Dear Mr. Shaul,

Talking about lab rats, i am in my fifties and a severely deconditioned athlete. used to box and was in the army (airborne/infantry) almost thirty years ago. Currently I walk about a 15 minute mile. I am easily 50 pounds overweight and have just started the clean diet that you recommend in your nutrition FAQ. I am eager to see how your fluid periodizaton programming can help someone who is starting from a very beginner level and I am getting ready to purchase a handful of your courses:

on-ramp training

4-week run improvement

work capacity training

Is there any others i should purchase and is there a recommended sequence? also, aside from your video on fluid periodization is there any other recommended reading on this programming theory?

Thank you and i appreciate your time.


Sir –

I’d recommend starting with the OnRamp Plan: http://militaryathlete.com/page.php?page_ID=12&cart_category_ID=81&cart_ID=87, and following it up with the Bodyweight Plan: http://militaryathlete.com/page.php?page_ID=12&cart_category_ID=81&cart_ID=96

– Rob



Hey rob I was wondering how you prepare athletes at sea level to go to elevation.


Sir –

There are a few gimicky tricks out there, but nothing affordable is proven effective. Best thing is to be in as good as sport-specific shape as possible.


Q: I’m doing the bodyweight 1 in a small room with access to a treadmill. Is their a substitute for the suicide sprints?

A: 10 Rounds

30 Seconds Burpees

30 Seconds Rest



Q: I was looking at your sandbags and I was wondering how much they can hold?  I have a canvas duffle bag and I am starting to get tired of it.  Right now I have anywhere from 80 lbs to 120 lbs in my bag.  Will yours be able to hold that much?  It sounds sturdy enough, I just thought I would shoot you an email and ask.  I do a lot of cleans, snatches, high pulls, etc with my bag.  I just want to make sure that the bag will last a while and will be able to hold up with the workouts that I do.  Thanks for any info that you can give me.


A: Hi Chad –

We use wood pellets or rubber mulch made from ground up tires to load our bags. These are bigger then the typical bag you’ll see for sale – similar to the size of the regular Army duty bag.

How much you can load depends upon the material you fill them with. In my gym, we stop at 80# of wood pellets.

Will they hold up? In 6 years, mine are still bomber, and we’ve never had one returned.

– Rob


Q: Hi Rob

My friend has sent me a link to your 8 week lower back strength training program.  I am interested in buying it but wanted to check, first, whether it requires access to a gym or weights (which I don’t have).

Many thanks

A: Yes – the plan does require a weight room.

As an alternative, I’d suggest our Core Strength for Runners Plan: http://mtnathlete.com/page.php?page_ID=12&cart_category_ID=79&&cart_ID=86

This is a solid core strength plan we purposely designed so no equipment was needed.

– Rob


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