focused, 3.5 weeks, 3-day/week Mini-Study testing the effectiveness of power-based programming for stationary bikes and/or rowing ergs.

This mini-study will begin Monday, January 25. The deadline to apply is 1700 Mountain Time, Friday, January 22, 2020.


A significant element of MTI endurance programming is pace-based. The athlete will complete a run, ruck, or swim assessment, and follow-on intervals will be based on the athlete’s assessment pace. This system has proven very effective to improve endurance speed-over-ground performance.

We’re interested in testing applying this general theory to power.

In the cycling and rowing worlds, using power as a tool for program design is common. However, power meters for actual bicycles can be expensive – as can the bikes themselves. The Covid-driven popularity of Peloton / Echelon and other stationary bikes gives us the opportunity to test our assessment-based programming using power. Covid has also increased the popularity of rowing ergs.


Lab Rats will all complete the same programming which will begin with a 30 minute threshold assessment for total power.

The cycle will last 3.5 weeks. Two days/week will be intense, shorter intervals. One day/week will be a single longer, moderately-paced effort.

Monday of the last week will be a 30 minute threshold reassessment.

What We Hope To Learn

(1) The effectiveness of applying MTI’s pace-based endurance programming to power.

To Participate

  • You’ll need to commit to training 3 days/week for 3.5 weeks and follow the program as prescribed. Plan on 45-60 minute training sessions.
  • You’ll need to commit to only do this training for biking and/or rowing for the study period. You may train strength, work capacity, core, endurance (run/ruck/swim), etc. on your own, but no additional biking or rowing.
  • You’ll need a Peloton / Echelon / Concept2 bike, or a rowing erg that measures power production for an effort, and can display your spinning/rowing pace in watts.
  • You’ll need to be an experienced, fit athlete.

The cycle will begin Monday, January 25, 2021, and end, Monday, February 15, 2021.

We aim to limit the total number of Lab Rats to 16-20 athletes.


Want to be an MTI Lab Rat?

Please email, and put “Endurance Power Lab Rat” in the subject line by 1700 mountain time, Friday, January 22, 2021.

Please include:

  • Your age, height, and weight
  • Training experience
  • Verify you have access to either a Peloton, Echelon bike, or another bike that measures power, or a rowing erg which measures power
  • Finally, please verify you can commit to the 3.5 week, 3 day/week training cycle.

If accepted you’ll be provided with further instructions. Training will start on Monday, January 25, 2021.



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