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I have a SWAT selection in about two months. Good timing.

I work extremely crazy hours…

About how long would you estimate the daily required time commitment is for the SWAT selection program?



60+ minutes.

Good luck!

– Rob



Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am a 50-year-old former military and my son is a 17-year-old who plans on attending college either through the USMA or one of the senior military academies and wants to pursue a career in special ops.  He currently runs track and cross country, I’ve lost 30 lbs this year in preparation for training with him over the next twelve months. 

Our goal is to go through the SOF immersion academy put on by Sealfit next July.  I’ve purchased several of your programs and will purchase more if necessary, just hoping you could provide us some direction as to the order that would possibly provide us with the best potential outcome.  We have pull up bars, dip station, TRX, dumbbells, 20′ rope, olympic bars, weights, rucks, weight vest and land to run. 

Our initial plan was to follow your body weight foundation,  sandbag-dumbbell-weight vest,  courage and humility programs.  Not sure where to go from there or if that’s is even the way to start, like I stated earlier we do have a specific goal and time line.

If there is any advice or direction that you could give us it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for your time.


You’re plan schedule is solid. Here’s what I’d recommend

Duration   Plan

6 Weeks    Bodyweight Foundation

1 Week      Total Rest

4  Weeks   Run Improvement

1 Week      Total Rest

6 Weeks    Bodyweight Build

1 Week      Total Rest

6 Weeks    Sandbag/Dumbbell/Weight Vest

1 Week      Total Rest

4 Weeks    Operator Pentathlon

6 Weeks    Air Assault

1 Week      Total Rest

6 Weeks    Humility

1 Week      Total Rest

8 Weeks    Ruck Based Selection Training Plan the 8 weeks directly prior your course

52 Weeks by my count.

– Rob



I’m currently in the Army and have been using your plans and programming since before I joined. Thank you for what you do.

I’m heading to Ranger school. I’m not worried about my fitness during school but rather being broken down afterwards. I remember how I felt after passing SFAS and I was pretty jacked up. This school is substantially longer and while maybe not as physically demanding, might raise the cortisol levels a bit more and cause a longer recovery. I was wondering if there was any way you might be able to program a rehab plan or recommend an existing plan that would get someone back into the operator sessions as fast as possible after a long intense selection or school.

I’d appreciate any of your thoughts on this. Again, thanks for your work.


After Ranger –

Week 1 –  total rest. Eat anything you want during this week.

Week 2 – Training Optional Let your head decide if you want to train. You’re body may be ready but if you get to the gym, and you’re having to grit your teeth to be there, get out. Don’t train more than 3 days. Diet – begin cleaning it up. Desert is okay, but not junk all day.

Week 3 – Start bodyweight/running 3-4 days/week. Use our Bodyweight Foundation training plan. Diet – follow our nutritional guidelines. 6 days clean. 1 day cheat like a mother.

Week 4 – back to 5 days/week, bodyweight foundation training. Run this plan for 3-5 weeks, then start lifting.

– Rob



Is there an supplement or meal plan that you recommend for energy for pre-workout? Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I train on an empty stomach. Some will drink a protein shake ahead of time, and/or a apple and peanut butter.

In general, it’ll help if you don’t train on an empty stomach. But don’t overthink it or buy a fancy “Pre-workout” shake.

– Rob



   I’m currently in the Navy and deployed on a carrier. I’ll be

transferring to the army to attend boot camp and Special Forces

Assessment and Selection this year. Hopefully I’ll be at basic in

about 2 and a half months, I’ve completed several of your programs and

am currently doing Humility. I occasionally have to make small changes

due to the limited weights on the boat and since I can only run on a

treadmill. I do have a weight vest with me. I’ve been training for

SFAS but am looking for advice on my current situation. My question is

this: What plan(s) would you recommend me using to prepare for SFAS on

this short timeline? (The opportunity to leave this soon just popped


Here are some stats:

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 150lbs

Front Squat 1RM: 235

Bench Press 1RM: 235

Push Press 1RM: 185

6 mile run time trial: 39:18

Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Again the question is: What

plan(s) would you recommend me using to prepare for SFAS on this short


Keep up the great programming.


Ruck Based Selection Training Plan: http://mtntactical.com/shop/ruck-based-selection-training-program/

Several have used this plan successfully for SFAS.

– Rob



1. So I am finishing up your SB/DB program and I am really loving it.  In the future, if I wanted to modify this program to exchange the running for rucking, how would I do that?

2. After I finish this program I am going to roll into the Ruck improvement program.   My question to you is, what do you recommend I do for strength maintenance during the 4-week Ruck improvement cycle (if any)?

3. Next, I am getting ready to purchase the Air Assault School Training Plan, but I am not going to have access to a climbing rope.  Do you have a suggestion for alternate exercises (if I can’t drop the rope climbing all together)?  Please note that I am not actually going to AA school and while this overall program fulfills other requirements of mine, a rope climb is not in my immediate future.

4. Regarding your KB program:  I don’t have all the KBs recommended, but I have KBs (2x 35#, 1x 53#, 1x 72#),  and DBs (2x 20#, 2x 25#, 2x 50#).  Is this sufficient to make the program work (even if I have to modify by doing single side exercise instead of double)?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your response.


1) Run the same distance or time – just no load.

2) Do Fortitude instead. It includes strength training rucking and running.

3) Substitute 3x Tarzan Pull ups for each rope climb.

4) Depends somewhat on your strength. You can sub db exercises for kb exercises.

– Rob



I’m currently getting back into a strength training regimen using your On Ramp Military program and I had a question regarding stretching. I can’t seem to find any guidance on post-work capacity stretching in either the overview or the individual workouts. I know that many of the work capacity sets have durability/flexibility stretching and exercises built in already, but should I be doing standard static stretching after the workout is done? If so, do you have any guidance on those stretches? Please advise. Cheers.

Very Respectfully,


There’s certainly no requirement or need from my part for post training stretching. We don’t. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. If it makes you feel good to stretch and/or foam roll after training – then do so.

– Rob



I’m currently working my way through the Backcountry Big Game Hunting plan in preparation for a month long hunt in the Northwest Territory this August. This plan is no joke but I’m loving it. I can literally feel the progress. Only thing I feel like I’m lacking is some upper body strength development. I feel I could use a little more. Any suggestions as to what I could add to the program and where I should fit it in?

As always man, thanks for all you do.


You certainly won’t need any more upper body work for you hunt. Backcountry hunting is dominated by leg, lungs and core work.

Beyond the scotty bobs in the plan, you could work in some vertical pressing and pulling 2x/week – i.e.

6 Rounds

5x Push Press – increase load each round until 5x is hard but doable

Rope Climb or 5x Weighted Pull Ups – increase load each round until 5x is hard, but doable.

When to work in? Wednesday and Friday.

– Rob


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