Good morning, Coach.
I am about to purchase your Base Fitness – Strength and Honor Program, but I was wondering if I will need any special equipment outside of what is found in a basic gym (barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, pull up bar).  Does this program require anything else?  Also about how long are sessions designed to last?
Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
– B.

A basic gym should be good. From the plan: 

 The program is built around these exercises:
“The Exercise”  – I learned this movement from strength coach Dan John. One Rep of “The Exercise” =
Hanging Squat Snatch plus an Overhead Squat:

Barbell Burpee –  Hybrid strength training exercise in which the athlete takes the barbell from the ground and
puts it overhead:
Squat Clean –  Classic olympic weight lifting exercise:

Bench Press  – Considered by some to be the “king” of upper body strength training exercises.
Kettlebell Floor Press  – Builds upper body strength:

Dead Lift  – Builds total body strength:

Back Squat –  Classic, lower body strength exercise
Front Squat –  Another classic lower body strength exercise.
Military Press –  builds upper body strength.

– Rob Shaul

Do you have any other images of your sandbags?
I don’t know what daisy chain handles are…
Does the bag zip up or lace up?
– D. 

Our bags are like big army duffle bags – just better built. We tie the end of them off with parachute cord and fill them with wood pellets or mulch made from ground up tires. 

Go to minute 1:17 of this clip and you’ll see us doing sandbag getups with them:

A "Daisy Chain" is a row of handles made from webbing. You’ll see the daisy chains on the bags in the clip. 

– Rob


I’m interested in purchasing the BUD/S preparation program. I’m currently on a ship and I have some limited equipment in a home gym with which I can train. I would just like to know if I have adequate equipment.

I just ordered an Olympic Barbell with 320 LBS of bumper plates (Four 45s, four 25s, and four 10s), and then I also have two 5s and two 2.5 LBS iron plates. I don’t have them yet, but I should by the end of this week.

My equipment would be:

PVC Paralletes
Cable Jump Rope
Kettlebells (Two of each–16 KG, 20 KG, 24 KG, 28 KG, 32 KG)
Doorway Pull Up Bar
Rings (I can hang them from the pullup bar)
Barbell with bumper plates explained earlier
Alice Pack that I can put bricks or sandbags in to ruck.

Would that be sufficient in terms of equipment? I also have access to the base pool and local pools to swim as well, and a beach for ocean swims.

Do you have any recommendations for training plans for those who are going to be deploying on a ship, where facilities are limited?

Please let me know, I’m very interested. Thank you for your time.

– E.

You’ll need a 60# sandbag, and will need to substitute 3x Tarzan Pull ups for the rope climb, but your equipment, plus a swimming pool, otherwise should be good for the BUD/s plan. 

Shipboard Training – best right now would be our Bodyweight Training Plan:

– Rob


Hey man I’m currently using the basic workout. I am planning on attending Special Forces Assesment, so I was wondering which training regime should I use for my preparation. Thanks bro.
– C.

Our Ruck Based Selection Program, C.. Here’s the link:

– Rob

hey Rob, i love your programs.  I was hoping that you could tell me how much of an emphasis the BUD/s training program has on weightlifting and using weights to train.
Thanks Rob and keep up the damn fine work.

The BUD/s Plan has you in the weight room 2-3 days/week doing strength or some type of work capacity session. 

– Rob


Hey man I love the programs I already have from you but wanted to find something out really quick. I am looking to leave my branch and go to the Coast Guard with the dreams of making the MSRT (Maritime Security Response Team)  or TACLET (Tactical Law Enforcement Team) but specially TACLET. With that, is there a way to design a program that could help build up for that line of work? It consist of  counter-drug action,  SWAT team like movements, military maritime interdiction and maritime security operations, conducting boat boarding’s, and more.

With this though what would be the cost of a workout plan and could one be made like the Patrol Officer Plan, meaning make it where the workouts can be done in a regular gym?

Stay safe,
– J.

What you’re describing is a training plan for a SWAT team. Designing one of these is on my list, and I hope to get to it within the next few weeks.

– Rob
Hey Rob,

In the past I have purchased your Ruck based selection program, Devgru program, and most recently your Delta program to mix up the pot for my workouts. I see that in the heading you suggest the Ruck based selection program for those attempting Delta or Activity’s selection. Since you decided to make a Delta specific program, will you be making an Activity specific program or any other Special Missions Unit selection programs?


– R.

I’m not sure. I felt the SFOD-D’s selection was different enough from SFAS/The Activity to deserve it’s own plan. I need to learn more about these other selections to decide if they also deserve the distinction. Athletes have successfully uses the current Ruck plan for SFAS, SFOD-D, The Activity and HRT. 

That being said, I’m in the process of improving/updating the Ruck Plan. It’s on Version 3, and I hope to have Version 4 out in the next week or so. 

– Rob

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