Hi I’m a 19 year old guy who’s leaving for USMC boot camp in march and I am trying to condition and build some muscle. I think you guys may be the answer so what I’m wondering is what are the costs. How soon could I get up there and I live in CO so do you have some kind of place to stay or if not what do most guys do. Thx

– J

Every once in a while we have guys come train with us here – but usually they are already in the military and have a long-term established relationship with us and come to learn as much as train. We don’t provide housing for them.

For you, I’d recommend you start with our Bodyweight Training Plan:

Next, I’d recommend the Sandbag/Weightvest/Dumbbell Training Plan directly before bootcamp:

You can complete both these programs at your current location.

It will give you a good taste of our programming, and a good head start on boot camp.

– Rob


I have followed and purchased many of your fine products over the last couple years with great results. Thank you for all that you do. I have request/question for guidance for an upcoming pre-selection type course. I have time, like 3 months to prepare. I wanted to ask if you could suggest or develop a specific program to the following events:
This takes place over 2 days.

1.Army PFT-like start.
Push-up, Sit-up and 2 mile run. The run is over a hilly course.
2. Chin-ups minimum 8 and rope climb, 4 iterations.
3. 10 mile ruck march 50 lbs, less than 3 hours.
4. obstacle course, similar to one at FT. Bragg, pass on all obstacles.
5. Then a land nav course that afternoon/evening, sleep in the woods.
6. Get up that morning and run 6 miles.
The run is to really test the legs after sleeping in the open overnight.

That is the list of events and I would really appreciate your input, direction and if you could suggest one of your already made plans or a custom. Thank you for your time.

– M

I’d recommend the Ruck-Based Selection Plan:

You’ll need to make some modifications –

The plan includes pull ups, you’ll need to change these to chin ups.

You’ll need to add rope climbs, and o-course work.

The long rucks in this plan seem overkill for you’re needs. You can cut these back.

The plan does includes APFT work, running, etc.

– Rob


Been using your Patrol Officer Plan for a few years now. I bust it out every so often just I see if I can improve my numbers from the last time. After using several of your products, it is by far my favorite.

Question: We are heading into winter here in Michigan, and it’s making the shuttle run portions (with and without body armor) difficult to complete (as I have to run slow enough to not bust my ass). Is there an indoor alternative? I do have enough room in my home gym to do Jingle Jangles.

– P

You can sub 10 rounds of 30 second jingle jangles, 30 second rest for the shuttles. Don’t wear body armor.

– Rob


First off, thank you for what you do and your contributions to the military and law enforcement communities! What you provide is truly unique and we are appreciative of it.

I am deployed to Afghanistan right now (with a tactical federal LEO unit) and have 3 months left to try some of your programming. I’ve purchased some of the strength programs (UMC, Big 24), the busy operator program, on-ramp, and the patrol officer program to have different options depending on my goals. A SOF buddy of mine highly recommended your programs. I have not done any operator sessions and have been focused on the main power lifts with assistance work for the past couple years (using mostly 531). I haven’t done a real Xfit WOD in a while as I have switched from that style of training years ago due to minor injuries. I know that my conditioning is not where it was, but my main lifts have steadily progressed.

Currently, DL is at about 395, Bench 295, Squat 315 at a BW of 180.

We have access to a plethora of Xfit equipment here. I still want to get my strength up while improving work capacity. Do you think I should start with the on-ramp to ease into the volume or should I go straight for one of the strength programs (UMC, Big 24)?

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

– E

Roll right into the Ultimate Meathead Cycle.

– Rob


First of all, I wanted to say thank you. As a member of Military Athlete for nearly 2 years, I’ve greatly benefited from your programming and I feel that it has helped me become a more balanced and overall more fit than I’ve ever been before.

I recently graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course, and am slated to head to the Combat Diver Qualification Course (CDQC) in February. I was wondering if you had a program or if you had any recommendations for my training in order to prepare for that course. As I’m sure you know, the course is physically challenging with an emphasis on open-water swimming with fins and running. I am a pretty good runner (2 miles – 11:45), and an okay swimmer, so I have a baseline there.

I’d greatly appreciate any input you have. Thank you very much again for being a great coach and I look forward to hearing from you.


– A

I’d recommend the CCT/PJ/CRO Selection Training Plan:, with some modifications …..

– Replace the 5-Mile 45# Ruck Run Assessment with a 5-Mile IBA Run
– Skip Saturday’s Heavy Ruck Assessment and all the Heavy Ruck intervals

This plan is no joke. Good luck!

– Rob

Hey there sir sorry to bother you again I was just wondering is it possible to use the MARSOC A&S training plan during the regular work week because im with a WPNS company and we tend to go on field ops quite a bit. My question is it possible to use the program while still working around field ops , or do you have suggestions for working out while in the field. Also a friend of mine was thinking about trying for scout snipers next year in the spring and I was wondering what program you think would work the best for it . Thanks again I love the operator sessions , and I look forward to talking to you again.

