Q&A 7-24-2014


Just wondering if you are considering doing selection programs for:

LE Side:

DEA Special Operations Teams

DEA FAST (specific)


DEA FAST – is on our radar, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Unsure about the DEA Special Ops Teams you refer to.



Are there any Olympic or barbell lifts in the BORTAC Selection Plan for strength and are there any 2-A-days?  In the equipment needed for the BORTAC Selection Plan it says 25lb dumbbells, not a full gym like in the Ranger School Training Plan.  I was planning on using the Ranger program to prepare for BORTAC selection until I found the BORTAC program.  Out of the two programs, which is more geared towards strength?


Neither plan is geared toward gym/barbell-based strength. Both are geared toward the school/selection and reflects the events athletes will face. Because Ranger School is so long, I include a strength day – not for strength per se, but more for overall durability over the long length of the course. Ideally, athletes have a good level of base strength before starting either plan.

I would recommend the BORTAC plan (http://store.strongswiftdurable.com/collections/le-athlete/products/bortac-selection-training-plan)  for BORTAC Selection.



I’m interested in trying the patrol officer plan from the LE Athlete website, I was just wondering what type of exercises were involved in the plan?

Before I complete that plan I was interested in the On-ramp plan I was also wondering what the difference between the Military On-ramp and the LE on-ramp plans are?


The Patrol Officer Plan (http://store.strongswiftdurable.com/collections/le-athlete/products/patrol-officer-training-plan)  includes classic barbell and dumbbell exercises, lots of sprinting, and lots of core work. You need to be fit to complete it.

The LE OnRamp plan is more gentle than the Military Onramp plan. This just reflects the fact that fitness isn’t a tradition at many LE units.

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