– T

No on the MARSOC A&S Plan – it’s way too time intensive and required access to a pool. Best plans for the field are the Bodyweight Training Plan: (Don’t be fooled by "bodyweight" – this plan is no joke)

And the Sandbag/Weightvest/Dumbbell Training Plan (you’ll need a 60# sandbag, your IBA and a pair of 25# dumbbells for this plan):

Sniper Scouts – either the Sandbag/Weightvest/Dumbbell Training Plan or the Ruck Based Selection Training Plan:

– Rob

Is Squad PT made available when one subscribes to Operator Sessions?

– R

Not the training plan we sell at the store, but the sessions on the site are available.

But we don’t update those sessions. What’s available is a couple years of archives.

– Rob

Hey Rob:

I purchased both your Challenge and Heavy training plans, but I have some questions:

1. What is your suggestion regarding ruck running? I know it’s supposed to be hard on the knees but since many cadre make us do it for some or a lot of the Challenge it would make sense to me to do it, if only once a week during the Saturday session. Would running part of the Saturday session, say 3-5 miles, wearing the pack make sense? What would be a goal pace?

2. I know much of the challenge involves carrying coupons at varying weights. I’ve been adding an extra 30 pound backpack on top of my normal 30 pound pack (I weigh 140) at the end of my Saturday sessions and alternating carrying it on my ruck, in front, and on the left and right shoulders to simulate log carries. Any suggestions regarding this practice?

Thanks for your training materials. I especially liked your suggestions in the Heavy materials to get wet before training and to train at night; my understanding of exercise science is specific adaption to imposed demand, so training in simulating the event makes a lot of sense to me.

By the way, I noticed you’ve taken down your Selection training materials, presumably to update them. Any expected time frame to have them available again?

Thanks again,

– B

1. We ruck run regularly, and actually like it. If you expect to do it at the Challenge, you better do it in training up for the challenge. 9-10 min/miles is a good pace.

2. Seems to me you’re on track, but I’d recommend you do some research on what forms the coupons may take. For example, a soft 45# backpack coupon is a hell of a lot easier to carry than a hard, round, 45# bumper plate.

Selection – we recommend guys going for goruck selection purchase and complete the SFOD-D Training Plan:

– Rob

I’m planning to enlist in the French Foreign Legion.

I have recently started your On-Ramp Training Plan and I can already feel the difference.

When I finish the On-Ramp Training Plan I plan to either do the Ruck-Based Selection Training Plan or the Ranger School Prep Training Plan. I am leaning towards the Ranger School Plan because of it’s clearly defined physical goals, but in your description of the Ruck-Based Plan you specifically mention ankle and knee durability.
My questions are:
1) Will the Ranger School Plan give the same ankle and knee durability as the Ruck-Based Plan?
2) What equipment is required for the Ranger School Plan?
3) Which plan you would recommend for the French Foreign Legion?

Thank you in advance.
– M

1) Yes
2) Fully equipped weightroom, 60# sandbag, ruck for rucking
3) Ranger School – the Ruck Selection Plan I think would be overkill.

Good luck!

– Rob


Coach Shaul,

First Question:
I’ve completed both your APFT Improvement and Pre-Afghan Deployment Training
Programs with great results your programming is amazing. I just signed up for
the Bataan Memorial Death March 2014. I have about 15 weeks until the event
but your program is 8 weeks long. So my question is what should I do in the
interim before purchasing the Bataan Program and doing it. My current unit
does not give me a lot of leeway with my PT time and I need to give them
basically a by day plan in order to be able to do my own training during PT
time. What would you suggest?

Second Question:
I’m also curious your opinion on Rucking technique. In your APFT program you
recommended CHI or Pose running with a metronome. I read Chi Running watched
the videos bought a metronome followed your APFT run plan and my running
technique and ability drastically improved thanks to your advice. What about
for rucking? There is a Chi Walking Book do you think it would be worth it to
try and apply those walking techniques to my rucking and use a metronome to
track my rucking cadence? Just curious. Maybe it’s all answered in your Bataan

I’m 6"1′ #210. I have two marathons under my belt and I can do the 20k Ruck w/
#35 pack in just under 3 hours(15 min/mile)

Thank you for the great programming and having this Q & A forum.

Very Respectfully,

– I

1) Subscribe to the Operator Sessions between now and starting the Bataan Plan.

2) I’m sorry, but I can’t make any recommendations for rucking technique other than perhaps a ruck run/walk interval. For example, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes, or run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute. For our most recent Endurance Cycle for the Operator Sessions we ran the entire 3 miles with 60# plus a 10# sledge. I could probably run 5, but any longer I’d have to do run/walk intervals.

Finally – I’m working at Bliss Mon-Thurs through the 19th. We’re down at the Ironworks East gym from 0800-1130. You can come watch us coach if you’d like.

– Rob

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